Thursday, May 26, 2016

So a funny thing happened the other day…
Its bad enough that what 30% of the population actually gets off their ass to vote… and then we have the arguments about closed Primaries by those not really a part of the party except when it benefits their plans to run for President. Which of course has nothing to do with the Super Delegate arguments that come out seemingly only when it suits your argument.
But I'm sorry, how is a Caucus at all allowed… seems a few, a very small percentage of the population gets to decide who represents us… really? And we call this the Democratic process? Somehow 30,000 people have more say so then 700,000! It feels more like the 1% are controlling the rest of us, as opposed to the masses telling the powers that be what to do. Bernie's threat that once he's elected, that millions of people who put him in power willl stare down Washington and magically all of Washington will just follow him where ever he wants us to go, completely goes out the window when you look at this showcased chart. Seems the masses want Hillary, not the other way around. Guess thats another talking point by BS thats well BS…
The little I know about Caucuses is what is showcased on my television. Lets see, they all get together in a farm house to decide who should be our next President… just like we're back in school at a Pep rally. And then when Candidates win the caucuses they consider them as real as a primary… My one question is why? Whomever came up with this in my eyes should be put into a cell and locked away for ever. Well to me, this graphic showcases another example, of why our political system is totally screwed up… and how Hillary, sorry Bernie, has the people behind her, and why she will be our next President. No matter what the talking heads throw out… but if you listen to Jeff Weaver and the other hired hands that are pushing the Bernie agenda on us, the reality of her leading by 3,000,000 votes mean nothing. Well, when she wins the popularvote as fellasthe Delegate votes, combined with herSuepr-delegates, maybe then will the haters, simply go away. But that would be Democratic… we wouldn'twant that in today's Democratic primary would we.
Today's hysterical newsworthy election update: So Hillary turned down a Bernie request for one last debate before the big California primary, because frankly its not necessary anymore. Of course, Bernie Sanders backers are upset, saying they're disappointed, its a real shame, because the voters who haven't voted need a refresher on their policies. Really? After 9 debates that Hillary clearly won most of, there isn't anything new out there. That is unless you have some kind of October surprise. Which from what we've seen so far, there isn't any. I've watched all nine, plus her 11 hour Benghazi watch hunt Television special, and me thinks all we'll get is more of the same. And to actually throw out lines like "why is she afraid…" is just too laughable to actually respond to. Believe it or not, that isn't even the funny part. The funny part was that The Donald has challenged Bernie to a debate in California. As he put it "talk about ratings!" to showcase for all to see, that for him thats what most important in a campaign, the ratings. Not the issues, obviously not his policies that seem to change hourly, depending on who he's trying to BS… It seems, how many people watch you on TV, is the most important thing to worry about when running for the highest office ei the land. Well he is a reality star, right? Maybe he should choose Kim Kardashian as his running mate… if he's only in it for the ratings. Simply sad. Funnily, the biggest punchline was by Bernie himself… Bernie agreed! So now we're getting two losers arguing amongst themselves on National television on why they are more popular, and better then the one person whose got more votes then either of them. Who actually has plans and doesn't use personal attacks as weapons. These two 'candidates, are actually showing us why its time for a Woman to become President… because the men are simply children behaving badly, that all need a good spanking. Sadly, Donald would probably giggle when the hits begin and ask for more.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Thursday, May 26, 2016

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