Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Must be a Tuesday on political television channels
So this was my tweet after discovering today's blockbuster, oh excuse me, today's weekly news about Hillary Clinton's emails."State Dept. Clinton violated Email rules: Problems go back several administrations"  So today, the Media is 'trying' to make this news… LOL
Seems the media, or should I write MSNBC is making this into a thing today. I can only imagine how Trump will react, and can only wonder how Bernie will use this to his advantage. 
Its just amazing that again, the media jumps on it, as if something astonishingly news worthy actually has happened. I fully understand how this is news, but seemingly nothing new has come out from today's report from the State Department. Its sounds to be a rehash, of old news. Except maybe now presented on the State Department's official stationary. Yet, of course, for the news media, its huge! 
Yesterday, I saw a really enjoyable film, Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and directed by Jodie Foster, which I highly recommend by the way. The film beautifully showcases the way the media uses visuals to punch a storyline. Well seeing those images of Hillary tweeting, could have been mixed with the visuals in the film, and it would have felt seamless. I only bring this up because today's coverage on MSNBS's big announcement about Hillary's emails, could have been in the movie. Hysterically throughout one segment, as they were describing how she was using her emails, behind the 'talking' head, they showcased multiple images of Hillary using her mobile phones… texting, or tweeting or… we never actually got to see her POV of whatever devices she was holding. I presume that's exclusive evidence in their producers eyes.  
Well, I for one am not biting this apple. If and only if a smoking gun actually comes out of any of this, then and only then will I look at today's big announcement, as a  blip on the radar. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how Trump uses this as ammunition against her. I'd  Honestly prefer a 'real' scandal then the ones he keeps throwing out about Bill's infidelities of 40 years ago. Well I'm sure her haters are chomping at the bit to fry her over today's latest ramifications. Maybe they're thinking we finally got her, 40 years and finally maybe they can slay their personal demon, a Clinton … I mean Hillary must be bad right? In their eyes, she's even worse then Donald Trump!

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