Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last night’s I sat back to see who might be President. 
Actually I watched it to have a good laugh (and I had quite a few)
At least thats what these so-called candidates hope will happen after next year’s election. While the debate was actually interesting, none of the candidates left seeming ready for the job.  Honestly not one of these blithering idiots swayed me to vote against the President, but at least I got the chance to see them attack each other. Spill a little blood. And see how they fight back. Most of them seemed like a children fighting for attention.
For me, surprisingly Newt came out best. The only candidate that at least seemed to know the facts and at least try to stay above the fray. Of course with his history, there’s no way he will ever be President. Ron Paul was well Ron Paul, I actually would love him be the nominee, at least then the debates with President Obama would be adult and rather entertaining. At least when he says something he actually has conviction, unlike most of them spouting off their campaign slogans.
Michele Bachman had two really bizarre moments. One where she was discussing Obama’s foreign policy. Not knowing that Libya is in Africa, is a big boo boo. Really showing she’s this years Palin. Lady if you want to be President you should know your basic geography. I wonder if she can see Africa from her window? But when instead of answering a question from Anderson Cooper (the moderator of the debate), she made an emotional speech to the mothers of America. Looking straight into the cameras with eyes turning glassy, I swear I was expecting tears to flow.  
Perry was actually much better then he’s been, at least this time he came to play. Smacking Romney with several really good body blows. Specifically on illegal aliens. His logic against building a wall to stop them from entering the country made actual sense. Perry was the only candidate that seemed to be living in the real world (for the moment)... I just wished Anderson had asked each candidate who wanted the wall built, where was the funding for the wall coming from. Social Security? Since raising taxes is practically illegal these days. But when Perry twice called Cain ‘Brother’ it really bothered me. I mean if he had called any of the other candidates ‘Brother’ it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Was he being insulting? You tell me.
As for Romney, it was fun watching him try to weasel out of the attacks. His worse moment for me was when he put his hand on Perry’s shoulder, a no-no in debates, and chastising Perry for interrupting him like he was the teacher was really eye-opening. And showed why he doesn't have what it takes to be President.
Cain as usual proudly touted his ridiculous ‘9.9.9’ plan. Trying unsuccessfully to explain it as the difference between Apples and Oranges. Romney actually scored many points against Cain by explaining that it would actually add more taxes then fixing the tax code.  
As for the rest of buffoons on stage enough said (in other words, let’s not waste our breath on people who haven’t got a chance in hell of being the nominee).
The smartest man, might have been Huntsman for not even showing up. Really does anyone think this clown is gonna be in the race after the first Primary? 
How sad for the Republican Party, and how wonderful for the American people. Because more and more the obvious person that should be President after the next election, is the one already in office.  
Just one person’s opinion.

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