Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don’t you hate it when your villains turn out to be telling the truth? When the Republicans demonized Obamacare because of its ‘Death Panels’ we all scoffed at them. Well at least I did. I mean look at the messenger, Sarah Palin, honestly, did you actually believe one word? It seemed more like another SNL bit starring Tina Fey. Simply more Republican bull…  I thought, obviously they were just trying to destroy The Affordable Care Act’s credibility even before it was enacted… I thought. 
Amazingly it seems, every time the GOP bitch about the Democrats doing something, in actuality it turns out that they're doing the exact same thing or worse.
Sadly, it really was the Republican Governors who should have been given that title... and the Democrats should have accused them of future crimes against the state! Since with their refusal to allow healthcare, they’ve literally caused the possibility of deaths by lack of coverage to their states citizens. They’re putting people’s lives at risk, by preventing thousands from receiving healthcare. I guess they were right, if Obamacare was approved, that ‘Death Panels’ would occur... Sadly even when they are right, it turns out hurting others. And in this case it possibly could lead to us calling some of our elected officials murderers! A list of some of these Death Panelists, these Governors, who’ve refused healthcare to their constituents reads like a whose who in ‘What were they thinking? on election day!’ Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott are the leading faces in this insult to common public decency.
When the President was first elected the Republicans got together and decided to try to ruin his Presidency, how patriotic of them. Let’s try to destroy our newly elected Commander-in-Chief. Screw the ramifications, we have our agenda. Screw the citizens, we have our talking pointings. Screw what's right… even when we are in the wrong.
Even before the President’s healthcare law was approved, the ‘Death Panel’ plan was probably in the equation. Somewhere, these ‘leaders’ got together and decided to prevent their constituents from receiving healthcare and/or the Medicare expansion. Imagine the meeting, the conversations, the talking points discussed, the agenda. Imagine their laughter at the realization of how stupid they must believe the citizens of their states to be. I mean we actually got these idiots to elect us, they won’t even notice that we are sentencing some of them to death! I mean, why would they care if they can’t see a doctor? They don't seem to want to find any jobs. Why can't they just fend for them selves? Run on that republicans, I dare you! 
PLEASE CHECK OUT: Seems I’m not the only one who finds the actions of the GOP to be a bit offensive, in the least, and most likely criminal in the eyes of the law…  'The GOP Death Panel' (at the link below) is an excellent Op-Ed I discovered on-line that kind of back-ups what I’m discussing here. Highly recommended!
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