Saturday, June 10, 2017


So the FBI director came, we saw and John McCain stumbled, even though the smoking gun wasn’t revealed, for Donald Trump nothing was resolved and he actually looks worse… seems to me, a win-win for Democracy!

SUCH A CONUNDRUM… WHOSE THE LIAR? The former head of the FBI and the man who many of us believe was fired to try to derail the investigation into Trump’s Presidency or the man who lies every time he says anything? Who do you believe? Which side do you choose, that is if we should be playing political games when our very democracy is being ripped asunder? How are we supposed to believe the James Comey’s accusations, he’s a loser right? He was just fired, who believes the unemployed, not the Republicans? Mental note for the President’s crack team of Trumpeters, cancel all unemployment, just makes the moochers want to not work and rip off the citizens who pay their fair share of taxes. Disregard the fact that we fired this one because he was not obeying the Mad King’s wishes… oops. So James came out, swore an oath and the rest of us sat back and pondered would a revelation be revealed. While that didn’t happen, what we did get was one interesting historical event that matches up with the other times we sat back and waited with heavy breathing as his words were altering the course of history. He did it with Hillary and now he’s doing with Donald. The question is did what he just do help hurt Trump as much as it hurt Hillary. Honestly, what James Comey put forth could simply be made up fiction by a pissed off recently pink-slipped liar with delusions of grandeur! What is James Comey’s story anyway? Maybe he’s got some kind of political split personality, or maybe he’s got some kind of a God complex? What is his agenda? First he almost single-handedly destroyed Hillary Clinton’s victory and now he’s trying to cause the Impeachment of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Wouldn’t that be something if this would be boy scott took out a should be President, and the person he helped to put into power instead? So James Comey helps get Trump elected by doing the unprecedented over and over, making a public spectacle of himself and more then anything else, helping make Donald’s mad conspiracies against Hillary sound legit. Then Trump repays him by giving him an offer he couldn’t refuse, drop the witch hunt on my Russian turncoat, plus keep me informed if I’m the subject of any investigation. When James didn’t blow him or at least kiss his ring, he were canned for being for country and not for king. To make matters even worse, and to rub salt in his wound, James’ pink slip wasn’t in person or via a phone call. No, it was in front of a crowd while pitching jobs for the FBI. Wouldn’t that piss you off too? I presume the last straw was Trump’s attack on the FBI itself. According to James Comey’s testimony, that was the reason he decided to have his friend leak his notes. After all that I would think anyone would have vendetta against our President, wouldn’t you? I guess some of you out there might wonder, how does someone who a few months back was cursing James Comey’s name now side with him? How could I ever believe him after he helped Hillary Clinton lose, but now curse others whom call him a liar when he’s now going after Donald Trump? Is my now belief in him simply because of my distaste for the man who I believe should be spending his days in a padded cell and not the Oval Office? Perhaps its simply this, if looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, its usually a duck. If I have to choose whom to believe is lying of the two, I choose to believe the man who took down Hillary despite the fact that he did it. That is also disregarding everything we’ve witnessed that makes James Comey’s testimony believable. If I could ask James Comey one question it would be, why didn’t you put on a mic? Why weren’t you wired especially after the initial disgust wore off? I get you were in shock at what initially occurred, and perhaps you decided to continue allowing Trump to try to seduce you into gathering up the evidence against him. But in a world of he said, he said, and a political party that is in bed with him, a little wiring couldn’t have hurt in the long run. Sadly as expected, Donald’s army of Trumpeters are going full guns blazing attacking James Comey’s manhood because now all he should be considered is a worthless leaker. Even Junior, who tweeted throughout the James Comey testimony as opposed to daddy, used that junior high school banter to try to make Comey pay for daring to hurt Junior’s chances of running the world some day. Just saying sir, your word would be much more believable if we had that recording cause we all know by now Donald’s recording were just another deflection and never occurred. If they had and Donald was telling the truth those tapes would have been released instantly to prove he was for once telling the truth. Of course if they did exist and Trump demanded obedience, they’re now probably dissolved in a bath of acid. Sadly the witnesses James Comey claims were escorted out of the room so Donald could corner him, might be in on the con so getting them to tell the truth if this actually happened, even under oath might be a problem. What’s worse being caught in a lie or being proven to be a traitor siding with the enemy? I wonder of Paul Ryan’s response to that question would be?So a few minutes after James Comey’s latest moment in the Sun ended, Marc Kasowitz, Donald J. Trumps ‘outside counsel’ came out and point blank told a huge fib! I understand that his job is to destroy Donald’s accuser, but when you do it you should get your facts straight. At least the time line of the crime, otherwise it probably would have been a better idea just to keep  your mouth shut. Marc Kasowitz accusing James Comey of lying when testifying earlier in the day in front of Congress. Seems, according to him the former FBI director had turned out to be a crook! That is if you believed what this hired shyster was spinning. If you believed that, then everything that the  resistance call crooked in Trumpland must be considered a lie. In other words, we should cancel and forget all the other investigations now in the works. Just crown the man King and forget all the interesting connections that makes me worried that all of us will soon be forced into learning Russian. At first listening to Marc Kasowitz, who looked right out of central casting I sat back and went hm, maybe James Comey was full of it and maybe he is simply a pissed off fired employee. The President is finally reprieved, this legal scholar point by point had shut down everything that could legally hurt him. Like most things spewed by the Trumpeters and their enablers or hired hands, if you listen to what they say you can come out thinking they’ve speaking truth. But as in today’s sad excuse for lawyering, we’ve yet another liar in our midst and this one just as bad. You see Trump’s legal fella, Marc Kasowitz fudged his dates, saying Comey tweeted out the leaks a day before the New York Times had reported his allegations against Trump. In other words James Comey himself was the source for the blockbuster news report. He was the leaker, which is what for now on will  be Donald’s nick name for Comey. If that was true, Comey had perjured himself and lied under oath. Oh my, which means, lets disregard everything else the now defrocked FBI director says because now we’ve proven he’s a liar. Sadly for Kasowitz it turns out his accusation was the lie, not Comey’s. Comey leaked the Intel 5 days after it was reported by the press… oops. As James testified he released it after Trump slammed and announced he wiretapped the conversation.Now I understand the President’s hired hands helping him cover up his treasonous activities. But what I can’t fathom is those in his current political party coming out and making excuses for his possible criminal and treasonous endeavors. Amongst the many was Paul Ryan who came out and in trying to defend his President made Donald sound like a blithering idiot. “The president’s new at this, he’s new to government,” Ryan continued. “So he probably wasn’t steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses. He’s new to this.” Sorry ass hole, he’s been President for over 120 days… the newness excuse is over.I turned Chuck Todd on MSNBC and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) of Tennessee was his guest, and she implied that James Comey had lied under oath when she said Comey “Has an interesting relationship with the truth and much of that came out yesterday during that hearing.” In other words she’s said James Comey is lying. But when pushed by Chuck she refused to say he perjured himself, “I’ll let others decide”… Like John McCain and several other Republicans yesterday she tried to change the subject by going after him because of  Hillary Clinton. These losers keep trying to talk about Hillary’s server, Loretta Lynch meeting President Bill Clinton and any thing besides Russia’s stealing Hillary’s Presidency. Before this, there was a round table where they were discussing the event, and several of the talking heads practically pleaded for Hillary to go away. Even as we learn more and more each day how her Presidency was stolen. One might think that at least a few talking heads might argue the point as the winner of the popular vote, she’s earned her right to speak whatever she wants. But its as if she’s the one who in the wrong, another victim being shamed by others for not being able to fight off her attacker. Somehow her coming out and telling whomever wants to listen that she was right about the Russian invasion is bad. According to these political geniuses, none who predicted correctly that Donald would become the 45th President to them, her very existence was bad for the Democratic party. Seemingly MSNBC was being cast by Bernie Sanders. To put it nicely I almost said bye bye to my favorite news channel. This feeling of cutting yet another channel was helped by the news that MSNBC was possibly hiring Hugh Hewitt to anchor his own show. Note to the powers that be, if we your viewers wanted to watch a lying Republican spew lies for the Republican party against the Democrats we would be watching FOX Faux News and not MSNBC.   Lastly as my headline shouts to the heavens our fearless leader now says he’s willing to testify under oath  to prove his innocence. Hysterical, so our mature leader, showcasing to the world the mentality of a Junior High schooler, had a hissy fit when being questioned if James Comey had lied or had he about the meeting that did or did not take place, depending on whose answering the question. Was he guilty of trying to demand the then FBI director to do his bidding and would he release the audio or video that he suggested in his very own tweets to prove James was the liar. Which were the tweets that made Comey leak his notes in the first place. Well, as usual The Donald put his foot into his own mouth showcasing again how he probably does all his business. He growls, and with absolute conviction, sans any facts or proof just the Trump demeanor lies saying he’ll do something and never does. His wife’s visa papers,  never revealed. His taxes, still under audit. The proof of President Barack Obama’s birth place, shall I continue? This time, he came out and said “One-hundred percent, under oath,” that he would sit down and show the world that James Comey was the liar, not him. Well I won’t hold my breath.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, June 10, 2017

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The Itinerate Traveler said...

My guess is that he will give most of his testimony on Twitter and when he gets to the hearing he, like is AG, will suddenly not recall any of his conversation. The constant diversion they try to throw up (no pun intended) during these hearing where they go back to Hillary and want to blame her for everything, needs to be stopped. They can't get over that she won the popular vote and that started the inquiry about how this had happened twice in recent republican candidate wins. It boggles the mind how they think that what they do doesn't throw up (again, no pun intended) enough red flags to cover every square inch of American soil. Just the actions of our current Congress ramming through bills in Congress that will hurt every citizen of this nation is evidence as to who is the liar in these scenarios. The good guys have a lot of work to do to unveil these people and hold them responsible for their traitorous acts against America and it's people.