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As we close in on the end of his first hundred days, our 45th President wants to put a cheery on top by possibly shutting down our government!

WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE PEOPLE TO JUST SAY NO MORE? If its not the lies, or the possible Russian entanglements, or his conflicts of interests, or his never ending tax audit, tell me what will it take? Perhaps when he nukes someone on a whim or blows up the wrong nation after a testy twitter spat? Please tell me, what will it take for his enablers to start turning their backs towards Donald when he enters a room? What will it take for them to say that’s it, no more? I’ve given up on the sheep out there who still believe Hillary is the enemy of the state even after all we’ve witnessed over the course of the recent events. Even as her warnings of Trumps lies and the Russian involvement become more real each passing day. They simply refuse to believe they were fooled by his lies about her and that their hatred of her stems from the very lies they refuse to wake up from. Until they snap out of their brainwashing, nothing or no one is believed even when the proof is thrown into their faces. They simply don’t want to believe their savior isn’t a true prophet and just like other followers whose Gods turned out to be false, they all seem willing to go down in flames for him. Listening to them stretch their lies into an art form as they try to make their brainwashed beliefs into the truth and the truth simply a liberal lie. Well I’m done with it, I’m done with all of it. Its bad enough when the citizens are deaf, dumb and blind to it, but its simply infuriating when its also our political leaders who are living in their own hemisphere as the insanity just below the surface is continuously seemingly near its breaking point. I’m at the point to believe, that if the Russian revelations are proven correct, and if there is a smoking gun buried somewhere deep in all of their activities, the political sellouts would still lie their asses off to keep the man in power. Screw his treasonous activities as long as they get most of what they want. Just wondering, if the rest of us who haven’t been blinded by the carnival barker rise up and make the Woman’s March on Washington seem like a Sunday stroll on Fifth Avenue, will the powers that be crumble under the weight of their very lies as they try to save their own skins? If the first one hundred days proves one thing, these political leaders don’t care what the fool does, as we’ve learned all too often, these Republicans currently playing games with all of our lives have no heart or soul, and most deserve a swift kick off of Trump Tower, hopefully streamed online live for all the world to cheer. So the wannabe King, the delusional pseudo President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, says in one breath that his first hundred days are the most successful ever of any President, and in the next argues who came up with such a ridiculous yard stick in the first place, as he realizes his accomplishments mostly have turned out negative. The self proclaimed savior spent months pitching his business genius. That once in, the world would feel whiplash as his superior Trump genes took our nation to financial glory. Donald  we were being led to believe, by share will alone, would be making America great  again. Just wondering when that windfall will effect anyone not named Trump, or like other political leaders who sucker millions into their scams, will our nation be left bankrupt, our citizens starving in the street, our nation at war with others, while the leaders live like kings and laugh straight to our faces as they tell us to eat cake and try to pay for our own medical needs out of pocket. The only thing this lunatic has achieved is making our world seemingly a much darker and more unsafe place. Seriously what does our tweeter-in-chief have to show in nearly hundred days in power, a Supreme Court judge, that only got in because of Mitch changing the rules. Other than that he’s announced a bunch of Executive Actions that have either been put on hold by the judicial system or he has stripped the Executive Actions that his predecessor had signed over the course of his presidency. That said, his Executive Actions has definitely not been a positive sign, that is if you appreciate the wonders of nature and breathing.Maybe we could call his first hundred days the most consequential beginning of any previous president as opposed to most successful. I mean President Barack Obama had to deal with the nation imploding around him and get George Walker’s stimulus package signed into law. But for the share amount of insanity, I’m afraid nothing comes close to the cataclysmic craziness that has to be the Trump tenure so far. I mean how many wars has the businessman president already possibly caused by his unnecessary verbal tirades on foreign nations. It would be nice and much more reassuring when he or one of his talking heads come out and all of their stories would be in sink. One of these days, Pence or Trump or Mattis, or any number of Donald’s basket of deplorables will say something that causes a nuclear spitball battle with one of the people on the other end of the assault. I’m afraid with one of these spats, none of us will be the winner in the end, as our world will be changed for the worse in one way or the other. I mean for Gods sake they misplaced an aircraft carrier, lied about an armada, and than tried rather badly to cover up the mistakes. Its gonna be hysterical listening to the Republicans, eventually when the next Democrat comes into office, as they complain about all manner of things and this time I hope the Democrats ignore the noise in the room and treat the Republicans with the respect they deserve which is none. Simply put Trumpeters, don’t even start.Lets call Donald’s learning curve what it is, a stunning picture of how not to run a nation. If there was any question the Trumpeters had any expectation of actually winning the election,  as opposed to just trying to weaken Hillary Clinton’s presidency, I think they’ve answered it. Otherwise one might think they would have realized winning the election was the easy part. Governing the most powerful nation on Earth takes work, and as our clueless new President and his Trumpeters has discovered can be a little complicated to run. The fool thought he could snap his fingers and Healthcare would’ve been accomplished. He actually figured I guess that like in his other life as an independent businessman he could just wish it so and things would just fall in place. Those pesky people in Congress will just fall in line. Funny ain’t it, the man who crowed he could do anything, who refuses to release his tax forms so the truth behind his fortune and his connections could explain so much, failed in his first major attempt at anything accomplished. How does a man get so far, and failure so much and still achieve what he’s achieved? I mean was his success all a house of cards and does the man have nothing but his song and dance? Its been such a short time since the man took the oath of office, but why does it feel like President Barack Obama left years ago? Talk about a seismic shift in our landscape. The nation and the world Donald spoke about during his Republican National Convention acceptance speech, that he argued our nation had become during the Obama and Clinton years has now in fact become our reality. The positive glow that our nation seemed to exude went away as the poll numbers on Election night revealed what the Gods had decreed. Seems conspiracy and lies had won the day. I had a similar feeling the day Vice President Al Gore decided to end the election and hand the world over to the person who used to be the worst president in our lifetime. That is until Hillary Clinton’s presidency was stolen by the Gods, the Russians, and whomever was dumb enough to fall for his lies.Listening to talking heads like Chris Matthews mention the other say, that the only thing that worried him about Hillary Clinton during the campaign was that she was a war hawk and he was nervous that she would be the one who went all Dr. Strangelove on us. When Trump ran he was more like a dove in regards to war. Donald he explained for all his faults was the opposite. All Trump said was the Iraq war was bad and that we should have never gotten in. But since we did, our biggest mistake was not keeping the oil. He even argued during one of the Republican debates that they had lied about WMD’s, which was the only time in the entire last two years that I sat back and said, maybe we actually have a political leader on our hands. Sadly the audience in that room and most of the talking heads booed him that day, and that moment of clarity in an otherwise insane landscape disappeared as quickly as whatever the next bombshell that was unleashed by WikiLeaks upon our political world hit the airwaves. As we sit back and witness wars possibly percolating on multiple fronts it makes me laugh that Donald warned all of us that if Clinton was elected President World War III was coming. That somehow the man who knew more than the generals would be the one who was the lesser of two evils. Just wondering how many people out there wish  Hillary was the one making the decisions now and all the military actions that Donald is seemingly screwing up, most of them we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in if it wasn’t for his ineptitude. Hey Chris and all those other fools out there, Trump lies about everything, why would you even consider what he said about this to be anything else but pompous bravado and made up garbage? I should rephrase some of that, besides the stuff he says off the cuff or his tweets, most of what he’s praised on or argued against are things he reads from teleprompters or written speeches in front of him that others have written. Why would you think he was telling the truth about wars too? Honestly we have no clue what the man thinks cause he changes his statements sometimes on an hourly basis. Unbelievably half the things he says, according to his handlers we aren’t supposed to listen to what he says, but hear what’s in his heart. Screw what actually said or done and the ramifications of his actions.As we close in on the beginning of his second hundred days, our 45th President wants to put a cheery on top of his first hundred days in office by possibly shutting down our government! Seems one attempt, the highlight of his entire tenure so far in my humble opinion, his massive flop of a failure in repealing and replacing Obamacare wasn’t enough for him. So the genius negotiator is gonna be using Obamacare as a wedge to get his promised wall funded. That’s right, the next attempt at leaving a defining legacy in his young presidency to prove he’s not a complete and utter failure will be to try to blackmail the democrats and Congress into funding the wall. His argument being the Republicans won the election, he promised a wall, the democrats will get their needed stop-gap fix on their losing healthcare, so its a win-win for all. Of course the discussion of popular vote totals and Mexicans paying for the wall is never brought up. So now the Democrats are going to have to make the decision either to cause a government shutdown if the president decides to pull his power grab or go along with this healthcare penance. Me thinks not one Democrat, well maybe there’s that one or two that should be kicked out of the party, will say yes to this smack in the face of Obamacare’s legacy. The most interesting part of this whole gamble is the Republicans in this equation. They have to decide if its worth a government shutdown to get the President’s touted wall funded. When they know their constituents won’t be pleased that Trumps promise that The Mexicans would be paying for it and not us the citizens was simply a campaign talking point and we’re the ones paying the bills. The Republican politicians whose jobs are on the line in the next election cycle have a lot of sleepless nights up ahead. How do they explain the money thats being used for the funding when everything else he promised them in the way of jobs and infrastructure never came to fruition. Remember this winning ticket for the Republicans, the ending of Obamacare, that helped them gain the majority in all three branches of government has finally turned a curve. The citizens have awoken to the truth that what the Republicans had been pitching for years was just that, a pitch and nothing more. That the term Obamacare actually refers to The Affordable Care Act and that what we’re get if Trump actually replaces and repeals it won’t be anything that none of us would ever want in our worst nightmares. Some out there probably want this what’s going on to happen. Anarchy thy name is The United States in the year 2017. To those who want less government your welcome. Well let them celebrate, while the rest of us worry our nation is being led into the ground by a pact of delusional nut jobs. That said, a Government shutdown right now might be the best thing that ever happened to the Trump White House. Perhaps we all need a little break in the action. Perhaps this could be a reset. Lets have a do over, pleae as long as its not more of the same. I mean these first few months have been exhausting right? I guess we’ll find out who blinks first in this mad game we are living in. The scary thing in all this, with all the uneasiness that Donald has ushered into our world, what do our new enemies or our foreign adversaries do while our governments spins in the wind as Trump plays his games? Is this when Korea unleashes its real nuclear missiles our way? What if their recent failures have all been a charade to fool us into thinking we are all safe from these crazies. Just imagine in the midst of the shutdown, our Russian invaders that have yet to be uncovered, along with the ones already suspected pull their power play and our government suddenly transforms into the Amerika that many in the old Soviet Union dreamed about. I know that sounds absurd, but looks whose running our nation these days. Just saying, we all laughed when Donald announced his candidacy, right? I wasn’t laughing than and I’m not laughing now, just pondering how much longer we’ve got before what he’s spewing rips our very world asunder.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, April 22, 2017 

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