Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PRESIDENT GORE 2016 - A LEADER FOR THE APPLE AGE Well lookie lookie here, me thinks (the almost President), former Vice-President Gore has just hit a home run by giving the first political speech of the 2016 Presidential campaign. And for me the timings perfect. In the age of Apple, Steve Job's revolutionary company, has helped change our world into the mobile digital age we are now just really beginning to understand.  And after reading the article by Jake Coyle, published today at HuffingtonPost, Al Gore at SXSW 2012: 'Democracy Has Been Hacked'
AUSTIN, Texas — In a wide-ranging talk about the Internet and government, Al Gore urged the techie crowd at South By Southwest to use digital tools to improve government.The former vice president sat for a conversation with Napster co-founder and Web entrepreneur Sean Parker on Monday at SXSW in a flashy tete-a-tete that drew an audience of thousands at the Austin Convention Center and more viewers via a live stream."Our democracy has been hacked," said Gore, framing Washington gridlock and the effects of special interest money in digital terms. ---
It got me thinking, having to listen to the candidates during this very long, tedious Republican campaign make speech after speech about nonsense. Spouting off made up or backward thinking ideas to the masses. Mostly insulting the masses with their stupity. How wonderful to even read about an intelligent subject discussed by someone who actually knows the facts.Talk about a revolution. Gore see's how the Internet and technology can change the world for the better. And how quickly it can happen.
They called it Arab Spring, let's call it America's Dawning. People keep waiting for something new. Something that could radically alter our future. Something everyone can understand. Perhaps Gore, the 'mocked' creator of the Internet was ahead of his time when he ran for the Presidency [the first time]. Perhaps in the age of the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter; Gore's time has come.
And the timing couldn't be better. Now that the bitterness has worn off, after losing Bush's Supreme Court aided victory, Gore has only continued to grow his story. To increase his stature in our world. And unlike past losers for the job, Gore hasn't disappeared from public view or turned into a pseudo celebrity talking head. He's continued pursuing his truth about global warming and our world's very future. And perhaps the people have finally seen the light. Especially with the mind boggling attempt to dumb down our history books.
Perhaps after President Obama's second term in office. After he has achieved many more of his goals. Correcting and continuing America's resurgence. Righting the ship, as it were. Perhaps our next President logically should be a technically inclined fellow. Especially one with a brain in his head. And his world experience for the job, would beat anybody's. And unlike the most recent inhabitants of the position, Gore
definitely would come in with the experience.
To read more of this article by Jake Coyle, check out the link below.
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