Thursday, November 06, 2014

So I guess you can put lipstick
on a pig!
Simply put, maybe you can buy an election! Now before you  scream, take a breath, step back, because maybe it's just history repeating itself. As has been noted by fact checkers, this political game of self-correct goes on every 2 or 4 or 6 years, where the opposing party to The President takes control of both Houses of Congress. Basically smacking whomever is in The White House. It happened to Reagan, it happened Clinton, and it happened to Bush 2. Why shouldn't it happen to Obama?
Maybe the sky isn't gonna drop! Chill out Democrats, the end isn't near! All hope isn't lost, because historically, The Republicans have done the usual... which if you think about it… is a vast improvement over what they've done in recent years.
The worse part of the defeat is, that this historic norm will be promoted by The Republicans as another Obama failure. It doesn't matter if what happened yesterday, happens every time we have a President in his second term, and sometimes in his first.
Possibly the worse part of all this for me, was watching The Democrats act like they were scared to acknowledge the man in The White House. Who? Nope never heard of him. I mean what's an Obama? Scary. If you can't run on your association with The president, the leader of your own party, perhaps maybe you're in the wrong business? But, seeing how most of you all lost, perhaps someone, or everyone is trying to tell you something.
I understand as our President expressed in his 'concession' speech, each candidate did what they did, for political reasons. That he's not taking it personal, its only politics. An adult realization of the facts. But as usual, the opponents on the other side, aren't. Somehow even a minor victory is always considered a mandate. Like when Bush the 2nd was given his seat of power by The Supreme Court. Somehow the next day, that was also a mandate… really? How is it a mandate, if you really didn't win? 
The opposition, the victors, ran a campaign, a highly funded campaign, of deceit, half-truths, and out-right lies. About their policies and even on what they've done in the past. Talk about a wolf in sheep clothing. In fact the very next day after their victory speeches, where they preached bi-partism, they gleefully announced that they would be trying to repeal Obamacare…again! Seemingly the more things change the more things stay the same. Or maybe, simply don't trust what they say, or their interpretation of what they've accomplished, see the facts and see what they do. Amazingly it never winds up in the same hemisphere. 
Of course they been attacking our President with this since before he even was in office. Using a list of talking points that seemingly bewitched the masses and bedeviled their opponents. If we've learned one thing by now, it's that whose ever writing the play books for the parties, of the two parties, The Republicans surely know how to learn their lines.
And mostly what they did was try to wrap The Democrats in the throes of Obama lust. Blinded by the fowl smell of this imposter President. The soon to be Impeached President, had somehow tortured them into allowing the masses to have healthcare, and worse! He allowed those sinners, the gays to marry! Never told the truth on Benghazi! Allowed Ebola into our nation and hadn't declared any wars in at least the last ten days! And the last straw… tried to take our guns away!
All along The Democrats tried showcasing what they've accomplished as a party, they tried to tell the masses to look at the records, not to listen to their talking points. But the attacks kept coming. They sided with the president 97%! OMG, how wrong of them! Hey haters, our Presidents policies are the right policies, so agreeing with him, 97% of the time is a good thing!
But instead of defending our President and his achievements, thanks to them, they instead, acted like he was a pariah. It was just a coincidence that their votes were the same as his agenda.
How stupid can you get, people voted for our President because of his agenda, and that's how most of you got elected in the first place or at least re-elected. Revel in it, be proud of it. Their party wants to remove healthcare, voters rights, women's rights and a thousand other things, be proud of those votes! That's what makes you a Democrat or worse a Liberal
Sadly, having one of those Obama's Delegates, actually refuse, on multiple occasions, to say if she voted for our President probably was the end of any chance the Democrats had of at least keeping control of The House. Trying to showcase her independence killed any chance to end Mitch's eventual coronation. Instead of coming out, proudly saying that yes I voted for him, I agree on most of his accomplishments and what he's trying to do, she sounded defensive about it, and worse. Something which truly helped her opponent's one big weakness, being the absolute model of a Washington Insider. Dooming any real chance you and your party had of fighting against history's lesson. You can only do so much, till you learn you're pushing it. That you need to realize life ain't easy. It's supposed to be a struggle. Cause with each defeat, you strive to improve.
Meaning, if we didn't have Reagan we never would have had a Clinton. Which in turn brought us Bush. Which in turn brought us Obama.
Hopefully, this current nightmare in the hearts and minds of Democrats, the McConnell era, will bring about Hillary's reign. That is if The Republicans don't remove voters rights in the next two years.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014

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