Friday, October 28, 2011

Our President is winning in a landslide. You read it here first.

Here’s why. Seemingly overnight everything seems to be going President Obama’s way. The numbers for the economy had a nice bump, the stock market soared higher then its grown in percentage in decades. The instability of the foreign markets have proven to be the real cause for the recent economic down turn and not his policies (as the republicans have been shouting from the rooftops). One by one he has kept his campaign promises and delivered on them. And after his latest foreign policy victories (not to mention he’s the only candidate whose pitching any real-world economic answers), he most importantly has found his voice as a President.  
After years of being attacked by the right. Having his policies, campaign promises, agenda and even citizenship attacked non-stop for longer then he’s even been President, which caused many on the left to question if maybe the attackers are right. The economy is in the crapper and all they hear everywhere is about Gridlock and default.
But, and there is a big BUT here. Every week the field of Republican Presidential candidates adds another ‘winner’ to the mix. Instead of heeding the voice of their party and finding a ‘real’ candidate who could change the dynamics of the race. A Republican who projects any semblance of what leadership really is. A person who has any real plans, except the same old rehashed failed policies. A candidate who people could actually see as a President. Whose the polar opposite of what currently is out there, who seems to be for them, the people.  
Instead we get a continuous stream of eccentric, out there fringe players who aren’t ready to step up to prime time. Making political gaffes, not knowing history, geography, the constitution, or even what they can legally do as the President. 
And added to the mix we get the latest additions to the menagerie ‘Joe the Plumber’ and yesterday’s announcement that Terry Jones, ‘the Pastor who burned the Quran’ is also running for President. Aren’t they embarrassed by this. With all the people they could choose to run against our President, they choose nobody who anyone really wants running our country. Come on Sarah, at least you live on our planet.
All I can say, thanks for everything fellows. Its seems all your hard work, all your lies and deceit has now begun to come back to haunt you. It seems the citizens of our country have begun to finally wake up. To finally see through your agenda. Your blind loyalty to corporate greed.  Thanks for making our President destined to be re-elected. And this time, with a majority in the Congress, the next several years will see a re-growth in the American spirit as the jobs begin to come back and our economy gets back on track, and the real change he promised, will finally come to fruition.

Just one man’s opinion.

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