Saturday, May 28, 2016

GUESS MY QUESTION TO BERNIE IS, WHAT DO YOU WANT?Because your actions seem to be helping give the White House to Drumpf

Are you you in it for the gig, or are you really trying to help elect the worst candidate in our history, to make a statement. I'm just saying, that's what it sounds like to me. Perhaps you really believe that you are gonna get the Democratic nomination. And then, because of the people's mandate, you're gonna steamroll over Donald without a problem. That's your plan, right? Anything is possible, especially as we've discovered in this years campaign. But since I live in the real world, where Donald Drumpf is a reality star and supposedly a multi-billionaire, and not our next President! Heaven forbid, your reasoning, in my opinion is simply wrong. 

And yesterday for all the world to see, you got played. Unbelievably, which seems to be the word to describe every thing Drumpf does, from his tweets to his speeches. To the people running his campaign and the talking heads he uses to promote his so-called platforms. You fell for a joke on a late night talk show, The Donald jests, I ‘d love to debate Bernie, and you jump at it like a dog in heat. Drooling at the prospect of getting on stage with the orange faced buffoon. Fantasizing how you’d wipe the floor of him and his insults. Pointing that finger of yours at him, conducting the debate, with all your might as you try to get attention from the moderators, and the viewers watching, in your usual juvenile manner. 
Well for two days and counting, both you and Donald have played tag with the idea of a real debate, hopefully getting for what you really wanted in all this, air time. Blessed free advertising. Helping I presume to bump up your poll numbers, good one Bernie. I guess it worked. And just as it seemed this absurd idea could come to fruition, the man himself, Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf throws it out the window. 
And his reasoning was actually correct, debating the losing candidate is not the political thing today, even if the debate had happened it probably would have helped him and only hurt Hillary. Bernie you were played! And the sad thing is you don’t seem to realize it.
Remember Hillary, the woman whose beating you in this race? It seems ever since your campaign realized that the numbers were basically impossible for you, all we’ve gotten from you and your band of not so merry men (really angry trolls if you ask me), are threats of an upheaval at the Democratic convention. Just yesterday your goon squad of aides, sent a letter to the DNC, demanding that they remove and/or replace (trying to make this sound less obnoxious) two high ranking officials, because they’re against Bernie. They’ve slammed him for not being the better candidate. For throwing out positions that don’t financially work. For bascally being democrats. 
Sorry if you feel that they’re in bed with Hillary, but, you don’t get to choose who votes for whom Bernie. And just because you say so, doesn’t mean its a crime. What are you a Republican? And with less then a month away from the June Primary, you’re trying to rewrite all the rules for you. Seems the only way you can win is by trying to change the rules. It  Perhaps, maybe you shouldn’t be in the Democratic party to begin with, since it took you your whole life to join the party, and I know it was only for political reasons, something you bitch about about everyone but your self. How funny, the only person, who isn’t bitching about the system is the one winning by using the rules given and not complaining about it, as Bill Maher would say, Like a big fat pussy! You even went on Bill Maher’s show last night to try to sway opinions on this bogus publicity stunt. Wish you guys had watched Rachel Maddow the other night who did a brilliant piece showcasing why it was unprecedented and completely not the thing to do. That it would only hurt Hilary in the long run and not help either fool in that bogus charade. 
Bernie, all you’ve done for weeks is try to destroy Hillary’s chances, and even worse you’ve done your best to hurt the Democratic party. In both cases, only helping The Donald to election glory in November. Now that you can’t possibly beat Hillary unless some kind of magical event occurs and the numbers flip, she is gonna be the Democratic nominee. So why in the world are you doing your best to help her lose in the fall campaign. As you claim, no matter what, Donald can not get into the White House, I would do everything in my power to stop him, isn’t that your standard line?
I understand that you haven’t been a Democrat for life and you only joined the party to become the President. But was it your intention to help Donald Drumpf become President instead. Please answer me that one. Are we gonna find out, someday that you’re really a Hydra agent and your plan all along was the over throw of our Government. I mean I know its stretch, but the evidence is mounting. Remember the videos on YouTube showing your leanings, perhaps you really are a communist. I mean in the week when Marvel Comics has decided to do the unthinkable, make Steve Rogers a Hydra double agent, anything is possible. I mean The Donald is the Presumptive Republican nominee, talk about a movie, that most people would consider a farce.
What was your point Bernie? You are giving away the biggest landslide in years for your ego. What, do you wanna be this years spoiler? And whats worse, by ratcheting up the hatred, your followers are now really sounding like its a Bernie or bust thing. Listening to your fans on the news, its pretty frightening, cause for them it isn’t about Democracy or the Democratic party against the Republican party and their hateful agenda, its all about Bernie and changing the system. Screw us all, if their favorite doesn’t win. Let our world burn because they refuse to grow up. Refuse to face the reality, and refuse to face the numbers. Bernie has basically trained them to believe that anything against Bernie has been fixed against him. Basically punching us all in the gut because their feelings have gotten hurt. 
I understand that a lot of his fans are the youth of America, so it could be childish feelings playing a part, but come on we are talking Drumpf. I guess having a network like FOX FAUX NEWS 24/7 piling on bullshit for years finally has paid off. The right has won and and as usual we the American people have lost. All hope is gone Hail Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf our next and last President of what was once a great a powerful nation.
Or if we still live in the real world, this Bernie bull, will be a long gone story on election day and Hillary will win in a landslide and all will be right with the world. And the pain in my stomach all finally be gone.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Saturday, May 28, 2016

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