Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Lets not give them a chance to prove it!
So its election day, and as a precursor to voting, I'm online checking out what the media, the press, and the experts have to say, before heading out and doing my patriotic duty. Yes!
So I wind up at MSNBC, as I tend to do, and I was immediately annoyed, as is my lot, with what was being discussed.
Today's segment was about The Republicans taking control over both The House and The Senate. Its amazing how sure these experts are with their opinions. And when they're wrong, all you hear are excuses. They are so sure, that history will repeat itself. The proposition being: how will these fine elected officials run our Government? When in power!
Andrea Mitchell who was hosting her program, Andrea Mitchell Reports. used one of those expressions I keep hearing, and have been hearing forever, that just makes my blood boil. 
"They have to prove that they can govern." 
My question right back to her and anyone who utters it is why? They shut the Government down, people still vote for them. They are trying to stop people from voting, people still vote for them. They seemingly have done 3 things since getting control of The House: Trying to abolish Obamacare, trying to make Benghazi an excuse to Impeach our President and stain Hillary Clinton. And possibly worse, attempting to remove the rights of millions upon millions American women… and people still vote for them.
All they do is insult our President, showcase no policies except, that he's wrong. Won't admit the reality of climate change, insult educated people, the young and women, suggesting they weren't smart enough or good enough to even think about voting. More people have lost the right to vote because of their policies… Thousands of Americans have had their rights stolen and people still vote for them.  
And I haven't brought up our economy yet…  and people still vote for them. 
They stopped practically everything our President has attempted to do, and they blame him for his failure to enact anything… and people STILL vote for them.
Sorry Andrea, they don't have to prove anything… people just wanna believe what they wanna believe.   
I'm just praying that enough people wake up today, and prove the experts wrong. That we break records with the number of voters who cast. Maybe the masses will arise and smack some reality into the haters. And then we'll see who wins this election. Cause the truth is, there are many more Democrats out there then Republicans… 
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014

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