Monday, October 17, 2011

I read a great article today by Amanda Terkel on, that I highly recommend. Eric Cantor On Occupy Wall Street: I’m Upset Democrats Are ‘Joining In The Effort To Blame Others’ (  ‘He then jumped to criticizing political leaders who have embraced the movement, saying it was wrong to blame Wall Street for the country’s economic problems.
Ok Eric, we won’t blame Wall Street. Let’s blame the people really behind the mess... You and your fellow Republicans. You of the party of 'No'. You of the party of deregulation. You of the party of racists bigots. You of the party of going backwards. You of the party of Voodoo & trickle down economics. None of these things helps us in anyway, except make things worse. You and your cronies who are trying to go backwards instead of forward. Using division and deceit to quickly decimate policies which have done nothing but good for decades. Using tricks and illegal games to alter voting rights, people’s rights and everything else they can get their hands on, for nothing else then their sponsor’s greed. Screw the masses, we need another million in our banks.
Or as it states in a yesterdays fantastic article by Robert Reich again on ( explains “Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Michele Bachman and the other tribunes of today’s Republican right aren’t really conservatives. Their goal isn’t to conserve what we have. It’s to take us backwards.” and “They’d like to return to the 1920s -- before Social Security, unemployment insurance, labor laws, the minimum wage, Medicare and Medicaid, worker safety laws, the Environmental Protection Act, the Glass-Steagall Act, the Securities and Exchange Act, and the Voting Rights Act.
Anytime our President succeeds, it’s amazing how they claim it really was Bush’s policy’s that really accomplished the mission. When in reality they had nothing to do with it. Example, the killing of Bin Laden.
And of course, you and your buddies blame the President for things he had nothing to do with, like the Wars that Bush sent us into. Or throwing out slanderous, racist comments that have no basis in truth. And doing it so often, like a mantra, that people believe the bullshit.
Each and everyone one of their candidates seem created for a sitcom or horror show, spouting concepts and idea’s that make most everybody laugh at or listen in disbelief. The question being: which of these fools are stupider, more inane, and more backwards. 
Of all the candidates, I can’t decide who is the worse offender. Possibly Perry, possibly Bachman, Newt, or even their new poll leader, Cain. Cain? They are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Everyday he seems more radical and more out of a touch with reality. Throwing out racist comments against our president “I'm not African American I'm a Black Americanand scarier policies like 9.9.9, a deranged concept that every economic advisor tell  us is a complete and utter mess and will only makes things worse. Of course every time he shouts out 9.9.9., I keep hearing Nazi’s shouting “Nein, nein, nein.”  Very fitting these days with all the Nazi B.S. they’ve been spouting.  But how inappropriate, that in the 21st century a ‘black American’ is spouting out racist sounding rhetoric and how sad. 
Today there’s a great article on HuffingtonPost (again), by Andy Ostroy ‘Herman Cain’s Fuzzy Math’ ( that explains it better and in more detail.  Each time Cain tries to explain how 9.9.9. works, he adds more lies into the mix, as he tries to make his argument make sense.  I find it funny that Michele Bachman explained it best. “If you turn Hermain Cain's "9-9-9" plan upside down it becomes 6-6-6. I think the devil is in the details." Cain’s statement about Immigration “I just got back from China. Ever heard of the Great Wall of China? It looks pretty sturdy. And that sucker is real high. I think we can build one if we want to! We have put a man on the moon, we can build a fence! Now, my fence might be part Great Wall and part electrical technology. ... It will be a twenty foot wall, barbed wire, electrified on the top, and on this side of the fence, I’ll have that moat that President Obama talked about. And I would put those alligators in that moat!”  Backtracking on his statement, he now claims it was a joke.  But, in his new autobiography he said the same thing.  But there is nothing in the text which which showcases its a joke. In other words, he's lying thru his teeth. If a joke, it wasn’t very funny.
Of course, God forbid Romney wins the election, we have no idea where he stands. Since he seems to change his stance on issues daily. So good luck figuring out what he really plans to do.  
Of course the worse culprit (thank God he isn’t running... yet), is you Eric. Mr. Canter seems to have everyone in his party in love with him. And he’s such a bigwig in their party, he'd probably jump to the top within days if he ever decided to run (I hope he’s not reading this). You with you draconian economics, trying to kill off social security, Medicare or anything else great about our country. Watching the deficit panel and your childish tamper tantrums. The way you spoke to our President, it was great seeing you stew in your anger. I kept waiting for you to say something that you would have to backtrack on for months. You came close several times.
And don’t get me started on all of the crap these pseudo politicians keep throwing out, which afterwards they explain “it was only a joke”. Like Cain’s ‘electrical fence’.
The only thing these ingrates know how to do is rile up the masses. Spouting racist and inhuman concepts that anyone with half a brain could see are too scary for words. I guess that means that about 35% of the country’s citizens believe this crap. While the rest of us, fear who might be in charge after the election. 
Honestly, more and more it seems to me that this coming election will be a bigger landslide then in 2008. Yes it was a landslide. I make this statement because of the protests that seem to be getting bigger by the day.  Now one month old, spreading across the globe with no end in sight. Two years ago the republicans fought back, lied thru their teeth and took advantage of people’s hopes, dreams and frustrations; and took over the Congress and a ton of Governorships.  But, after two years of obvious bullshit by the fools on the right, the truth is finally smacking our countries citizens awake.  
We have witnessed a party literally try destroying our economy and our country several times. Actually blame our President for wars which he never was apart of creating (just cleaning up Bush’s mess). And of course calling the Stimulus package his, when in fact Bush was the man behind it.  Which probably was the only reason it passed in the first place.  I understand that Obama signed it into law, but again, it wasn't his plan.  During the discussions the democrats pushed for a much bigger package but the republicans fought tooth and nail to make it as small as possible. 
And while it didn’t do all it could have, it saved or created over a million and a half jobs.  Something which the party of ‘no’ claimed never happened, especially Perry "Not a single job was created." And instead of using the funds to create and save jobs, these ingrates used the funds (if they accepted them) to balance their budgets. A lot of our financial problems stem from the wars that were created under Bush destroyed our economy. 
How in the world can’t they see that their policies haven’t worked, and will never work, ever. The fact that every policy which President Obama has pushed for, they pronounce them unAmerican and dangerous.  
It doesn't matter that our President's Jobs plan seems to be "the only Jobs plan that has a chance to actually grow the economy and create millions of new jobs" as the economic wizards say, and "his Jobs plan is the only real option". "That none of their policies will help", infact the republican plan,  they say "would make things worseAnd not create a single job". When will they learn, when will they listen. Oy, give me strength.
Just one man’s opinion. 

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