Friday, October 14, 2011

For months and months, or is that years and years, the republicans in power have been spouting lies about how they are doing their best to try to create jobs.  Promoting bills that cut the deficits seemingly as the only way that works.  But in reality almost, if not all the bills they’ve brought in for votes have been tax breaks for wealthy and bills that would send us deeper off the cliff.  Instead of job creation, it seems most bills are geared to getting rid of as much progress as possible.  Putting us back into the 1930’s,  especially in the areas of labor unions, minimum wage, child labor laws and of course abortion.  For the most part as I see it and as most of the media explains it, these bills are redundant.  Meaning there is already a law in place which solves the new bill’s issues.
It seems everyday I read about another proposal or bill which would make abortion practically illegal and almost impossible to get.  Even if the woman’s life is at stake.
Now the latest BS bill which passed in the House yesterday (but hopefully will be blocked in the Senate.  And surely if they allow it to pass, President Obama will veto it),  from everything I’ve heard and read  H.R. 358, the so-called “Protect Life Act,” is the most blatant attempt yet to try to end a woman’s right’s yet.   Sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) (And promoted by the usual nimrods in the republican party, actually allows hospitals and doctor’s to say ‘no’ to women, even if it’s life or death situation.  The hospitals can actually decide not to give out information so their patient can find help elsewhere, so they won’t die because of something going wrong in their pregnancy.   
The bill is yet another bill that makes sure no money from the federal government can be used to pay for abortions, something which is already in the books.   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) called the bill a “savage” attack on women’s health. 
Supporters of the bill say its purpose is to free taxpayers from having to pay for abortions and to free hospitals from having to provide them against their will.  The Hyde amendment, which has been in place for 30 years, already prohibits the flow of taxpayer dollars to any kind of abortion service.  So each time they bring out a new bill, they are wasting valuable time and energy.  So instead of tackling jobs and the economy (something they keep claiming),  they waste the chance to get anything accomplished.   Which of course is their mission.  Do not help President Obama in anyway, if we do... OMG, he’ll be President again. 
So why another bill?  Easy answer.  Simply, it’s yet another bill trying to end legal abortions for good.  I guess they figure that if they keep trying they will finally succeed.  By continuing to throw out new bills, each with new amendments thrown in with abortion killing sections,  the rest of us won’t know what they are really trying to do till its to late.
Maybe they think this will help their cause.  Killing off all the liberal uppity women.  Because we all know that republicans, not any of  those God fearing white women, ever would dare to have an abortion.  It’s a sin!  How barbaric!   How Democratic of them. 
Of course for a group of politicians who came into power claiming that they would help the economy, it’s amazing how little time they’ve spent doing anything about the economy except trying to kill regulations and abortions.   We all know that the best way to create jobs is go back to how things were before our economy went into the crapper.  Kill off all of regulations that helped us begin to climb out of the hole should be scrapped.  Pure geniuses these republicans are.  How blind do you think we are, hypocrites?
For me  the amazing thing is they keep trying and unfortunately, little by little they seem to be succeeding.
Of course this is nothing new.  The republicans have always considered women second class citizens.  Proving the point when they helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972.  Heck, women don’t deserve to make as much as us men.. We are know best!  Oh really. 
The amazing thing to me is that less than an hour after they tried to pull another hidden agenda, these same ingrates passed the so-called EPA Regulatory Relief Act , the House of Representatives passed a bill that the EPA warns will kill thousands of people prematurely.  Heck we don’t need to breathe air that’s breathable... Yet another bill trying to kill regulations.  Cause heck we all know that regulations are what’s really destroying our economy.  
I’ll say it again... what nimrods these bastards are. Especially when we find out whose funds are helping them stay in office.
Finally this is a call out to all Democrats and other reasonable people out there.  If you think its bad now, go ahead vote in some more Republicans and Tea Party members into power.  Could you imagine if they get the majority in the Senate too. And don’t get me started on the Presidency,  talk about a horror show.
Just one man’s opinion.

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