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This in a week when Hillary Clinton comes out and proves once again why she should be in power, and James Comey proves once and for all that he should be in a prison cell! 

CONGRATULATIONS, TRUMPETERS AND REPUBLICANS, and the people who voted for Donald Trump, and Paul Ryan and his minions, and everyone who rather give a tax break to millionaires at the expense of hurting millions upon millions of people. Kudos for finally getting something accomplished Mr. President, but what have you really accomplished but hurting Americans. You promised many things on the stomp Mr. Trump and it’s turning out that every one of your promises were a bold faced lie!How sad, it seems Mitch McConnell finally got his wish, at least they actually put forth for health care legislation in the House of Representatives. People thats a first. Sadly, this bill should rot on the vine. 

For eight years President Obama suggested repeatedly to the Republicans who hated Obamacare to come up with a better plan, or a way to fix the legislation so everyone would be happy. He practically pleaded with the Republicans, but instead of coming up with one, all we got were years of attempts to kill the law, without offering any of their own but talking points. All the while doing everything in their legislative power to weaken it from the cities, to the states to the federal government. Depending on which side speaks about it, its either in a death spiral or working as well as it possibly could be, especially with the party whose now in power whose been trying to kill it since even before it was enacted. One of the main reasons why the Republicans fought so hard against Obamacare is the man whose name its associated with. This hatred that these Republicans and the Trumpeters have for our nation’s first African-American president, the jealousy they had that a Democrat had been the one to actually get a health care law accomplished when they never couldn’t, was more important than hurting people. With Republicans, it’s never about the people, it’s about themselves and of course whomever they are beholden of.

Sadly this is nothing new, but they’ve never been able to do this on such a grand scale before. This deep seated anger towards President Barack Obama which is the only reason why I think these Republicans wanted to get rid of Obamacare in the first place. That is of course aided a lot by the elephant in the room… racism! They needed to be the ones who got praised for coming up with saving the world not the Democrats, not a black man. I’m sorry,  a man of color, an African-American and worse a person whose biracial, such a sin, was the one that fixed the healthcare system, not on their watch. But what else could it have been with these Republicans? They’ve done every single thing in their power to ruin what president Barack Obama signed into law. I must admit, their strategy was quite good, keep trying to make it worse, then come out and complain about it falling apart and make people believe your lies. Oh my God!, its imploding on itself, but don’t look behind the curtain to discover its we ourselves who are behind what’s wrong with Obamacare itself. I’m sorry, its been seven years, they could have helped fix the problems, instead of just trying to kill the law. So instead of the Democrats continuously fixing whatever issues that have turned up as the legislation is  being enacted, for the most part they’ve had to try to hold off the Republicans attempts to kill the bill. So what’s wrong with Obamacare is now on them.  Well now they’ve got the power, and as promised they have started repealing and replacing The Affordable Health Care Act, at least they’ve actually gotten stage one started. Sadly, as is their lot, they’ve done it in such a way you wonder if we live in a Democracy or a Russian Dictatorship.   

They created of Bill that takes everything good out of Obamacare and actually makes the rest of it worse. Every medical Association, all the leading experts on healthcare, all the money crunchers have said this is a bad bill, but nothing swayed their mission to kill the Obamacare. What’s worse this bill really isn’t a health care bill, it’s really a huge tax break for the wealthy and a dagger into the hearts of anyone with one. Listening to Nancy Pelosi plead her case against Trumpcare today on the House floor was inspiring, as she exposed the lies in the Trumpeters plan. Showcasing why this draconian legislation is really just a big tax break for rich folk, and then I watched as Paul Ryan gleefully lied his face off about how great this program was going to be, talk about the contrast. Well Mr. Ryan when your plan is revealed for all the world to see, as citizens discover how you and your friends fleeced on nation, you better watch out, because citizens ain’t going to be happy! Me thinks you better firm up your security. Simply put, if this scheme gets enacted as currently written thanks to Paul Ryan, Donald Trump’s biggest con ever, besides winning the Presidency, will cost Americans millions of dollars, give a tax break to the wealthiest people in America, including our President, gutted peoples healthcare and probably put a death sentence on more people than Adolf Hitler did in his prime. Yes, I used the Nazi comparison. I mean Adolf only killed 6 million people, I wonder how many more American will die because of this evil legislation, I’m thinking possibly a whole lot more. Whats worse, did you see there faces when the won the vote today, ghouls! They did it smiling as their actions would in fact hurt millions of human beings. When did this monsters lose their souls? I can’t wait to see the people in the street rioting when they realize what the Republicans have just pulled off. Wait till the people see what they had, what they lost, and the shit the Republicans allowed them to keep. If we thought the people were angry at the last town hall meetings, my friends, this is gonna get scary.

Please tell me, how can a party be so stupid? I don’t know if they planned this in advance but can we say what was the Republican party thinking, having this vote right before having an 11 day congressional break? But lets make the matters worse. Before an announced visit to the White House to celebrate they won finally, they had beers brought to the House to toast their victory, classy huh? Millions cut off of heath care and they are celebrating, than, the Republicans headed to the White House in a bus to congratulate their leader’s tremendous victory. Excuse me let me repeat that, they headed to the White House in a bus. A bus! I guess they don’t remember ‘the Billy Bush bus incident’ with the president? Hint, something about grabbing a woman’s genitals was discussed, and now all the victorious Republican congressman were riding in one to greet and meet the president and what, he’d serve them a nice piece of chocolate cake from one of Trump’s restaurants and then send the citizens the bill? Are they really just simply rubbing it in all our faces? I mean talk about desperation moves by Donald Trump, the bill hasn’t passed anything yet. It hasn’t reached the Senate floor yet, it hasn’t been scored to discover what this monstrosity will actually eventually cost. Why are you having a victory dance when you haven’t won anything yet? Maybe Vladimir Putin discussed this with him on the phone the other day in their top secret phone conversation.  I mean I know, it’s very confusing Donald, I realize how you need a victory. Anything to showcase that you’re not the worst screw up to ever sit in that powerful chair inside the Oval office. I also know that this is the first time they’ve actually had a chance to vote for repeal and replace and win one. But should they congratulate themselves so obnoxiously, since now they get to go home and face the wraith of all their constituents. Well if karma is a bitch, these monsters, who call themselves politicians deserve an earful they will be struck deaf by. Not that I ever believed a single thing he said, and I don’t want to sound bitter about this, but this legislation does exactly the opposite of what king Joffrey promised on the stomp. Its not a better cheaper alternative to Obamacare, its a death bill to millions. Remember ‘Death Panels’? Well seems as usual with these liars, their plan is the one that actually decides who lives and who dies! Why must the Republicans always wind up doing the things they argue others have been doing? Maddeningly as the legislation was being voted in all we got from the Republicans lying that the new plan would cover preexisting conditions knowing full well it didn’t. As usual, with these liars, what written by their own hands, isn’t what they preach to us as they lie straight to our faces. Today Chris Hayes was talking to one of the Republicans Congressman, who kept arguing what the bill did wasn’t what the bill did and no matter how many ways Chris tried to get the fool to admit it he wouldn’t. Also maddening, was according to the talking heads this bill is approximately only 200 or so pages long, so in theory one would think all of them would read it before voting for it, but it was reported that they hadn’t had the time. One congressmen actually said that his assistants read it, maddening. Then they argue whats in it, when they haven’t a clue. All they have are Paul Ryan’s talking points and the demands of King Joffrey. I swear they all sound like Trump now, they all try to come off as experts on things, like Donald wth his grasp of the legal profession. Just because you want it so, doesn’t make it legal. It explains Trumps many confrontations with the law and his many settlements.

He promised that he wasn’t going to cut Medicare, he is! He wasn’t going to get rid of pre-existing conditions he is! I would say he’s lying about that, but honestly me thinks he himself hasn’t read the bill himself. No matter what they say and they’re saying it loudly, they’re taking away healthcare from millions of American citizens! Also maddening, one of the reason they passed it off to the Senate as is, is because they know the Senate will fix the problems with it. They just needed to get it to the next phase otherwise they would be stuck with Obamacare forever, and we couldn’t have that could we. So they passed a version of a health care plan and the Senate has to make it work. Luckily for us, the Republicans in the Senate seem to at least on the surface live in our world, but I say that hesitantly. As we’ve learned in the past even when they say they’re against something before a vote sadly when its time to cast theirs, they vote their party way. Guess we’ll see soon enough won’t we.Before todays vote occurred I was all set to write about Hillary Clinton’s and James Comey’s return to the spotlight, but as usual Donald Trump figured out a way to get the talking heads and your’s truly to have to stop what we’re doing and deal with the man’s foul stench instead. That said, excluding the House's big vote today Hillary and James coming out party’s were pretty big news events.

Hillary Clinton again showcased why the ‘winner’ in the most recent Presidential race shouldn’t have been Donald Trump. And James Comey, proved once and for all, what a treasonous fool he is. James Comey’s felt nauseous, the poor baby, about his Hillary decision, well sir, our nation’s been sick to our stomach ever since you decided to ruin her big victory celebration. But before I talk about that I have to mention one other thing. In an interview on ‘Face the Nation’, with CBS News reporter John Dickerson, the delusional mad king, put his foot into his mouth by doubling down on his wiretapping charges about the previous tenant of the Oval Office, “You saw what happened with surveillance,” yup, not something his handlers probably hoped he’s bring up… again. But as usual, with the not ready for prime time President, this statement came completely out of left field. Donald Trump was asked to elaborate on what he’s learned from former President Barack Obama, and after a nice opening response, the orange faced wannabe tyrant decided to bring back his baseless accusation. Instead of letting it go, John Dickerson kept asking him what he meant by his statement. But the man who was caught in his own lie again, as usual reverted to being a child. Trump told the reporter the interview was over, moped back to his high chair and was left looking like the loser that he seems to be. Seeing him sitting there as the camera still rolled was a striking image. I’ve never seen a less happy President in my life. Not Nixon, not George Walker, not even Bill Clinton during the impeachment hearings. I mean it was a little odd on Inauguration Day to see him acting scared, but I took that as shock. I bet the now President wasn’t expecting to actually win this gamble, and ever since election day he’s showcased his unpreparedness for the job proving my impression correct. Thats why he needed to have the frat party today on Capital Hill. He needed it, like a drug user needed a fix. The great negotiator needed a victory, more than million needed health care.

It is pretty amazing or is that sad, or better yet scary that whenever Donald discusses anything he sounds like an 10-year-old kid who skipped the class, and is now winging his answer. Am I wrong? I mention this because when I was in college I took a course on Latin American fiction, just because I needed the credits and the material sounded like it could be fun. Well within minutes of my first class with Linda Huntington, I was hooked. In fact her teaching was so great, that I took it for three years, thats six different courses, even when I didn’t need the credits. But it wasn’t till my last paper with her that I ever received anything higher than a ‘B’. You see the last paper occurred right before we graduated. I hadn’t slept it felt like in weeks, and I really didn’t need the credits or the grade, so for once I skipped reading the material. I sat in the class and learned everything I needed listening to my instructor and the discussion in the class. I went home, wrote my paper, handed it in and was shocked to discover a week later that she had given me an ‘A+’ on my paper. The grade stunned me, considering I hadn’t read the book, and I had basically winged it, so what gives? Well as was her lot, she also wrote a brief paragraph or two describing her reasoning for her grade. I’m paraphrasing, but what she wrote was, ‘You finally learned how to B.S., it took you long enough. Congratulations!’ Sadly, not sure where the historic document is, but receiving it is something I will never forget. Seems I had learned something from my teacher even when I skipped doing the assignment, I had discovered how to B.S., in other words I had learned how to lie and make shit up. Sadly it appears Donald never learned that lesson because when he’s BS’ing what he utters and tweets would never be worthy of even a ‘D-’ in middle school. Ironically, if you think about it, our president has to learn how to lie better, how insane is that, considering all he ever does is lie. You just can’t make shit up, excuse me, make gibberish up and expect everyone to believe every thing you say, even when you’re the President. But Donald keep trying maybe one day you’ll fool us all or at least learn how to lie better.  

Before Trump sent John Dickerson away he continued his nonsense by adding, “I think our side’s been proven very strongly and everybody’s talking about it and frankly, it should be discussed.” What the heck does that mean Mr. Trump? What kind of word salad were you trying to say? Actually my question is do you have any clue what you were trying to say? I guess he does think we are all as imbecilic as he is. I’m at the point now, where I think he doesn’t read anything anymore, but his handlers sit him down and describe things till he grasps his interpretation of things and then wings it. I’m pretty sure our President hasn’t actually read the Paul Ryan plan or the fixes in it that got those on the right to originally say no. The worst part is when he comes out with stuff like his ‘wiretapping’ allegation, no matter how asinine it is, he will never take it back. Instead he will react like he did on ‘Face the nation’. 

One would think that would be enough to discuss, but I’ve got one more thing to throw into the mix. Before the House’s big vote today, the only thing good that Trump could actually crow actually occurred. The Congress had actually approved a budget.  Not an easy thing, as President Barack Obama discovered throughout his tenure. Remember that little thing called the Government shutdown that the Republicans forced trying to kill off Obamacare? Remember the Republican were eventually the loser in their gambit and surely showcased what monsters they were then. The people who always whined about budgets, really blew a hole in the budget by being big babies. One would think they would have learned than, but as we all have learned, schooling ain’t big with these murderers. Yup I called them murders, I’m already seeing blood on their hands. That said, everyone won this time in their negotiations, accept the President ironically. Because what he really wanted was funding for the wall, and the Democrats were not gonna be budging on it. So instead of Trump actually coming out and announcing something good, that the powers that be in Congress had come up with a plan to keep the nation going till September, by agreeing to a budget package. Donald decided to ruffle a few feathers, by warning the world of a “good” government shutdown, if in September he doesn’t get the funding for the wall he so desires. Of course it was simply one of Donald’s tweets, so maybe we shouldn’t worry about this threat, considering he got the Health care vote he wanted today. Victory was his for once, perhaps that warning can now be just relegated to the trash heap. Maybe this tweet was simply his way to shut all of us up about his conversation with John Dickerson. Or simply his trying to change the subject after his historic stupidity when it comes to why the Civil War happened in the first place. Either way, this time his deflection was to warn everyone, that he wasn’t happy. What’s insane about this latest tirade on twitter was this happened a day after he crowed about what a great budget package the congress had come up with. So instead of pushing that, Donald warned that a Government shutdown would maybe be a ‘good’ thing. Unbelievable, a sitting President, using the bully tweetfest as a way to make people nervous. Donald also might have tweeted that warning because former Secretary of State and should be President, Hillary Clinton was gonna be speaking and he wanted something to knock her off the front pages and the airwaves. Sadly her showcasing why I wish we could have a re-do with the vote, has now gonna be replaced with Trump’s shocking Congressional victory. 

So Hillary came out and again showcased how brilliant she is. Sadly afterwards much of the conversation by the talking heads, was how Hillary still hadn’t gotten over her loss. Which of note she only discussed because she was asked about it. Obviously she was hurt by it, who wouldn’t be, but the little she said about her so-called defeat seemed logical, and probable. There also might have been another reason for his tweet. James Comey was scheduled to answer questions once more in Congress, and I presume Putin’s puppet was nervous something might slip out that could end his Presidency. Sadly that did not happen, but Comey proved once more to be in the pocket of the Trumpeters. Every thing he said sounded rehearsed, and whats worse, nothing he said explained why he had hid the Trump campaigns collusion with Russia and why he insisted he had to tell the world about Hillary’s issues. James Comey claimed he might have gotten nauseous because he was destroying the campaign of what should have been the first woman President of these United States. Well sir, I hope that nauseousness of yours turns into a full blown life threatening stomach churning sickness and your healthcare doesn’t cover whatever you’ve contacted. 

Lastly, good for CNN for saying no to airing Trump’s publicity commercial. Unbelievably the man has already announced he’s running for re-election which means he can collect donations to his campaign. Well his campaign has issued its first campaign commercial and talk about a crock of shit. The most hysterical part was that the fools who put the video together actually insult real news with Trump’s “Fake News” tag line. I’m sorry sir you call CNN and the liberal media fake news and then you want to promote the bull shit of what you accomplished in your first hundred days on their stations, no thank you! Simply could you get more obnoxious? Well its only 100 days or so in, I’m pretty sure his obnoxiousness is only gonna get worse and worse till somehow we survive the shit storm known as Donald J. Trump.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, May 4, 2017 

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