Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Simply, because of the breakthrough of your now iconic song “Same Love” you had become the voice of a generation. And now the first major message you put out there since, turns out to be the oldest form of hatred in history… antisemitism! 
And then you put out you had no idea... it was an innocent mistake in judgment… really? Tell it to millions of humans who died because of the hatred of others who thought that costume was funny in the past! You mean to tell me you never saw Oliver! The musical? You never watched or read The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare. Sorry you put it out there, it’s out there! I now have to wonder if there is somewhere a tape with your voice saying ‘anti-Semitic’ words... I mean where did the idea for ‘Thrift Shop’ come from, your imagination? Perhaps there’s a little Donald Sterling in you too? I know that maybe I’m exaggerating, but Ben Haggerty of the rap group Macklemore rightly or wrongly is now the voice of millions, and this is what he wanted to put out. 
Sadly like the ‘current’ fascination with *Hillary Clinton’s brain, once you put out anything... people will see it. And as a voice for the next generation, introducing them to this stereotype, to me negates any glow this spokesman for his generation ever earned. 
Any hatred is hatred. To disguise it with ignorance, sorry buddy, some of us can see right through it. You know the ones who thought your generation had learned the lessons of the past. Turns out, same love really means, same old hatred for others. You should love my choices, but yours we can make fun of. What if some gangster rapper decided to rap like an over the top ‘Nancy-boy’ would you be okay by that? I don’t think so. You rapped about love and togetherness and then you rap showcasing divisiveness. You blew it, big time... any credibility you created with your phenomenon is gone. 
I’m just glad I didn’t spend any money on any of your music. I like your song Same Love, I loved it's message, but the messenger seems to have the same old human frailties… he’s a little bit racist. If he doesn’t know it, and if he doesn’t realize what he showcased isn’t offensive, then it turns out the well educated hero of millions shouldn’t be the spokesmen for anyone. Instead he needs to be schooled on antisemitism!
*OF NOTE: About that little aside (I know I threw in a little politics into this commentary, sometimes it just fits), the saddest thing about Carl Rove’s suggestion that Hillary might have brain damage is, even if thats true, she still has more intelligence on life support then the entire line up of warnabees that the GOP can come up with combined. Talk about insulting the intelligence of the masses.
Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., May 20, 2014

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