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Wondering if Trump’s Syrian decision turns his Presidency into the quagmire George Walker’s became because of Iraq

TALK ABOUT A ONE-TWO PUNCH IN THE GUT. First Mitch pulls the switch and than Donald blows up a few Syrians. I guess we should start with the nuclear option, luckily I’m talking about Mitch, less casualties to discuss. That is if you don’t count democracy, and just discuss poisoning people to death. So lets thank Mitch for being Mitch, cause maybe in two years if this after everything else finally is the thing that pushes people to vote these nightmares out, that means the Democrats will get the majority again, and boy will Mitch and his pals then be sorry. That is if any of us are still alive. Of course what gets me is Mitch has been power for way too many years. He was there before President Barack Obama was sworn in and he’s still there. He was the one who made it his mission to make our 44th President a one term Commander in Chief and he was there when he took away his ability to decide on a Supreme Court Judge. Have to say it is definitely time to start term limits for congressional and senate seats. Look what it begot, the nuclear option.Shame my hopes that whomever out there is pulling the strings, somehow caused Neil Gorsuch to lose the vote didn’t occur.  Sadly the way things are going Donald J. Trump’s pick to be the newest member of the Supreme Court came to be. The fact that he was revealed to be a plagiarizer during the run up to the vote didn’t matter to the Republicans in the least. I guess nothing was gonna squash Mitch’s dreams this week. They just wanted a victory, finally, I mean you can’t blame them, or can you? After their election trifecta I presumed they expected this governing thing was gonna be easy. Anything they wanted they expected to get. Screw how it looks or who it hurts. Happily that plan so far hasn’t totally occurred, but sadly too much has. At least with the help of the citizens of this nation showing their anger loud enough to scare some sense into some of those on the right, not everything was has been so far. As for our leaders on the left, except for a few stand outs, the most they’ve been able to do bitch a lot and try to be the parent in the room. 

Our citizens have allowed these Republicans to gradually takeover all three branches of government, and now scarily they can do pretty much anything they want. My question to all of them has to be, have you been paying any attention to what your elected officials have been doing? If you have and you voted them in or worse, back in, then the problem’s with America is much worse then any of us imagine. Sadly it seems the voters don’t remember the last time the Republicans ran everything,maybe if we survive, me thinks this time the horror might stick in their subconsciousness, one has to hope. Its extremely sad realizing who currently is running our nation, cause if you listen to the way some talk, too many of them come out with statements on a daily basis simply stun with their ignorance, bigotry, racism and down right hatred of women’s, sorry, have to switch this, all rights to everyone except the lucky few. Ah, the good old days. Now Mitch McConnell, possibly the worst hypocrite of the Republican bunch, decides to take a sledge hammer to the Supreme Court and of course all of his fellow soulless pals go along with it. It appears being a pricks pays off in the end. McConnell going nuclear, by removing the filibuster for choosing Supreme Court judges, which some are calling the worst decision by any political leader ever is a real smack to democracy. It destroys any chance of debate, giving whomever is in power the ability to vote pretty much anyone in they want. Now because of what Mitch just pulled, we pretty much have to pray that none of the elderly aged Democrats on the court decide to retire or worse pass away any time soon or before King Joffrey is succeeded by the next Democratic President. Because if the next Supreme Court Judge whose elected in is Republican and replaced a Democrat, kiss abortion good bye, and probably a whole lot more.  What got me in all of this was they’re now blaming the Democrats for the Republicans pulling the trigger on the change in the rules. Always blaming the ones who are the victims. According to the talking heads, they should have waited for the next judge to pull the filibuster, as if the next time Mitch wouldn’t have done the same thing. And next time, either way, if Trump gets to choose another one, its gonna be bad one way or the other. So them attempting to knock some sense into at least a few Republicans out in hopes they might have done the trick I think was worth the shot. At least we discovered whom this new member of the job life crew. Lets hope the man, isn’t the pompous douche bag it appears the Democrats and the fact lead me to believe he is. Of course, every time I hear one of the Trumpeters come out and say this is all the Democrats fault, because they wouldn’t get on their knees is pretty shameless. Throwing Harry Reid’s decision to do the same a few years back with lower court judges, because Republicans refused to vote any judges in. Refusing to give President Barack Obama any legacy what’s so ever. I mean who needs judges right? They spent almost a year preventing our President because of political reasons, and now they rushed one through because of how important it now was to have the proper number of judges residing in the court. Stopping any vote on President Barack Obama’s last pick, Merrick Garland, because of reasons Mitch came up with seemingly outta his ass was the final voodoo needle into Obama Presidency. What gets me is how little the Republicans are taking into account the choices made by this President, especially in light of the whole Russian entanglements embroiled throughout the Trump Presidency. Could you imagine if the show was on the other foot. No if it was, all of the attacks against Hillary and her family would be made up garbage and this Russian invasion, would have already been nipped in the bud.

So how to change the subject of Russian entanglements inside the Trump White House? Hm, let me think. I know lets throw some sarin gas into the mix. Now I’m not saying that anyone in the White House is connected to this heinous action by another deranged political leader. But the timing could be construed as something needing a congressional investigation. As usual, our President has changed his mind on things, seems the man who tweeted nonstop for years arguing not to attack Syria, now decides to at the first chance he gets to go all in. After the attack took place, the President reportedly felt ‘compelled to act’ on Syria after seeing images of dead children. I presume to could change anybody’s mind, but somehow all those thousands of refugees he’s been insulting and demeaning might have a hard time think what he was doing was nothing more than a political show. I’m just saying, is there a better way to change the subject of Russian entanglements, then a military attack? I mean if we attack a Russian pal, and then tell Vladimir Putin to stick it, shouldn’t that put an end to all the talk about any Trump and Putin deals? I’m sure we’ll gonna get a lot of that. So today they the talking heads were acting as if this was a one time thing, it was simply making a statement. People died, but lets make a statement. His killing is a bad thing, but ours, its all good. Here comes war people, sorry its coming. Somehow I’d be stunned if their real plan isn’t just to blow up the area completely and kill off the demon known as ISIS. Sorry, but not sorry to all those who get hurt in the cross hairs. Maybe in the process, take whatever natural resources that we’ve earned in the process, heck isn’t that what made America great a century ago, its greed? Maybe I’m delusional, but I seem  to recall Donald mentioning bringing back the draft, if it was necessary. So all those mother and fathers with children of the right age you might want to rethink that vote of yours, cause your kids might be the next ones on that plane to war. What better way to make the people forget all about King Joffrey’s faults. Get those poll numbers jumping higher, right? Remember 9-11, even George Walker Bush appeared Presidential for a while. That is till reality struck and it was way to obvious that the fool was just too much in over his head as our nation imploded right in front of our eyes. Sound familiar? As if drinking the same kool-aid, several of the talking heads came out after Trump made the decision to attack, by saying that his military action had officially turned him into a real President. I guess now that he has blood upon his hands, we should all swear allegiance. I guess we’ll learn soon, what else has been unleashed by the latest very unexpected and most unwanted development of yesterday. The headline has changed on today’s morning edition, instead of something on the big vote for the judge on Friday, its all gonna war! See, Donald J. Trump pulled another perfect deflection. Now stepping back and just discussing the situation with Syria, disregarding who our President is, but what Syria’s President just did, honestly I’m torn. After what Bashar al-Assad just pulled with gassing his own citizens I guess he left us no choice. Seems President Barack Obama’s plan didn’t take or somebody was lying, as the removed Sarin gas somehow was back on hand and seemingly used on his own people. I guess that needs investigating, I mean when did the Syrian’s require it? Who helped them get it? Maybe they were hiding it somewhere, but where? What about the experts? How did they blow this, if they blew this. Sadly with everything else happening, one must ask was Russia the one pushing the button in the decision to use the vile chemical weapon, cause that has been rumored to have happened in the past. On that regard, the Russian President called the U.S. Strike in Syria a flagrant violation of international law. Acting like King Joffrey is the baddie in this real game of chicken that our President's crack team of military experts have come up with. So it seems we might be having a lovers quarrel, it'll be interesting if we finally get some harsh words by Donald against his former best bud or will that part of his game still be off limits.

As with George Walker Bush seemingly turning into a President over night when he was faced with 9-11 and all those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction, maybe Donald will awaken from ineptitude and transform into the military genius he kept bragging to us he was on the stomp. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants if the man did know more than all the generals? Guess we’ll gonna find out shortly, right? All I can say is lets hope whatever the mission his henchmen have conceived eventually doesn’t turn into another Iraq, another never-ending war. We can only hope now that maybe the business magnate did surround himself with the right people, or as they say, we are in ups Schitt’s Creek without a paddle. Seriously I’m just hoping this time the action he’s taken turns our flawed leader into the President we so desperately need right about now. Since he is our President and it appears we are stuck with him, we had better hope whatever he’s planning now isn’t one all of us will live to regret.So is this gonna be Trump’s Waterloo, or will it be his Bin Laden success? Will his sudden blood lust make him the King of the World or reveal him to be the charlatan that so far he’s only proven to be. How will this use of power effect his demeanor? Will it awaken whatever humanity is supposedly inside our 45th President, or will it turn him even more into the dictator that he seemed destined to become. Well, I’m hoping we live through another All the President’s Men and not another Amerika, what about you?

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