Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What started out as a small fringe of society has turned into today’s protest movement
In the eyes of many our government seems to have been taken over by corporate greed. As the middle class has been systematically turned into a lower class. And the lower class, thought of as non-entities. As the rich have gotten richer and more powerful. And the have-nots keep getting less and less. As people get closer and closer to the brink.
During an age where most of us are living more and exclusive lives. Communicating more and more thru devices. Separating ourselves from each other. Trying to get away from all the noise and confusion. As we’ve gotten closer to each other via modern technology our lives have gotten busier and busier.  As we’ve become one global community, our world has gotten smaller and smaller.
After 8 years of watching our country be seemingly returned to the Viet Nam era. An unending war. A country seemingly being ripped by a culture war. As we watch rich fat-cats act like hooligans. Maybe, the children and grandchildren of the 60’ generation have realized that maybe its time for their own revolution.
The main reason our President was elected was because he promised change. And for the first time in a generation, the people had a leader they could follow. Not since John F. Kennedy was President has our country been led by such a charismatic leader. Our President was elected in a landslide. The people cheered and cried with joy. Finally a savior had arrived to help us right our ship.
But instead of a new beginning, a cleansing of soughts, this change was met by a group set out with one goal. To systematically stop or erase anything good he tried to do. To demonize him so that the believers would eventually give up, lose faith, and give in.
As this was happening,  this generations’ boogie men have tried to take our country backwards, back before 'all men were created equal'.
Watching Newt and Perry and Romney and a host of other blow-hearts trumpet asinine plans, is equivalent to watching Nixon and Goldwater trumpet the conflict in Saigon. 
How scary the similarities and the players in this game are.  
This morning I awoke to videos of a riot. I watched video’s of ‘Occupy Oakland’. A riot had taken place. Chaos was on my screen. Tear gas and police were brutally arresting protesters. For a moment, I was 8 years old again, Kent State was on my TV. And I knew I was I destined to go off and die in Viet Nam War, when I turned 18. Because my war seemingly would never end. And soon Americans would all speak Russian.
Then I snapped back to reality, and my Oprah moment happened.
What had begun as a small fringe movement of scared people in the Republican party is growing into this generations revolution. What if seeing what has been occurring throughout the world. The overthrow of Tyrants. Man's quest for freedom. For their basic human rights. For justice. What if people have had enough.
In the United States alone there is an estimated 25 million people out of work. Millions of people owe more money then they will ever be able to pay back. And all we see are the rich getting richer. The only people getting bailed out are the banks and corporations. While nothing seems to done to help the people in need.
While our taxes and expenses keep growing, and our  paychecks keep getting smaller. Their taxes get lessened. When we lose our jobs, we wind up in the streets. They leave their’s with million dollar packages.
Fairness has gone out the window. It all made sense. People are rising up. Maybe this movement, this revolution, is really the beginning of the American people taking back our country.
Heck if it can happen in the middle east . It surely could happen in America.

Just one man’s opinion.

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