Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How great are former Presidents' Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, they are so great that ... instead of easing up and enjoying a well deserved retirement, they seemingly zigzag across the globe doing anything they can to help. While we could argue for days and days on their victories in office, we can't really debate each's accomplishments since leaving the White House. Both showcasing how wise the American people can be when deciding who should lead our nation. And you would think that after a lifetime of public service that they would be tired of the political games. But perhaps the facts that they've continued to serve the public good showcases why they wanted to be President in the first place.
My one question in this is, where are the Republicans in this picture. Where are the Bush's both father and son, why haven't they done anything of any service. I can't really complain about the elder Bush, Senior. I mean in his case, he's getting up there in years. But Junior, what's your excuse. Perhaps he's still in hiding about his major screw-up-- s.
They say it's not the greatness in the man that makes them great, it's what you do with that greatness that makes you great... or something like that. Well both former President's showcase seemingly daily how great men can accomplish great things even without the power of the Presidency behind them..
And in an age where seemingly the only great men out there are actors, artists and entertainers it gives me hope that as a society we've been pretty good at picking our leaders. Sometimes good can come out of the political game. And sometimes our politicians deserve applause for their accomplishments and for their continued service.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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