Sunday, October 09, 2011

Okay so now that the rest of us have begun finally standing up for our rights, now we are the anti-American’s... how utterly un-American those statements are.  This is America people, we are allowed to stand up and protest, that’s what makes America great.  That’s how America was born, in revolution, remember?   Not in cowing down to the rich elite. That is why we became the great country that we’ve become.
Can people be so into their own lives that they don't realize what is actually happening to our country. How utterly stupid can people are.  The other day I was sitting at work overhearing a three-way conversation.  The discussion was about the protesters on Wall Street.  They couldn't figure why these people were protesting.  Really?  Why were they making so much noise?  Why were they disturbing our lives?  Why don’t they just go home, and be quite and let the country sink into the ocean.
After 15 minutes of this nonsense I had to say something which was basically.... "You don't understand why they're protesting, really. After all the BS that they've witnessed especially the last few years, can you blame them?" But still they looked at me like I was crazy.
This after the republican big wigs have all gone on the band wagon on how Anti-American the protesters are.   How they are like Nazi's.  This is how the Nazi party got started... Nazi's!   Talk about calling the cattle black.  I mean when the Tea Party people were protesting it seemed that the Republicans were okay about it.   It’s their right, why maybe because they agreed with them.
Of course when these protests really began in Wisconsin  and the other states whose Collective Bargaining were being illegally stripped from their contracts.  When the minimum wage was being attacked.  When child labor laws and environment protections were being thrown into a ditch, it seems people were too busy watching what was happening in Egypt then in our own backyard.  
Amazing it seems, every time these ingrates make comments or comparisons about the President or anyone they disagree with, they always use terms like Hitler, Nazi's, and/or un-American.... or some even throw out the N-word for good measure.  Honestly do we really need people like this making important decisions for us?
Let's simplify this shall we for the people who do not get why most American’s have had enough and have begun to make some noise.
  • President Bush and his right wing clan caused our economy to practically sink into oblivion.  With their Trickle down bogus economics which doesn't and has never worked.  Not to mention going into a war(s) that we never needed to be in.   Talk about a waste of money and unfortunately of human life.
  • President Obama was elected in a landslide to change the tone in Washington.  He should have been allowed to get his agenda out, but no,  they couldn't have such an obvious occurrence happen.  They spouted off that the landslide that put him into office was a lie, a mistake, people were brainwashed by his message.  We didn’t know what was good for us... only they did.  They of course branding anything and everything he tried as anti-American or worse.  The racist propaganda that has seeped into the national conversation is surely the worst off-shoot of their agenda. The old game of using bigotry and people’s worse fears against each other has seemed to work.  Making even President Obama’s biggest supporters begin to recede into the background. And before he was even in power these idiots who threw us into this situation made it their business to stop anything from getting accomplished. They proudly announced it.
  • The 2010 election brought in a lot of new republicans who all claimed their agenda was to create jobs... oh really.  Instead they came in and made it their business to try to kill our way of life.  To set the country back at least 50 years.  The only thing they haven't done is in fact create jobs, or suggest any real ways except for tax breaks for the wealthy. And cutting everything else if possible.
  • Maybe people have finally had it.  We've witnessed the power of the Internet as all over the world citizens united, protested and started changing their lives for the better (we hope).
Perhaps that is why they are protesting.   And the crowds are growing by the day.  Perhaps the fact that all they see is BS.   That nothing being promoted or announced by the republicans give them any hope that things are gonna get better.
And it seems like there's no end in sight.  Right now a growing number of people are getting closer and closer to their breaking point, and honestly I can’t blame them.  Can you?
Let me ask you what should people do.  Just sit back and let the country completely go over the edge as they starve in the streets.  As Peter Finch said in the classic motion picture, Network. "I'm as mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore."  Sounds like a slogan they should use.
Recently our President proposed his job act.  One which all economists agree with.  Now the idiots on the right say he's out campaigning instead of doing his job.  I'm sorry selling his program is his job, getting the country back to work, is his job;  as it should be there's.
Looks to me that until someone blinks and people see that jobs and the economy are finally on the right track, the protests are only gonna get bigger and louder as tens of thousands of people grow into hundreds of thousands, if not millions.
I for one, am an interested bystander in their protests, that is while I still have my job to keep me a float. I'm hoping that maybe this will shake up the republicans and that possibly they might finally do the job they promised and should be doing in office.  Simply help the American citizens get back to work.  
Just one man’s opinion.

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