Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lets also get rid of the Minimum Wage, and might as well forget going to College 

Simply astonishing what they’re trying to pull. If they somehow get into The White House, they will completely gut our Government, except of course The Military. Raise taxes on all except the top 1%, who will all get even bigger tax breaks. Iraq will suddenly again need military action. Abortion will become illegal. The current 'peaceful' protests which are just beginning, will grow into a full fledged revolution. Get ready for some 'bread lines'. 
Sounds like a plot for a crazy science fiction, doesn't it. Well, this plot may be coming true.
If you think I’m crazy, perhaps you should sit back and research what’s been happening around these parts. The States newly crowned Republican Governors combined with the right's majority in the Congress have been gutting or trying to gut Education, Union Rights, Collective Bargaining, as well as peoples' Voting rights to name just a few. 
And thats without discussing how they've have extended our financial crisis with their never ending quest to stop Obama in his tracks. Other proposed changes, loosening or ridding Child Labor Laws, gutting Social Security, Welfare, and Medicare. And now they want our children to basically give up on getting a higher education, that is unless you work three jobs and luck out in receiving any financial aid. And since they'll be no minimum wage, these poor folk will need to work five or six. The American Dream would be dead!
It doesn’t stop. It won’t stop, till the voters who haven’t, wake up and help vote these suckers out. The scariness of this is how 'in your face' they are about it.  And how they lie straight-faced right to the camera. Complaining that "the Democrats are using Class Welfare" "that the Democrats aren't willing to compromise", that our President "is out campaigning, instead of doing his job." Sorry every time you go on television and trumpet your proposes and plans and scream bloody murder that he's not doing his job correctly is campaigning and not doing his. Amazingly, that's all they've been doing since they got in office. 
And now that the Democrats and especially 'the People' have begun to realize what's really been happening. Maybe finally change will come. 
Surely these ingrates can’t win, can they?
Just One’s Man’s Opinion

Two excellent articles which fully explains the subject quite well, highly recommended

GOPers’ degree of contempt
Candidates blast feds on education
A couple of eye-opening quotes which appear in the article:

Herman Cain 
I do not believe that it is the responsibility of the federal government to help fund a college education,” “Our resources are limited, and I believe that the best solution is the one closest to the problem.”

Michele Bachmann, 
My preference would be to see the end of the federal government involvement [in education] and to enhance the local schools and the parents’ hands in all of that.”
“I believe that children would be better served and . . . society would be better served if that role would evolve back to the states and to the local governments,” she said.

Herman Cain’s Distrust Of Minimum Wage Goes Back To Restaurant Days
A couple of eye-opening quotes which appear in the article:

Michele Bachmann has said she wouldn’t rule out lowering it. Ron Paul has predictably said it should be eliminated entirely. 

Rick Perry, in his book “Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington”, has rued the role the commerce clause played in “creating national minimum-wage laws” and “establishing national labor laws.”

Herman Cain  
Minimum wage laws prevent many unskilled and inexperienced workers (i.e. teens) from getting their first job and prices them out of the market,” the plan says, listing a number of potential “solutions” to urban poverty.

A minimum wage increase is an ineffective way to raise someone out of poverty,” Cain told lawmakers in February 1995.  
“The minimum wage has never been a living wage, so the government’s notion of helping workers is not logical or realistic,” Cain once told the Birmingham News. “The best way to create a living wage is to let the marketplace dictate it, not government. With unemployment rates so low, most businesses have to offer more to attract employees anyway.”

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