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Happily at least for the day, it looks like America dodged a bullet, and the Trumpeters a citizens uprising or worse!

IT’S COMPLICATED!” SEEMS MITCH AGREES WITH DONALD on the headache that enacting Healthcare turns out to be. That’s right, as Mitch stood in front of cameras looking like the monstrous fool that he is, the Senate leader kept coming back to that one idea, that “It’s complicated” who knew?  Funny just a few days a go, Mitch McConnell explained that he knows Healthcare, as he proudly boasted there was no need for no stinking hearings. Remember he spent seven years working on the problem, the man proudly hasn’t spent one night not dreaming of the day he could rid our world of the dreaded mandated Healthcare. I guess in his mind, all those times he tried to repeal Obamacare finally paid off, so it’s not like the Senate needs months and months of debate since they already spent years. If that screw-up logic is correct, tell me why did the legislation announced do nothing to fix the issues that were wrong with Obamacare they kept harping about since before President Barack Obama signed it into law? Wouldn’t you think if Mitch was so invested in it, his pitch would make matters better as opposed to actually make matters worse? The sad fact is, the plan Mitch was drooling over, is simply the House’s legislation rewritten and it makes everything worse. Plus as opposed to what the Trumpeter in the White House promised for months, it really does a number on Medicaid gutting the program. If you’re rich it’s time to start celebrating. If you’re everyone else, simply drop dead and stop sponging off the government. 

So Mitch saw the plan that the Republicans passed in the house and jumped for joy. Not only was this bill a chance to destroy Obamacare, but what makes it even better, by doing so he would be able to give his benefactors a huge tax giveback. A win-win for all the Trumpeters that are springing up in the 1% club. Mitch more likely was probably in on the negotiation of the House plan from the start. He knew in advance what Paul Ryan’s monstrous legislation would do, and smiled the whole time acting like the cat who ate the canary. He saw how the constituents reacted towards the members of the House in their town halls and seemingly didn’t flinch. As usual Mitch played deaf when it comes to what the people are complaining about as he drooled at the prospect of hurting millions of Americans just for the fun of it. Once Mitch grabbed the batten handled to him from Paul Ryan, he spent the last couple of months in a room with thirteen other Republican Senators, and a few days back came out and revealed what was supposed to save our healthcare system, and the world stood still or was that erupted? 

At first without anyone reading it, the argument wasn’t about what the bill was offering, but about what was most import to Donald Trump, winning the much promised repeal and replace. Immediately the Democrats said no and argued the same arguments about why we should save Obamacare, forgetting the multiple times that pitch lost. The Republicans for the most part sided with Mitch disregarding the warning signs of what was about being unveiled. That said enough of them feigned trepidation at what the plan was gonna be, especially after what was showcased in the House with their take on Healthcare. Well the bill was revealed and it’s every bit as bad as most people expected it to be. Scarily according to the CBO, The Congressional Budget Office, this evil step child of the AHCA, The American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628) will remove 22 million Americans from healthcare coverage. I guess we should thank Mitch, his plan actually saved 1 million people from the list that would lose healthcare under the House plan. As predicted once the bill was released and read, the Democrats were all in sync, which Trump tried to use to his advantage. Blaming their obstruction as the reason the bill didn’t pass. Seems the majority in the Congress, which the Republicans now have, still isn’t enough to get what the Mad King wants, whenever he snaps his fingers.

Happily for the nation’s health, The Republicans in the Senate, just like their brethren in the House are splintering apart. The majority wants to pass the bill as is, screw the consequences to the lives it destroys. Several of the moderate Republicans have problems with the cuts in Medicaid, the loss of coverage for millions, and how this would effect their individual states. Unbelievably the Koch brothers, the voice of the Conservative wing, hate the bill cause it doesn’t go far enough, seriously how do these monsters live with themselves. So after days of non-stop propaganda from the Mitch and Donald, and even Paul coming out once in a while to sing their babies praises, Mitch came out and scrapped the intended vote before the start of the July 4th recess. It turns out that once the CBO release how pathetic this bill was, the Republicans seemingly jumped ship, and Mitch had no choice but to scrap his plans for the time being. Simply the bill would’ve not passed in its current plan. Of course we heard similar talk with the House and Paul Ryan, before they worked out deals to get it passed phase one.

So in the next few weeks, instead of witnessing what we keep hearing is the magic of the Trump machine, how he’s the master negotiator, we’ll hear excuses of why the bill didn’t work. We will hear blame attached to everyone but those concocting this nightmare legislation. Heck they were the good guys, disregard the millions we are planning on hurting, those losers don’t count. Trump’s dream of getting something enacted of consequence to get that damned Russian collusion story off the front page, sadly for him, will simply have to wait for few weeks longer. 

Even though the original plan to vote before the holiday weekend didn’t occur, for me the saving grace in all this is the July 4th recess anyway. Lucky for the Republicans, and even the innocent Democrats in this monstrosity, the vote didn’t come to pass as of today. After the shooting of GOP House Whip Steve Scalise, I am honestly fearful for some of our political leaders. My feeling is the victims of the Trumpeters and Republicans lies are about ready to make them pay for all of it. Seeing how our political leaders get treated after their constituents discovered that the majority party wanted to vote to kill them should be an interesting hello to them. Yes I wrote kill, how else can I describe what this plan is intended to do. Take 20-25 million people off and instead of paying down the debt, paying for infrastructure or something that might be at least sound acceptable. Not that anything is acceptable, I’m just trying to find anything that would make their draconian legislation palpable.

So as the news that Mitch’s plan was put on hold, whats been fun has been watching several of the more moderate Republicans come out and talk about achieving bipartisanship. The talking heads are all a buzz discussing the possibilities of finally some bipartisanship after so many years of obstruction. Sounds good right? Especially after our President and the rest of the Trumpeters lied their asses off that none of the Democrat would come to the table if they were even asked. Its funny, all President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any of the Democrats have said ever since Obamacare was passed was the healthcare wasn’t perfect. That they were willing to discuss fixing things, but the only thing they ever got back was repeal and replace it. So tell me you haven’t heard this one before. The plan proposed is crap. The talking heads come out and tell everyone they know best. Everyone is supposed to just fall in line and vote yes to whatever they come up with from out of their asses. The proposal gets stopped, not by the Democrats, but by Republicans trying to figure out how to save their careers from what they are being forced into agreeing with. The plan gets put in a holding pattern till they supposedly can come up with something better. Republicans start sounding like they want to talk shop with Democrats and the sound of relief is heard throughout the land. But in secret the players pulling the strings are actually rewriting the same bill with a few small tweaks. They vote on something God awful and clink champaign on Capital Hill as the worst bill enacted in the nations history gets one step closer.  

Well today I heard that’s exactly what’s going on. The current plan is, Mitch is rewriting his piece of garbage and will be handing it out to the Senate members as they go off on their vacations with the constituents. This way, between dodging fruit or shoes being thrown at them, or worse, they will be able to sit down and read over the rewrite. Once they come back, that is if they come back, they can actually have a vote to get the legislation into Trumps desk for signing into law in a matter of weeks. See, who needs negotiation, who needs common ground, and most importantly who needs those pesky democrats. That said, perhaps, if that play doesn’t work, maybe the Congress will finally revolt and actually sit down and negotiate a way to go forward. But until Mitch quits the leadership after his debacle of healthcare, or he agrees to sit down and actually work with others to figure out a fix, my feeling is Obamacare is safe but dying on the vine, thanks to Trump playing games with it. Wouldn’t it be something that in the end, the Republicans realize that maybe saving Obamacare is the best way gto go and actually sit down with the Democrats and fix it. One can only dream can’t they.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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