Friday, March 16, 2012

What happened Mitt, thought you inevitable. That's what I kept hearing from practically everyone. You entered this campaign as if you were the chosen one. You were born for the gig, groomed since childhood to become the most powerful person in the world.
Really? As Gore discovered a few years back, nobody is just handed the gig cause they were born for it.
You have to go out and earn it. And sometimes the man who was destined for it really isn't a good politician and/or the other guy has a few friends in the Supreme Court.
I bring up former Vice President Gore, cause like Romney, both men seem uncomfortable on the campaign stump. Both men seem more like stiff business men then political leaders who are adored and idolized as great leaders. In Gore's case I always felt that he was too stiff. Too good to be true. In Romney's case the stiffness is there, but I'm afraid the 'too good' to be true us no where in sight.
Instead all we get (especially) now is the numbers game. Just because you came in second 4 years ago, doesn't automatically make you this years inevitable champion. Look at Perry, look how much money he was able to amass for his pitiful attempt at running a Presidential campaign. People were willing to give to (we discovered on numerous occasions) a backward thinking inept politician. And remember the world is a much different place then it was the last time you ran. Back then, the world was bleak and hopeless. It was so hopeless and our country was in such a big place that the impossible seemed to happen.
That impossibility , a savior would appear out of nowhere to save us from the abyss actually occurred.
A certain President Obama came out of left field to steal the inevitable candidate of the 2008 campaign. Senator Hillary Clinton, was that years presumptive candidate, just as you were this go-around. And like Obama's surprising popularity, you've got a Santorum to worry about.
But Mitt four years ago you ran as a very different candidate. It seems all the policies you once trumpeted which got you in the position of inevitable candidate for this years run aren't the positions you promote now. So why would you expect the same results. Funny thing is its looking more and more like you could wind up in second this time too. All that money couldn't buy you a ticket for the big November dance.
And just as President Obama had to play the primary game almost all the way to the convention, before he sewed up the election; Mitt Romney looks to be in a fight for every delegate. But unlike the 2006 campaign it seems the longer this race goes, the worse Mitt's chances appear to be.
It's pretty obvious by now why Mitt has spent may of this campaign spending money on ads and doing debates, cause his on the stomp speeches have been pretty pathetic. And the few interviews that he's allowed to have taken place have not only been few and far between, but on numerous occasions rather embarrassing.
So now it appears that your campaigns seems to be teetering on falling over the cliff, me thinks you should step back and rethink your strategy. Whoever is helping you with your perpetration should get fired. I mean we all know how good you are are doing that, right?
Maybe you just aren't the right man for the job. Perhaps you can be the almost candidate, sit back and let Santorum get destroyed in the November sweepstakes. Then you can do what Gore did. Actually continue trying to find a way to help. Then perhaps try it again in 2016.
Heck it's only money.
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, March 16, 2012

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