Thursday, May 05, 2016

From out of the rubble that was once the Republican Party, a orange faced monstrosity has become the new face of their party   
So thanks to The Republicans stoking the flames of hatred and fear, political unrest, and practically anarchy in your government. First with W's force wars and then with The Tea party uprising, the right has been galvanizing its sheep. And with the help of FOX FAUX NEWS, brainwashed a citizenry into the followers of a potential tyrant. Every thing that Donald Trump has been pitching has only been the warm up to what we will be living through if as they say, God forbid he somehow actually wins the Election in November.
Now of course this horror that I am sensing which would be a Trump Presidency, might still be stopped at the Republican Convention, if somehow, the Stop trump movement can prevent him from gaining the Delegate amount needed to gain The Republican nomination. That concept which only a few days back seemed to be the standard line of hope given by the rest of the Right. Praying for Devine intervention, that we would be saved by a contested convention. Seems, that last gasp of hope that was being drummed outloud by one and all has been silenced by one accidental elbow by Red Cruz into his wife's face after he finished his concession speech. Amazingly just a few days after he tried to make Carly his Joan of Ark. Of course, asa we learned with his reading of Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Cruz doesn't get it,  Joan burned at the stake… Carly only slipped off the stage, but the comparison is palpable. 
After a year of a carnival barker psyching out one after the other of the clown car of political fools who lost their footing to a TV pitch man, it astounds me how none of them could defeat such a yutz.  
And now that it seems we will finally be getting the match nobody was expecting, listening to the talking heads on television, it seems they are as befuddled buy Trumps destruction of his competitors as they were. And their assumption that Hillary will fall away by the way side as the other unprepared challengers is as funny to me as their assessment of this entire political campaign.
If Hillary indeed gets the nomination, that is, if Bernie ever finally concedes the inevitable and its really a two person race, between her and him. One wonders if reality will finally wake up the masses who haven't been voting for lack of a reason, who for whatever reason hate her and would rather anyone one else on Earth be the President. One hopes that if the option was what the option is now, that is Donald Trump, I can only hope that whatever reasons one has for not voting for her, the idea of a Donald Trump becoming President will make those haters vote for her in spite of their hatred.  
Over the last day and a half I've heard and read about a wave of Republicans that are so anti Trump that they deftly won't be voting for him. The question of course is for once will they think of country first and instead of abstaining, actually vote for Hillary and really send a message to the people in charge of the right.
I've been saying from day one, that all the candidates no matter how great the media was describing them really were a clown car full of fools. That each one of them, shouldn't have even been in the conversation to be considered. That if any of the 18 or so candidates were really the next great President, Trumps ascension, never would have happened. 
The scary part in all this is, is the popular as mad as they seem to be, at least with the Trump followers and the Berniebots. Is this a real movement, or will we actually get what once hope we will get in the end. An election of the one candidate in the entire race that actually is ready for the job. Who actually has the experience, has already played with the big boys, has a life time of experience, and actually seems Presidential.
Guess we will all learn soon enough. I have faith that our country will elect the right person, of course they did and we still got W. But then we also got the first Clinton in t he White House and we got our country President.  And hopefully the people have learned. Well at least enough of them for victory in November for The Democratic party and for the world in general.
One last thing, just as I was putting this post to bed, it seems that Donald Trump is doubling down on his plans to destroy the world. Seems he's picked Ben Carson, the brain surgeon, to help choose his pick for Donald VP… what could go wrong. This sh*t just got real!

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Thursday, May 5, 2016

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