Wednesday, March 07, 2012


So Super Tuesday wasn't so super for Mitt, Rick, Newt, and especially for Ron. As none of the above took real control of the race. Mitt still is in the drivers seat. Rick actually is doing rather quite well, but probably can't pass Mitt's lead. Newt finally had his big win, he has no chance in Hell, but is now only in it (supposedly) to ruin Mitt's chances. Ron, dear Ron I'm sorry but it's time to put up the gloves. There is no way that you you can win, so please give up. I mean I think I figured your plan to get the nomination, but it's so in the realm of fantasy it's next to impossible to even imagine. Let's see, you limp along, acquiring a delegate here a delegate there while the three stooges to your right (pun intended) make fools of themselves all the way up to a convention fight. And there at the big party, you'd meander your way to the nomination. Sorry Ron, even if it goes to the convention you won't be the pick. Me thinks we have a Bush sitting around waiting for the chance to beat his brother's replacement. Or perhaps a little known Governor from New Jersey. 
So Super Tuesday has come and gone and still no nominee. And the biggest news of the day was the apparent divorce between Super Bowl MVP QB Peyton Manning and The Indianapolis Colts. Sending shock waves throughout the world of the NFL, and thru the fantasies of the fans of the - New York Jets or any of the other teams out there willing to spend millions on the chance that the returning quarterback will be pain free and his old self. I mean we are talking millions.
How sad, and how logical. Another fantasy to think about, instead of the truth of the hand that the republicans have been dealt this election cycle. So of course, Peyton Manning leaving The Colts would make the most noise. I mean isn't football more important then the real world.
According all the sports cable TV stations, Peyton Manning will be available to QB any team who has the money to pay him. That includes the New York Jets. The question being is Peyton ready and healthy enough to play full time, at his old level. And is he a good fit with The Jets. Remember 
The Jets already have one. There you have it. Me thinks more people are gonna be interested in the outcome of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes then the eventual Republican candidate. 

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