Friday, November 14, 2014

And of course, its all for political reasons!
Lets vote for the Keystone Pipeline already? Really? I mean isn't it about time? Why? As far as I've heard the President has been consistent on this from day one. Lets wait till the reports are finished… well, according to what he just came out and said, the reports are still not done. Ergo. Why put the Pipeline up for debate, since the President has announced that he won't go forward with it, till then. In other words, lets waste tax papers money and vote on something that will probably be vetoed!
Sadly for me, the entire debate is a joke. According to the educated, experts discussing the issue, the pipeline just doesn't make financial or ecological sense. And worse, their big reasoning for it, jobs, are so few, that the costs for the project makes the project itself, a joke. A windfall…really?  Sounds more like a non-starter to me.   
Veto away President Obama! … Republicans go ahead, shut the government down, and then blame the President for the shutdown… go ahead, have a tamper tantrum… 
Impeach him for sneezing already, get it out of your system. I dare you. Then maybe we can get some things accomplished when you get your heads out of your asses! The few voted you into power, probably Fox faux new's viewers, cause the majority decided it wasn't gonna really mean a thing. I mean, its only our freaking Government! 
Lets prove them wrong… do something… for once, that actually benefits the people, and not your benefactors. Oh, its seems you voted for it anyway, guess I missed my chance to sway any votes today… damn.

This commentary, was brought on by a post I read on Facebook, here's a link to what inspired the post that I read.
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