Monday, March 05, 2012

Sorry about the delay in getting this out, but since my last entry honestly nothing out there has gotten my blood boiling or in this case my fingers typing. A week has gone by since my last entry into this blog and well, nothing really got me riled up enough to write more then a paragraph or two. Not that nothing of interest or newsworthiness hasn't happened. Another weeks worth of primaries to discuss. We got several idiotic statements by the usual culprits, but more of the same. 
The Academy handed out it's big awards and in the age of technical marvels, a silent black and white film grabbed top honors. While in my humble opinion the best film of the year, wasn't even nominated. Rise of the Planet of the Apes while a technical marvel, unlike The Artist. And it also had possibly the best performance by an actor, John Lithgow was simply amazing. And don't get me started on the cartoons... TinTin, while one of the best pictures of the year wasn't even nominated for animation's top honors. I must say that Meryl Streep's big win did make my heart sing. Can't wait to see what she's got next for our viewing pleasure.
The revelations that Rick Santorum revealed on Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday program truly showcased his strong beliefs. When questioned about his charitable donations Santorum explained, that he had to pay for his disabled child's care out of pocket. His insurance company wouldn't cover it. So instead of giving to charities he paid for medical bills. You would think this would make him stop and think about the millions who aren't so financially lucky as him. You would think that anyone who was running for President, especially one who personally has to deal with this would be more warm to insurance for all.
Discovering that Rick Santorum who wants to rid our country of Public Education, was paid, by the government to home school his own kids was to say the least interesting.
Here comes the war talk... the fact that there seems to be the inevitable ascent to war coming when we discuss Iran and its 'supposed' nuclear threat could have been a column or two; but honestly I've seen this story before. Luckily we have a President whose really in charge and has proven he's not someone you should get into a fight with.

Looks like the crazy worked. Thanks Rick for the show. There you have it. I finally figured out the theme of this chapter of the campaign; make Mitt Romney seem like the sane man in the room. Showcase the crazy in the rest, till Mitt squeaks in. And Santorum you've been great. Rick all that crazy Church and State stuff is working. It's really getting those liberal leftist Democrats riled up and angry. And please keep it coming with the 'contraception' talk, I bet that'll do wonders with the female vote. And pretty please keep up the wide-eyed crazy zealous grin on that face of yours. Each time you do it I imagine you as a kid in school, happily dissecting frogs in science class. Of course listening to the crazy Rick Santorum has been spouting, it seems he must have missed the 'biology' classes.
So just as it seems as if Mitt
's future chances of life in the White House had slipped thru his fingers, somehow 'he' clutched victory from defeat. Watch before the day is out we'll be hearing how this was the primary that Mitt really began the launch of his campaign. Finally the Romney we've waited for has arrived. 

Coming up next... Super Tuesday. Boy oh boy am I not excited about this. More B.S. predictions. More late nights listening to garbage, programmed dialogs by the talking head so-called experts.

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