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Or is the Shoot to Kill mentality, simply part of the job?
I've been joking this week… I understand that whats been happening lately, though out the United States, in regards to the Police (basically getting away with murder), isn't something that warrants a joke. But, sometimes my way of rationalizing things I can't believe actually occur in the real world (a.k.a. racism or bigotry), is by making a… funny. A not politically correct sarcastic comment, and hopefully when I do I'm careful who is within earshot of said commentary, because sometimes, my words could get me into deep trouble. But here goes, "I'm glad I'm white and I don't live in Ferguson… ha ha ha, or any other city in America!"  
Sorry, I know, not very funny…I hope I didn't offend too many people. But seemingly just sadly way too true in America today. Our so-called protectors are really the people we should be afraid of, as opposed to the criminals that are out there that they are supposed to protect us from. 
Because no matter how obvious the crime is, these peace officers seem to get off scot-free when they kill their suspects, even when showcased on video! Making the idea of putting camera's on the police, maybe a mute suggestion.
To think that in this and age, people still look at other people, who are a different color and immediately think criminal or worse. That 'these' people must be doing something wrong, just because their skin color is black, or brown or any color that isn't white, is simply wrong. The fact that this racist mentality is seemingly rampart in our nations police force, is obviously a scary idea.
And even if that was the case, why don't they just arrest these felons, these obvious crooks, why must they shoot to kill… their suspects? That instead of talking or even tasering, they need to shoot to kill their prey, or worse. How simply beyond my scope of reasoning that the police, are right in front of everyones eyes, getting away with murder!
As these deaths have been occurring, I've so far waited to write something on it, trying to get a handle on why this 'problem' is coming out of nowhere? But has it? Maybe its been happening for decades, but until recently has been kept quiet? I guess while other things have been getting all the press. But sadly the most recent events have thrown the issue into the face of the American consciousness, and shall we say, awoken the crime to everyone. 
Well at least the ones who aren't hiding behind their racist statements.
When the idea of this commentary came to mind, I google searched the subject (some of the links are showcased below), subjects like Shoot to Kill and Deadly Force. I wanted to know how these police officers are trained and if the killings are legal, and just a day at the office. And what I learned honestly stunned me. 
Seems, that these police officers, have been trained to not hurt, but to kill! Surprise! Its seems, better safe then sorry is their policy. Who knew? That our protectors are not our friends, but our Prison Guards. They've been trained to shoot first and then make up the excuses later!  
We just have to hope that the person inside the uniform isn't doing their jobs with a personal vendetta against certain people. That as soon as they put on the uniform, all humanity is gone, especially when the suspect isn't white.
I've been harping for years about people and their 2nd Amendment Rights. How people should give up their guns. I mean, why do we need them? We've got the police to protect us from criminals, right? Well it seems that maybe I was wrong, perhaps, the citizens should keep their guns. Perhaps we need them to protect ourselves from the police themselves. I mean if they're going to presume that we are guilty, and sentenced to death without a trial, perhaps we need to arm ourselves! 
Or perhaps this is just the last gasp of a dying breed. With the internet, now available practically everywhere and to everyone, perhaps these incidents are finally coming to the front. Perhaps the You Tube generation, by showcasing the wrongs of the police can finally correct them. Or does a revolution in the streets need to happen before this despicable disease is removed from society.
Whats amazing to me is that the fools currently in charge, didn't expect that the people would wise up one day. Guess they expected the sheep to remain so. They've allowed this evil to fester in our society, this racist mentality that seems to run thru the minds and hearts of our nation's police. 
Just listening to some of the commentary by some is honestly heartbreaking, not that people would actually say such words, but that the people who are saying it, seemingly how no clue that what they are saying is so reprehensible. They actually think their backward thinking logic is, well kosher.
Perhaps, and thats possible, just maybe, its not a racist thing at all. I'm trying, my best to look at all possible reasonings behind the senseless deaths of innocents, obviously some of these victims of the police are maybe not innocent as children and perhaps deserved to be arrested, but none of them deserved to die or be murdered for their acts, for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Especially when 'not' white…
Or, perhaps its more of the mindset that these Police officers are really just our protectors. The so-called enforcers of the peace. Trained instead of just to protect our lives, but to control us. They seem to have the mind-set that they can tell us what to do, just because they have the power, the weapons. The old Lord of the Flies mentality. And seemingly after watching the news, they seem to control the law itself. Since the law itself, let's them walk on these criminal acts, because they should get the benefit of the doubt, I mean they are wearing the uniform, right?
A segment of the population is presumed guilty, and not worthy of their day in court. Pretty sad in 2014, almost 2015. And people actually think this is okay!
Here are a few links which answers some of my questions here:
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