Saturday, May 24, 2014

So I was scrolling down Facebook today, when I discovered a 'discussion' about the current brew-ha-ha with the name of the NFL's Washington franchise, The Washington Redskins. I know its been in the news a lot lately, but personally not something I have been thinking about too much, or really ever. But it is something I've always wondered about. 
Even as a kid, I felt a little odd, but never really thought why it bothered me. Honestly I liked the uniform colors and thought the logo cool, I was a child. Figured it was a Cowboys and Indians thing, but for some reason, it didn't seem like a bad thing. But that was a long time ago, I've grown up, and the rest of the world, for the most part, has to. 
I do find it funny that in this day and age, that a national sports team would still have a name that most people know as a derogatory description of the Indian people. Sadly, as has been showcased all too often these days, there seems to be a lot of racist people out there. And today it seems that in the age of Facebook and Twitter, the worst of people's beliefs are pushed in your face with terrifying glee. Coming out with statements that make your skin crawl, especially when realize that people like Donald Sterling are all around us, even in the year 2014. 
When it comes to racism, of course, all you hear, are people defending it. Its their right. Its free speech, its in the Constitution, God-damn-it! So shut up, and take it. Take our backward thinking redneck mentality, and live with it.
Here's the link to the article that the discussion was talking about: Politics 
So while reading the responses to the discussion, one person of the many, sided with the team. But the answer sounded intelligent, which actually surprised me. It explained the history of the team's name and why its actually isn't really an insult but really a tribute to the Native Indian. Really?
Who knows, he might be historically right. So figured that I should research this a little (I always like to research the facts before making another statement that could shoot me in the foot). So I went to the wikipedia and typed in: (Here's link to that page)
I read the entire history, at least as how it was listed there. According to them, it really was a tribute to Indians… so, it seems this persons's response had weight to it, how interesting to read the entire story, sans screaming and yelling to find actually truth behind the reasoning for the name. So it was supposedly a noble gesture to name the team Redskin… who knew?
That said…I am sorry, doesn't matter. If the New York Yankees had been called the New York Yids as a tribute to the hard working jews in New York (I'm jewish, so please don't bitch) would the Rabbi's in NYC be happy about it? Or how about the NY Crackers? As a tribute to the white people that stole this nation from the Indians! I wouldn't be insulted in the least, would anyone else be? Why don't we just call the The Atlanta Falcons, The Atlanta Coonskins or worse (I am making a point here, not trying to insult anyone), some people might find that a cool name too. Why don't we just rename the team, The Washington Slaves! As a tribute to the many who helped build our nations on their backs. Then maybe the racists out there would be happy too… get it? 
The Name Redskins is heinous, screw the token gratitude!
Screw the bull… maybe, if any members of the families who supposedly were the ancestors of the Indians, that the team was named after come out and defend the name, then maybe I'd be ok with it. If the Indian Nation in fact supported the name, then maybe it would be cool! But since it seems everyone that comes out, is against the name… perhaps its time to wake up and step into the new world, like our ancestors did!  
Change your racist name… or go F•ck yourselves… I know for me, I will never ever watch another game featuring that team… even if my team is playing them in the Super-Bowl. Their is power in numbers. If enough fans decline to go to their games, buy their merchandise, if advertisers stop advertising, if the entire Indian Nation surrounded the Washington Redskins' stadium, in TeePees, in protests, maybe then they would get the hint? Or perhaps if a few Paleface's were scalped then maybe they would really get the message. Not that I'm suggesting any violence…
Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., May 24, 2014

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