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Just wondering during this tax season isn’t it time our president released his taxes? I think we the citizens need to know if ‘this’ military maneuver lined his wallet, like the last one did 

DEFLECTIONS, LIES, AND NOW… TOMAHAWK MISSILES? Well seems our Donald has finally found his niche and a perfect way to change the subject, blowing things up. Sadly his big bangs, don’t show too many results for lots and lots of tax payers money. And as is always the case when Presidents push the button, or at least say go ahead, make my day, everyone, even your harshest critics fall head over heals because they’re now Presidential. Somehow no one’s wondering, why he did it and what are his plans in addition to just throwing out a bomb now and then. The best part, well actually the worst is, our businessman President, our Liar in Chief has figured out a way to earn a side income whenever they his military uses another weapon. Tony Stark our President is not. As opposed to the fictional Marvel genius, in our reality our billionaire President makes money on the weapons his military uses. I think its pretty unnerving to discover our President has given carte blanche to his commanders in the field, so its their decision what to use and when to use the toys wen they deem it necessary. Donald gets all the glory when the mission is a success and when its not, he gets to blame them and of course President Barack Obama when it fails. I have to wonder, when the man in charge has a stake in the companies that our military uses for supplying weaponry, if his own companies get preferential use because his name is painted on it. Is it wrong to wonder, if some might decide to help their careers or yes, line their own pockets, when they are deciding which military actions to take. Even if the “mother of all bombs,” the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast [MOAB], that was used wasn’t lining our President’s pockets, much like the 59 cruise missiles his generals used during the military target that blew the Syrian air base into smithereens, all will need to be replenished. Seems our President by allowing his generals to do what they think is right, just handed a nearly hundred million dollar payday to the company that manufactures the weapons his military uses. Guess what, Trump just happens to own stock in Raytheon, the manufacturer that happens to build the Tomahawk missiles that his military are using. According to the Palmer Report, a Business Insider told them Donald Trump owned stock in Raytheon up through at least the start of the presidential election cycle. There is no record that he subsequently sold that stock.  

Much like his approval of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines were discovered to be businesses he had a stake it. So lets pause to ponder the budget that our President suggested. The cut in funds to most things and the growth in funds for our what he describes as falling apart, underfunded arms forces. How much of that budget goes to companies Donald owns?  From what I read, the two days of bombing that happend over the last week or so, cost us a ton of money, so now I’m expecting Trump’s people to come out with a revised budget. Cutting out even more of the things most of us want and giving even more to his prized military, after all any second now, because of what he’s said, done, or tweeted, our nation could be in several real wars. Maybe Syria, won’t be just a itch he needs to scratch but a full on shock and awe offensive, much like President George Walker Bush tried in his failing mission accomplished. Or North Korea with their any day now Nukes ready to take aim at America’s shores. At least it seems his hatred of China as subsided, that is till he watches FOX and discovers that their opinion of our new President isn’t as nice as the way he has been drooling over them since their first date at Mar-a-Largo the other day. As opposed to what King Joffrey and his Trumpeters keeps throwing out, the American people do want to see what he’s been trying to hide ever since he announced his candidacy. Its tax season, shouldn’t the President be the one to set an example? The powers that be expects all Americans to do their civic duty, shouldn’t he finally do the right thing and release his taxes? 

We are at the point where people are in dying. This isn’t fake news or conspiracies made up on Fox and Friends. Our President is apparently making blood money off of his military actions and not enough of the talking heads in the media are talking about it. His conflicts of interests that should have been discussed and deleted before he took the oath of office are now part of the resume of the President. The fact that the Republicans in power keep over ruling the Democrats initiatives ordering Trump to release his taxes are becoming a real slap in the face of democracy and the constitution itself. The hypocrisy is huge within the right, as they use every excuse in the book to showcase how much privilege comes when you become the President of the United States, especially when your party is running all three branches of government. What’s worse according to the experts, the use of the Mother of all bombs, may actually have been nothing more than a symbolic gesture to showcase how big his Johnson really is. I say symbolic because, from all accounts the damage Trump’s minions did was pretty much a waste of taxpayers money. In regards to the first attack last week in response to Syria supposedly using Sarin gas. I write supposedly because the jury is still out who used it and what was used. Some people believe Putin ordered it’s use in the first place. Seems like everything else we have to take the word of the lying orange faced man in charge. 

Lets not skip the part that Trump supposedly warned Russia of his plans. Let me repeat that, he called up Vladimir and said a boom was coming or better yet, perhaps his Russian buddy suggested the military strike in the first place. Doesn’t the conversation between the two world leaders defeat the purpose of the big surprise Donald promised during his campaign? Didn’t he promise us that no one was supposed to know his plans before any big reveals. Well seems, the one person who he decided to side-step that policy is was his buddy in Moscow. So who knows, its possible Vladimir told Donald where to do the least damage at the airbase. Lets make it look good for Donald and bad for Vladimir, but not really. I know this is treasonous talk by yours truly, discussing our President as a traitor whose in bed with the Russian President, but why should I stop now? If our President can do it, why can’t the citizens follow his example? It took him to the White House, perhaps one day I too can take that oath of office. Except of course most people haven’t been given his gift for the lie and whatever he has that causes people to lose their freaking minds and fall on their knees and follow him till their lives implodes, while his bank account and power grows.What I am trying to get to is, when our President called their President, Donald and Vladimir spoke because of the smoke not because the sarin gas. My feelings are that they spoke for one reason only, Donald needed a deflection badly from what is now apparently his Watergate. And yes, I am implying that Trump and Putin possibly discussed a way to deflect from the mounting evidence suggesting the Russian dictator had indeed interfered with our election. The thinking being, if Trump is bombing Putin, lets disregard everything that’s coming out by the hour. Isn’t it amazing the power a little bomb throwing does to change the conversation on the airwaves. What was so disheartening about listening to the talking heads try to make what Trump did a transformational moment for him.   

Without any thought, now Trump has turned into a President. I get it, he ordered or shall I say was told his generals were gonna be doing an operation. The only thing he could have  done was say no. But he kept out of it.I guess you could call this his long awaited pivot. But sadly, with everything in regards with this presidency, one needs to step back and look at the big picture. Like when it was reported that Trump actually earned money from the missiles the military used in their thunderous attack against Syria. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Not even he could go this low, right? But sadly wasn’t surprised. Shouldn’t this make people rise up and demand to see his taxes, I mean if this doesn’t, I guess nothing will. A while back, when Trump made the executive decision to restart up the oil pipelines that President Barack Obama had finally shutdown. When the news Donald Trump owned a piece of the pipeline, didn’t seem to cause a ripple. I thought than, time to release his taxes, but still no fall out. Seemingly the man is destroying our eco system to line his pockets and the Republicans are dumb to the con. Which bring me to tax season and our President still refusing to release his taxes. Don’t you think, the fact that he hasn’t divested himself from any of his businesses that day in and day out we discover he’s still making money from them. Which includes the businesses that manufacture weaponry,if nothing else this is the definition of a conflict of interest. I mean the man is profiting off of the deaths of people. What if we discover the attacks he’s done were done for profits and not for military reasons? Isn’t that the definition of war criminal? Amazing, before Trump exits the White House, he might be convicted of every crime known to man. So Hillary was crooked, right. So far, the only taxes we’ve seen are the two pages leaked that Rachel Maddow showcased on her show. While others laughed at her for basically suckering her biggest audience ever, as simply a publicity stunt on par with Geraldo Rivera Opening Al Capone’s Vault 30 years ago I think it was significant. The fact that so many showed up to witness history, wanting to discover what on Earth Donald had been hiding from all of us to see, says the obvious. People want to know. That the two pages leaked, actually didn’t reveal anything bad might have been a disappointment for most, but it actually made me question his reasons for hiding his returns even more. Some have even speculated if Donald or one of his handlers were the ones who released the two pages. I mean if you want to damage him, why release stuff that makes him look good? But what wasn’t released was what I want to discover? Who is he working with? What companies does he own a stake in? If the man is gonna be allowed to make money off of his businesses while holding the office of the Presidency, we need to make sure when his generals fire a bomb, the reason the firing is occurring in the first place isn’t because Donald needs to pay his bills, it should only be used if the mission warrants it. And I haven’t even mentioned Russia in regards to his taxes. Why its necessary to discover how much of his businesses is interconnected with Russia or the other nations that our President might be beholden to. If not the nations, what about the companies world wide that Trump as far as we know is doing business with. I’ve heard he owes millions to more then one, what happens when they want to get paid? Perhaps that how Putin got into bed with Donald in the first place. I could keep going, what more do you need to showcase why Donald Trump releasing his tax returns is long past due? Republicans please get your heads out of your asses and wake up, and I don’t just mean the political leaders and their talking heads. It is really astonishing to go on social networks and read the excuses Donald’s sheep throw out for him. That the tax issue is the liberal media making up stuff. The deaf, dumb and blind, attack everyone who God forbid even thinks bad about their President. They throw out accusations at everyone, disregarding the crimes his taxes may reveal. What is he hiding?The Trumpeters want us to believe the tax issue is the fake news, just as the Russian invasion is really only the whines of the Hillary Clinton followers who can’t handle her defeat. It’s like Groundhog Day for the sheep, it sadly reminds me of the lie about WMD’s, or Barack Obama’s birthplace, or the hundreds of lies about Hillary Clinton.  

How maddening it must be for the Trumpeters and more importantly to the followers of Hillary Clinton, that everything she said about Donald Trump and his cronies is turning out to be true. That those truths are beginning to turn into a blaze which is threatening to combust Trump’s Presidency for good. Right now the only thing seemingly stopping the inevitable from coming to light are the Republicans. Who continuously try to circumvent any attempts to prove if our President is a Putin mole in a war with Russia we didn’t even know we were fighting,  or if not him, how many of his inner circle are the ones who eventually will be charged with treason. Well tomorrow, on Saturday, April 15, 2017, is gonna be something. What is being billed as the Tax March is taking place, and millions of Americans are expected to come out all over this great nation and make a statement. Seems the media is expecting this protest to be as big if not bigger than The Women’s March which occurred on Saturday, January 21, 2017. I guess we’ll see if the fool on the hill responds with a release, or will he double down and throw out some Executive Action which gives $1 of every American’s taxes to his family’s lifestyle. I mean someone has to pay for Trumps weekends right? 

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, April 14, 2017 

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