Friday, April 29, 2016

Remember the voters choose the Nominee, not the pollsters 
What is it about losers who demand concessions from their victors. It seems Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand he’s not the nominee just yet. In fact he’s currently in second remember, and he’s swiftly running out of options and time. Or is the man's age finally affecting his short term memory loss? I guess I’m old school, I always thought that when you win you set the agenda, not the other way around.
So now that Hillary Clinton almost has the nomination sewn up, seems Bernie is turning into a sore loser who is practically demanding she follow his agenda. I’m confused when did the victor of a race give up the fruits of her winnings. In the old days when a candidate won the nomination, they chose the platform didn’t they? Or is my memory the one that’s playing games with me. 
Maybe its the fact that she’s a woman? We have a candidate that wags his finger at her on the debate stage, doing his best to be the man in the conversation. 
Perhaps its that unsaid all knowing fact that woman never are treated equal to men. Like married couples, somehow the man is the head of the household, not equal in the eyes of some if not most. Maybe Hillary’s sex has nothing to do with it, maybe its just arrogance on their part.  
I do know that 8 years ago when Senator Obama was elected, The Republican’s acted as if they had won. Basically saying screw the vote, the landslide that just occurred well basically it didn’t happen, we know better. Just excuse the millions more people who actually voted for him, just believe  what your polls are telling you. Remember when Carl Rove argued that the polls were wrong, that Romney was gonna actually win. Remember how they actually had to prove it to him on the air at FOX FAUX NEWS?
Well, it seems this election cycle, the Berniebot’s have been playing from that playbook. I understand he hasn’t been a Democrat long, but sir get with the program. You lost, your last, move. Or to put it nicer, sir, she won the nomination, she’s earned the right to set the agenda and you’ve earned the right to maybe suggest ideas. 
I’m sorry, just because you came in second it doesn’t give you the power to control the conversation. It’s like listening to  Cruz or Rubio not admitting that they lost, but trying their best to stop Trump from reaching the needed Delegates to shall we say steal the nomination from the person whose earned their nomination. 
Not that I’m a fan, but the man has earned it. Yes indeed, Trump has earned his right to lose in a landslide to whomever wins the Democratic nomination, which seems to be Hillary at this point. Sorry Bernie, I understand you feel polls are more important then the voting booth. Since for the most part, you haven’t been winning in the voters booth, you’ve been winning in caucuses, where people don’t vote, they argue for or against, they cajole. But it’s not really voting, and the fact that that argument is seriously being pushed by Bernie makes me laugh. Sanders big idea is that he’s more popular with the independents, the so-called future of the Democratic party. That the primary process is corrupt itself, cause not everyone can vote. Only the Democrats or The Republicans, are allowed in the primary. That is just unAmerican! Sorry Bernie it is American. If you want those others to vote, the independents and other minority parties, then run as Independents, like you should have and be nominated in their party’s convention. You came out on national television and explained that the reason you ran as a Democrat was that you couldn’t win the election as an Independent, so you changed your party affiliation. I would think as a new member of The Democratic party, you should have learned their rules. You claim you’ve been working closely with the Democrats for years, shouldn’t you have learned a few of their policies in regards to running political campaigns in their nominating process.
Well then, then you should of have told your followers to change their affiliation too. Doesn’t that make sense. But now all you do is bitch about those rules. For a person who could pass for any number of professors at University, you surely didn’t learn your own lessons. Guess you want to be graded on a curve of your design. 
And sorry Bernie, these voters aren’t the future of the party, seems your followers love to make nose, but vote, that’s just too Democratic for them.  
And I must admit, if I was making speeches in front of all those thousands of people, the throngs of adoring fans. Making me feel like a rock star, I too would be under the assumption that I must be winning. Better yet, I’ve already won and the voting is just an after thought. Hillary obviously you’ve lost, you should just step aside. Screw the voting and let me run the show. 
The amazing thing to me is, this is pretty much how I feel about his policy proposals. All bitch, no substance. All headline, no small print. He points out a problem, explains how its gonna magically change once Washington see’s his throngs of followers outside the windows of the capital staring angrily back at them. Washington will simply quiver in their shoes and give Bernie everything he wants. 
Bernie what are you the new Moses? Hillary, let my people go! Bernie and your cycle of King makers, you’re not the second coming, sorry. Turns out you're just another politician whose ego has taken over. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, April 29, 2016

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