Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sorry Bernie, its called a life time of support, this not a criminal act, this is not Super-Delegate-Gate

I'm sorry Bernie, seems you're a little upset because you're numbers aren't good. You're screaming to high heaven, again, that the entire system is rigged. I'm sorry Bernie, or is that simply BS? If the numbers were rigged, you'd have half the delegates that you currently have, not more.
As you constantly remind us, You started this race with only 3% in the national polls, and now you are a head of her in some national polls. Exactly. Nobody knew you until you announced, except those who followed Washington politics or saw you on one of the late night talk shows or news channels. Hillary on the other hand, has been a fixture of national politics for 4o freaking years. Ever since her husband first became a national figure. And lets not forget, Mrs. Clinton was also a force for change by herself, it just didn't hurt that she was also married to a future President.
Even before Hillary ran this time, she had spent several years cultivating her eventual candidacy for this years election. So as probably the least surprising candidate for The White House, ever, this eventually was already in motion before her big announcement.
And as the national polls indicated before that day, for years, she was the one person out there, that most people wanted as our next President. I guess you don't remember, for years, even when she was Secretary of State, people would ask her was she gonna run.
Lets not also forget, all along the way, Mrs. Clinton, has been financially backing and helping Democrats get elected for decades. If, excuse me, when President Obama made history becoming the first non-white person, the first African American to become President, remember how amazing it felt to help him win the election. Pretty good right? Well how would helping elect the first woman into The White House feel? I'm sure a lot of these fans of hers feel that way. 
So her candidacy was already a given from the day she conceded to our current President. And as she likes to mention and as I love to remind people, after she lost, she immediately went into election mode for her opponent and helped him win that November.
As opposed to Bernie, who has never really helped another Democrat at least it seems unless it helps his agenda. This whole campaign as he piled up a heap of fundraising money, he as far I know, hasn't given anything to any of the Democrats to help their campaign. He recently announced he was gonna help 3 specific candidates, 3, but I'm not sure what that meant. Unlike Hilliary. I can't remember ever seeing Bernie at another candidates rally's trying to help them get elected. Can you?  Its only about Bernie, and his agenda.
Now about those Super Delegate, really Bernie, I mean BS,
so Hillary has all the Super-Delegates in her pocket and you're pissed that they chose her even before she was in the race. Even before she announced. Even before before you entered the race. How is that democratic? I mean, I smell another Hillary conspiracy about to emerge. I can see the head lines now: Super-Delegate-Gate.
Perhaps, if like her, you had spent your career helping those people get elected. Campaigning for those people, given some funds to their campaigns they would be backing you instead. But we wouldn't want to bring that side of your story into it, would we? It might screw with your image.
Guess you don't remember that Hillary ran for President 8 years ago, remember? And there are millions of voters and people in Washington who wanted her to win and backed her them. I'm sorry sir, you have to play by the rules, you can't change them as the campaign is going just to help your own cause. Sadly I feel like I'm watching a bad version of what the Republicans were trying to do with their Stop Trump movement
I understand as the election campaign has gone on, and as the delegate count grows, your argument does sound like it has merit. Except, sorry BS, you showed up late to the party. It's not just the masses you need to convince or woo or win over throughout the course of this campaign. The people who are Super-Delegates have been dealing in politics for years, and Hillary has been dealing with them for years, perhaps they know her and like her, not just because she has helped them. Perhaps they actually like her plans. Have watched her do the job when she's had the job and like what's she's accomplished. And sorry Bernie, maybe they simply arentin into you… could be as simple yes that.
Funny, now that Bernie is finally getting his well deserved air time, all we hear from him is his railing against the Democratic establishment. Reading off lists of numbers to what looks like a classroom of students. Trying to school all of us in what Democracy should really be about.
When this race began BS didn't give a rats ass about the Super Delegates. In fact he scoffed at them whenever he got the chance. But now as his time in the spotlight is fading. As his pile of cash disappears, because his followers are waking up to reality, at least the ones who are still living in it. 
As his pipe dream of becoming our next President slowing sinks away, now, its all about the Super-Delegates. And sadly, as been the case since Bernie's campaign began, he's complaining about the establishment, its them against us. 
But, instead of looking in the mirror and seeing the cold stark truth, Bernie, you simply did this to yourself. This movement that you've cultivated for years, which became thing during your campaign, probably will fade away as soon as the reality of what your campaign really was about. Great ideas, great aspirations, but not based in reality. 
And sadly, the numbers never really added up. Free. Free? If I'm elected everything will change, because you my children have the real power. When Washington sees all those millions telling them to do what I ask… blah blah blah blah.
And now that the end is near, as the numbers surely must be finally knocking Bernie upside his head into reality. Now we are beginning to hear, that the fight isn't over. 
That they are planning to go to The Democratic Convention, and unless all the Super-Delegates switch to him because of some national polls, they will turn the Convention upside down. Simply, give BS the Nomination, screw the popular vote… Remember the popular vote. Seems thats been thrown out of Bernie's equation. The most unliked candidate, the most hated woman, has the most votes! Screw the Super-Delegates… she still has the most votes. And the most Delegates, even without the Super-Delegates. Bernie's entire theory is national polls and momentum. 
Well, lets compare an election 8 years ago, between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. The exact same momentum that Bernie is seeing this year, is what Hillary saw then. At the end of the campaign she won 9 out of the last 12 primaries and/or caucuses. Sounds a lot like this year's campaign. But Obama got the needed Delegates and won the nomination, and she conceded, And then did her damnedest to help him win. Thats called Democracy Bernie… maybe Bernie should learn a thing or too from Hillary on this one.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Sat., May 21, 2016

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