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If there is bright side in any of this, Donald’s insanity has prevented the Republicans getting anything accomplished   

IN AN ODD WAY WE SHOULD THANK THE MAD KING, if it wasn’t for his own lunacy, right now Paul Ryan would be the happiest man in Washington, and Americans probably would be marching by the millions to protest the loss of their now treasured Obamacare and probably a lot more. On the bright side of this nightmare we are surviving through, it appears the Trumpeters vetting of their inner circle was worse than the nations voters who elected the Mad King in the first place and that lack of investigation could be the thing that actually drop these fools all on their asses. It boggles the mind when you sit back and realize that Donald, if he had come into office and actually turned out to be a normal semi-sane individual, most everything he had pitched in his campaign and promised at the Republican National Convention in theory could have already come true. But instead what we got was a man seemingly on a self-destruction course surrounded by zealots keeping the mad king living in his own delusions. As well as Donald’s protectors in the majority party who all keep trying to hold off the inevitable, the possibility that every one of these Trumpeters will eventually be escorted out of their homes and offices in handcuffs. Just wondering when the bottom drops will all the Republicans crumble along with Donald as each truth is revealed to the world? But until it does, it appears every day something new dribbles out, making the suffering our nation is enduring a little bit easier to take. The Republicans and the media’s talking heads all warned what a shit storm a Hillary Clinton White House would be because of all the threatened Congressional hearings against her and of course all those threats of impeachment that caused too many out there not to vote for her. They kept pushing the nation was tired of all of her criminality! Surely these experts are having whiplash these days as they all realize they too were fooled by the liars on the right. I don’t know about you, right about now I’m jonesing for a good Benghazi hearing. I’m fantasizing as the fools try to catch Hillary in a lie and failing once again. What cracks me up about Donald’s attacks on the judicial system, the man doesn’t know the law. He never took a class in it, shame he also didn’t take any political courses either it seems, since he could surely use a good instructor. His winging it just might get all of us killed! And talk about karma on an epic level, after what they put the former Secretary of State through, the Trumpeters deserve everything that’s been happening to them and worse. Watching their stuck up lying faces, as their words are ripped apart, as their worlds start to implode like cornered rats trying to invade a mouse trap they can’t escape, is making what they’ve been trying to do to our nation almost worth it. But I’d prefer it if the shoe was on the other foot and Hillary was the one still being attacked, because frankly she could handle it. I think those 11 hours on the stand surely proved her abilities. She wouldn’t be tweeting up a storm and her talking heads would at least be arguing about the lies about her as opposed to the truth about him. Which brings me to a certain twice fired general. As is the case with everything that is wrong in the Trump Presidency, yet another thing is being blamed on President Barack Obama and his posse. At least Hillary Clinton so far hasn’t been tainted with this one, but I’m sure she eventually will be. Anything to keep their deflections alive. Seems according to the nuttiest spokesperson ever for a sitting American President, Sean Spicer, it appears its Barack’s peoples fault that General Flynn wasn’t vetted. Unbelievably, even though Obama fired the General, the Trumpeters, supposedly never looked into his background. Guess they trusted the man they ridiculed for years as an illegal alien to have done one job right. Happily the press pool who were listening to the latest talk salad by Sean weren’t having any of it. I must say, it is amazing watching these press briefings. Not how insipid Sean is, but its actually mind blowing that he allows the reporters to openly argue with him. The back and forth is pretty unbelievable as Spicer tries his best to talk his way out of whatever bull he himself just slipped out. Melissa McCarthy perfectly captures it and because of her brilliant take down of this idiot, having to suffer through any of his appearances have now almost become something I actually look forward to. How sad is that? Having said that, my patience with his lies went out the windows the first week I had to suffer through them. Just like all of the other Trumpeters, even though I simply hate everything they stand for, and despise every single lie they utter, when ever they’re on, it’s like road kill, it always almost feels like I just can’t look away it. I’m in such disbelief that this is happening that I sometimes don’t even realize I’m watching reality. That is until something is said that makes me scream out uncontrollably curse word as I change the channel trying to calm myself down. The annoying thing in all this is, if you do change the channel, the same fools are showcased else where repeating the same talking points and lies. Well keep it up people, at least in my case you are losing a viewer.Speaking of wishing Donald had learned the law or at least sat back and watched a few episodes of Law & Order because it seems every time he decides to add another Executive Action to the pile, Donald gets slapped down again by the judicial system and as is his lot angrily tweeted up a storm to whine his case. Sir, perhaps you should learn the law before trying to change argue that you know best. Stop arguing that the lawyers are wrong, or threatening even in a tweeter rant that they don’t know what they are doing. You sir, don’t! It just amazes me that his lawyers argue his case for him, when they know his desires don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Perhaps if he had, Trump could complain that they are wrong and he is right. Right now they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, considering everything he proposes are seriously against the rules, it’s amazing the judges don’t crack jokes as they explain their reasonings against his. It has been fun watching these legal minds destroy every one of his illegal notions. His handlers who should know better, continue to appease the man, still trying to explain away what he says and what he tweets. Still arguing that we shouldn’t listen to what he says, but hear what his heart is trying to say. They seem more like lawyers for the mob then political aids as they smile and argue to the world that his desires are legally sound, fully knowing they aren’t. I guess one must do what one do when you sell your soul for prosperity and power, especially when playing with the Devil. People keep asking what Lucifer looks like, well right now in America, he appears in the guise of an orange faced man child who so wants to be king.Now about those tax cuts proposed by the Trumpeters, should I laugh, scream and curse, or simply yawn. Why bother getting angry because there is no way in Hell their proposals will ever see the light of day. I shouldn’t write no way, Trump sits in the Oval Office right? But from the little we got in details, a single page outlining their wants and desires, it appears would totally explode the deficit far beyond anything we’ve ever lived through before. They’re actually trying to make these tax cuts, they’re describing as the largest in American history, which is even bigger than the one that Ronald Reagan enacted, into a good thing, disregarding the negatives that that tax cut caused. As usual with these Republican tax schemes the rich get richer, the poor gets pocket change and the nation gets financially fleeced. We are supposed to expect a windfall of economic growth from this tax scheme, like we supposed to get with all the other ones, and all we’ve got from them is exactly all we ever get from any of these Trumpeters, talking points with no proof, just nice sounding phrases. All we’ve got to do is have faith that they know better. I swear its like we’re parishioners in a Church and must buy every parable they preach to us as if God up above was speaking to all of us directly. I mean how many of the Republican candidates, have come out and told us that ‘God spoke to them’ and we aren’t supposed to think, how nuts are they? A sinner in all regards, as far we know has somehow become the savior to millions of Americans. They believe anything he says as if written in the good book and any attack on him is looked upon as the devil was spewing some filth. Look at how they demonized Hillary Clinton, how they talked about her, excuse me, how they still talk about her. Look at how they still disbelief President Barack Obama was even American. I can not believe this is all racism, it isn’t only about the former President’s skin color, it’s something to do with who said it. Citizen Donald J. Trump was the face of the birther movement. It was his words that got people to believe the bull, and it was even more bull by him that got him into the White House. The more people argued against his lies, the more his followers believed him over them. Look at what happened when Hillary Clinton pushed Trump’s Putin ties, they laughed at her and fell even in more love with him. Even now as the truth of what she said comes true, his sheep are acting as if you are tying to crucify their Jesus and doubling down on his lies. Can you imagine if, fingers crossed, when he’s escorted out the White House in chains, how all those lovely 2nd Amendment followers will react? I’m seriously wondering, how the heck does this happen? How does a Donald J. Trump, a liar, a serial cheater, a thrice married father of multiple children who grabs women in buses by their genitals, turn into a Saint? How does a man who should be looked upon by his followers as the Devil become their latest messiah? As we seen throughout history, with a savior sadly the truth isn’t always the important thing. It’s how they make you feel inside. Somehow that belief in the latest would be Jesus is so powerful that it causes people to lose their minds. To argue against whats right in front of their eyes, unbelievably willing to even kill in some cases. We question how people turn into the religious insanity that the members of ISIS seem to be possessed by, when in our nation we have the Trumpeters to kill over Donald J. Trump. Not that anyone’s been killed so far, as far as we know. But give it time. Love him or hate him you’ve got to give him props for his ability to con people into believing anything he says, and somehow he’s gotten his Trumpeters believing everything. When King Donald tells us its true, its his word, so screw whatever anyone says. We are simply supposed to believe him, no matter how many times he’s proven wrong. No matter how many times his lies are proven laughably false. If you listen to any of Donald’s followers, if you suffer through yet another spin by the liars in Trump’s payroll the similarities between a Preachers follower and a Trump sheep is scary. To them this man is a God and his followers are his flock.Every time they bring out anything new, yet another proposal to showcase Trump’s accomplishing something, anything, there are never ever any specifics. For the Trumpeters it’s always lets worry about the details later. When later comes, their plans are always revealed to be utter nonsense that doesn’t work in the real world. Whose numbers never add up. Which always translates into being torn apart by all the experts showcasing that what they’re spewing this time as usual is totally bogus and in the long run will only hurt the situation instead of making it better. Just like the fools on the right who argue against Global Warming, throw out made up numbers and then argue against all the experts, as they spend billions trying to stem the inevitable by raising street levels and actually relocating whole communities.One of many excuses they trudge out for their lack of answers is that it will all be figured out in committee. Like their recent and fabulously dismal healthcare pitch, ‘we the people’ are just supposed to believe their lies will work. Disregarding all evidence that argues against them, in regards to anything they’ve pitched in the past showcasing this trickle down theory garbage. To add fuel to the fire, everything they’re doing is also in secret, done behind closed doors. Which is what they always accused President Barack Obama of doing, which of course what they do with everything. They argue against others, while doing the exact same thing. Like when they argue that President Barack Obama is wrong for taking $400,000 for one speech, but never discuss Donald’s $1.2 million fee. They still throw out their lies that Obamacare was done in a secret location, sprung on the public in the dead of night, and just voted in by the majority Democrats. All they do is talk amongst themselves and then come out with the polices that looks like it’s going to make their last proposal look good in comparison. Sadly every time they come out with a new proposal they actually make things worse. As in their first attempt to rid our world of healthcare, unbelievably in order to try to appease everyone their plan kept removing things, as they tried to wrangle one group of the Republicans who refused to agree with them, bargaining ways to not to make the package better. Completely ass backward, pretty much par for the course.So now they parade out Trump’s tax scheme, a single page outlining how their fantasies will save us all. Sadly their no footnotes at the bottom showcasing what Trump’s cut is in all of this. They want us to believe this piece of crap will solve the job situation, that our economy will soar, and all of our problems will be solved. That’s right, that’s it. We are betting our nations solvency on the pretense that all the extra money in the hands of the corporate head honchos will be spent on their businesses and in turn on their current and future employees. Perhaps if the tax cuts were given conditions that yes the funds would be used for the businesses and employees, and not simply to line their pocket books, then it might be more acceptable. But having the federal government tell its citizens how to spend its money, that they won’t agree it. Isn’t that the big taboo against Obamacare, beside who signed it into law, the government telling its citizens what to do. Of course the elephant in the room, and no I’m not discussing the latest photo of our President’s ever exploding waistline, as he swings his golf club on his weekly paid vacation, but yes, I am talking about his finances. Yes thats me again bringing up his taxes, sadly the man is making me sound like a broken record, but the obvious problem in all of this is Trump or shall we say his handlers who are suggesting tax cuts, when we have no clue what these tax cuts means for him financially. One of the suggestions if enacted has already been reported would have given Donald Trump a $30 million tax break in 2005! Thats the one year we know anything about thanks to the two pages Rachel Maddow showcased on her show a few weeks back. The man is earning untold millions as President outside of his salary as the Liar-in-Chief. Which I thought he wasn’t supposed to be doing and until he took the oath was under the impression that it was in fact against the law to do so. Astonishing I’ve discovered, and I don’t seem to be the only, for the most part the person who sits in the Oval office can pretty much do anything they want. Which makes all the cries about Hillary Clinton during the campaign, that much more unnerving now. Seems the only thing keeping our President from fleecing the nation is precedent. Well Donald is certainly setting his own and seemingly according to his followers can continue to do so as long he’s the Commander in Chief. He announced he would be putting his businesses in a blind trust, but as we discovered its not so blind and no, we can not trust him. With no answers from anyone about how these decisions effect Trump’s finances we as a nation are just supposed to go along with this charade. Much like the owners of sports franchises who blackmail their home cities or states into paying for the arenas and venues the teams demand or they will go else where, these corporate tax breaks really only help the owners while stripping away the funds taxpayers have been paying in. Somehow this is a good thing, as our cities have less and less money to spend on their necessities, as the owners stuff their pockets. At the same time, the Trumpeters pitch jobs in America, the workers they employ aren’t even on our shores, but overseas and drastically underpaid. The make America great pitch doesn’t seem to help workers in America, his pipelines that Donald approved are actually using steel from over seas! Such a hypocrite our 45th President is. According to Robert Reich Trump’s big tax scam would reduce federal revenue by $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years, and we’ll just supposed to believe that this would be covered by the growth in our economy. The first Bush President called this voodoo economics, well this one is makes Reagan’s seem tame by comparison. Plus what about that infrastructure money, from where? What about all those wars we seem to be headed towards, where are the funds for that coming from? And remember he still wants the wall and we still have to pay for Obamacare!It appears the closer we got to the 100 day target, the more Donald Trump is blown away at how difficult and how much work it takes into being the President of the United States. Maybe on a bright note he now might realize Jared Kushner shouldn’t be in charge of everything in our nation. Maybe Trump will finally realize that yes, he has to bring other people in who actually know what they’re doing and not just his son-in-law. It’s mind blowing that this imbecile actually thought being president was easy. Maybe now he’ll realize why Hillary Clinton should now be the one in the hot seat and not him. Just wondering if or when the fool will wake up and call former President Barack Obama and apologize for being such an ingrate. Sadly that acknowledgement probably would just be a temporary, fleeting change of behavior, and his inner demons would retake him. As we’ve learned all to often the times that Donald behaves like a human being are way too infrequent, usually scripted, and always with an agenda attached to it. As people argue about Trump, his family and what part the government they should  or should not allowed to be touch, what’s missing in all if this is whats going into their pockets. As people make jokes about Ivanka speaking on the world stage, the money that she’s making for her father appears not to be a subject that any of the Republicans have a problem with much let touch. Like Donald’s weekly jaunts to Florida and all those days on the links, somehow his in your face screw you to the people is argued by the Republicans as the same thing President Barack Obama did, no difference there. Its bad enough that his treasonous activities don’t seem to be a problem with any if these patriots, but the money that he and his family and his businesses are making that isn’t seemingly any of our businesses to me is staggering criminal. I guess we should compliment the big fellow, seems as he’s reached that big 100 finally he actually did one thing good, the government didn’t shut down on his big day, because the President signed something into law. I guess I was wrong, he actually can do something good. Well there’s always tomorrow to make up for it, right?

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, April 29, 2017

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