Friday, May 27, 2016

Guess we could survive ... a 'Drumpf' Right?

So, now that Donald Trump has become, the officially Presumptive Republican Nominee, maybe it's time to sit up and actually believe that this carnival barker, reality pitch salesman actually could be the next President. President Donald Drumpf. Well if our nation is stupid enough to vote for the 'nominee' we as a nation deserve to get the entire package. And so, if Donald wins, he should be made to use his real name, not the one his ancestors changed it to. Thank you John Oliver for revealing to the world the truth become the bull. Hysterically, even Donald's name is a lie. I mean since he loves how our great nation used to be, well great, you know, before the Liberals, 
ethnics and Gays took over. 

Sadly, what for the most part has been treated as this seasons reality ratings smash, I mean the man seemingly is on TV 24/7. Who needs a politician, when we've got a Donald Drumpf to entertain us, doing his best Don Rickles impression sadly spiked with real hatred. Well looks like our television star has turned into possibly next seasons reality. Shame this isn't a promo for a new horror series. A Drumpf in the White House. Maybe they had the concept for the series The Real World, all wrong for decades. 
Hopefully, the real world is what will actually bring an end to his higher office aspirations.
Now that it's official, hopefully people will finally sit up and actually realize that the shit just got real. That our worse possible nightmare actually might be coming true. That Trump, excuse me, Drumpf could be the leader of the free world at the same time that he's turning ours seemingly into a walled off community with a Deportation Force rounding up all the illegals. 

What was that expression? "What a country." More like, really what happened to ours? 
I guess all that hope and change that Senator Obama promised us, has morphed into the land of hatred and despair, racism and homophobia for all. Well people loved the 1950s right? When the whole world was white, at least the ones that counted and everyone else took a back seat. Where homophobia was the norm and racism was legal. Where wire hangers were the manner in which women had to handle their unwanted pregnancies as men ran the show and the women stayed home and cleaned house. Guess its time to brush off my Pat Boone records and drink a nice glass of milk.
I understand what I'm writing is scary and possibly just the ravings of a slanted Democrat whose openly rooting for Hillary Clinton. But even if I was for Bernie Sanders or anyone other then Donald Drumpf I would feel the same way about the Donald. 

Me thinks the reason why the most unqualified person maybe ever, beside George W., is doing so well is people love the fact that he can get away with almost anything. He can say anything and lie about everything, even in the face of audio or video tapes showcasing the truth. It doesn't matter with Drumpf. I'd wager a bet that all of his fans wish they could do the same. I think they're living through him. Even though, all evidence indicates the man is basically a crook. If not illegalities, he surely has learned how to go around the rules. HIs excuse with his taxes. Every day a new scam, pyramid scheme, seems to be in the news. And as I write this, not one of his clients, students, fools, who signed up for any of them, have ever gotten what he promised. We have a presumptive Republican nominee who might be going to prison for fraud some day soon and for some reason this supersedes Hillary's emails. Maybe we should start calling him Deadbeat Donald or something like that. Throw a tag line on him, lets see if he likes it. 
For me the saddest thing about this whole charade is that with Hillary Clinton, we actually have a candidate whose basically the perfect person for the job. The most qualified, most experienced person from Washington who actually sounds like someone whose tenure as President could get our nation to the next level. And sadly because of her husband's legacy and her own and The media's need to find anything to keep their news cycle running, instead of really going after Drumpf's mishaps, they let him throw out a 40 year old accusation as news and spends day wasting precious air time reexamining bull, that they themselves had thrown out as bull, and try to spin it as new exclusive news. Pathetic. 
Because of all the scandals that she and her husband have had to deal with over the years, both thrown at them, and created by their own careless thinking… the emails are the best example. We have something that the Drumpf can use to continue the bull for as long as people allow him to skirt all the questions about his policies, his comments, his taxes, and all of his scams. Guess the Republicans got what they wanted from their Benghazi witch hunt, discovering the crime of the century… Hillary's emails! Tarnishing what could be the most qualified candidate maybe ever in the history of our nation. SO instead of focusing on all of her accomplishments and her well thought out proposals, we get talking heads arguing over bull, gossip and innuendos. 
And when they ask him about his accusations, Drumpf throws out bullshit like this: well, I don't really know, bout such and such, but if I'm asked, I will answer. I just know that others think its an issue. Not me. Others, so lets put Hillary in prison, because I know things. I'm not telling. Believe me. Trust me. I know. I know. Thats pretty much his standard line to every and any question that he gets. Doing his best to run out the clock, exhaust the questioner and as usual, get away with not answering any questions. I'm sorry reporters, you call yourself professional journalists? Maybe you're the frauds as much as him, because you've been letting him get away with murder for over a year. And all we hear afterwards is, well we tried to get an answer. Well, guess you failed, perhaps you should get a new line of work.  
And because of your failure to do the job, a fool in orange face, who spouts vile hatred, whose making people's worst traits the flavor of the month, could be out next President. Good job fellas, I smell ratings.  
It does make me wonder. As I watch our current President do everything with class and intelligence, that perhaps, our current leader and chief was just too good. That the masses couldn't handle it. As they say in the news, its very unusual for a sitting President's party to win back the White House. The nation likes to adjust, course correct itself. Perhaps we had it too good with President Obama, and its now time for the down cycle. It happened after President Clinton's 8 year's. And sadly, who knows where we would be as a nation, if a President Gore had continued Clinton's, policies. Which of course, gave us George W's Hell on Earth, until Obama course corrected the biggest mistake in United States history. Be it by the voters or by The Supreme Court.
My hope now is that people wake up, that the news media goes after Donald Drumpf as if this was Watergate and the fool loses in the biggest landslide since the days of Ronald Reagan. Wouldn't that be nice that for once I could think of old Ronnie in a nicer way then I usually do. Comparing his landslide victory against Hillary's destruction of The Drumpf.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Friday, May 27, 2016

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Ruth said...

You wrote my exhaustive emotional expressions. Thank you, I felt better knowing there is more than just the post now and then that can express frustration and shock at the lack of logic our media make visible every day.