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Plus sadly the only bad joke we heard in Poland was our President once again showcasing he’s simply… delusional! 

SO THE FAKE NEWS PRESIDENT, USED A DOCTORED VIDEO to attack CNN. The back story is, the Mad King reused a video that he or his associates had found online. As is his lot, not only did he use it without permission, the person who had originally created it turned out to have, shall we say a despicable resume. Just like his son’s who share items from Alt-right sources, Donald has a penchant for sharing garbage from anti-Semites. In any case, the original video is one of Donald during his infamous Wrestlemania appearance days. Where the staged wrestling match was between Trump and some overly muscled wrestler. In the updated video, the wrestler’s face has been covered with the logo of CNN. So when Donald stomps on his foe, he’s really stomping on CNN, get it? Are you laughing now? Simply unbelievably childish, and so unbecoming of the office of the Presidency. So it fits right in with everything we’ve suffered through in the past year and a half. Am I the only one who is befuddled by the idea that any president was elected after being on wrestlemania? CNN investigated who the person was who originally doctored the video and reported it. That should have made some of his followers sit up and go wait a minute. But instead, the sheep who follow Donald, started sending hate and death threats to the reporters. Apparently the conspiracy nut jobs out there, are saying that CNN blackmailed the videophile into release info or some such nonsense. Because they warned the guy, not to do crap again otherwise we would tell the world your identity. Seems, that to the blind, the reporter was the bad in all this, and the video was just a funny thing to laugh about. Kind of like the Trumpeters attacks on the leakers of the Russian stories. That’s all Trump and company want to discuss, not what was done to our democracy. Attacking the media, slamming the free press. Seems facts are now the new enemy, thanks for that Donald.

This latest mind blowing event occurred about the same time as Donald had a spat with Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski. As he dropped several tweets attacking Mika that made even the most die-hard Republicans say, that might have been going too far. My hope was that, just like Kathy Griffin supposedly went too far with Trump’s bloody beheading, Donald’s disgusting tweet about her bloody facial plastic surgery might be the thing that finally makes even his staunchest supporters, wake up and smell insanity. But of course, it didn’t. It felt like more of the same to me, but at least the chorus of dissenters grew louder. While the rest of us think it’s disgusting, deplorable and gross, as usual his Trumpeters think it’s funny. Well I don’t know if what I’ve seen on the Internet are true, but it seems Joe Scarborough, the other half of Morning Joe, has let it me known that he has evidence proving Donald tried to blackmail the MSNBC talking heads into apologizing for all their obnoxious rhetoric against him. 

At this point I must mention that in the past and off and on, I have worked as a freelancer and on staff at American Media, Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer. And yes, besides my time at the Star and Celebrity Living Weeking, I worked for a brief spell on the news gossip weekly National Enquiror. But my tenure at there occurred years a go. I bring this up because currently I sometime fill in the production end of Star and US Weekly magazines, and was working on Thursday and Friday when the Mika and Morning Joe story broke. Well, you can imagine  what the buzz was those days. Happily I only overheard the talking and didn’t have to work on anything related to it.  

Now with all the talking heads going crazy over this one, there is talk about yet another investigation being set up, or at least they can add this one to one of the others. What makes this threat really important is that Trump by threatening the MSNBC morning anchor, might have actually broken a real law. It seems the conversation between Donald and Joe about the National Enquirer story, might be the thing that actually gets Donald Trump kicked out of the White House or at least put on Impeachment watch! Can someone say, karma, with a capital K! You see, the National Enquirer was gonna be printing an article, which outed their ‘sordid’ relationship. The now engaged couple, well other people were involved at the time, so this outing could’ve ruined them both. So Trump wanted an apology for their negative discussions about him on their show, otherwise his friends at the rag would publish the gossip. To make the whole thing even bigger in today’s world of whose a crook in the White House, Jared Kushner was the supposed go between on this blackmail. So the one-two punch of a National Enquirer article, blackmail, overreaching of presidential powers, illegalities in the White House, and a video that many people think went too far, may finally put the country on notice that our president needs to not be our president any longer. At this point I have to write a, here I go again. People all of this disgusting back and forth by the orange faced buffoon is just another deflection to stop the talking heads from discussing what we really should be talking about. The repeal of Obamacare and the replacement with what looks like nothing. 

I read something today that made me stop in my tracks. Seems in their opinion, the doctored video of the wrestling match between Donald Trump and CNN is pretty much his whole campaign and now Presidency. A wrestling match, that’s it. And you know what, that is the perfect description of the crap that we’ve been living through. Look at Donald, listen to the way he acts, it is like wrestlemania come to life. Sadly wrestlemania was more realistic and felt less phony. The way he attacks his enemies, gives them nicknames, tries to carnival barker them down to nothings. How could any of us have been so blind not seeing that Donald became president by acting like he’s a member of Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire. 

Now back to more pertinent things, that is if suffering through another round of Presidential tweets isn’t important to you. Today in Poland, Donald Trump once again, showcased why he shouldn’t be our President. I honestly haven’t watched the entire event with his counterpart, the Polish leader, but the little I saw was simply embarrassing. Again he refused to admit the truth about Russia. Claiming that there were really only 3 or 4 intelligence agencies, not 17, so who really knows. He again attacked President Barack Obama, blaming him for allowing the hacking to continue because as he explained, Obama thought Hillary was gonna win so he didn’t do anything. Plus, he wondered to the Polish leader, if he had as much trouble with the fake media as he had in America! Seriously, oh my God on a level I don’t think even exists. At one point he mentioned the cheering crowds, of course skipping the fact that they actually had bussed in the ‘fans’ to make the wannabee dictator feel loved. Just like he did in his initial announcement that he was actually gonna run for the White House. How simply pathetic and sad.

So the question to the world has to be, how did we let this happen? And since we now know what a failure it is, how do we stop and evict the Trumps from the White House. How do we erase their 175 days in office and start returning all the wonderful things that President Barack Obama did in his eight years prior to this monstrosity? As we’ve discovered beside destroying the United States and turning it into a Russian satellite country, Donald Trump has spent his entire presidency trying to erase everything that our former president did that actually had made America great again. The only thing that’s not making America great is the guy who is now currently sitting in the White House doing his best to ruin it. Trump is shitting on the White House, shitting on the presidency and he’s shitting on everything that is democratic and great about our nation. The fact that the Republicans don’t care what he’s doing, makes them as culpable if not worse. Someday hopefully sooner than later they will all go to the pit of Hell with him and watch Donald roast on a spit as they await their turns to roast.  According to a recent poll, the Republicans out there aren’t blaming our President for things not getting accomplished, they are blaming the Congress. No seriously, I’m not making this up. When I first read that online I practically blew a gasket. But when you sit back and remember we are discussing the Republican led House of Representatives and the Senate and their not so glorious record of accomplishment. So I could see why that sentiment is probably true. The one thing you can say about Donald is, he knows how to pitch to his flock. Remember even though citizens keep electing the fools back into power, Donald J. Trump was elected to supposedly clean up the swamp. The problem being of course they kept the players in power who have turned the halls of power in Washington into the cesspool that it currently is. Somehow the sheep can’t see their own elected officials as the bad guy and always blame everyone else.

Maybe its a God complex? All that said, its really not Trump’s fault he hasn’t had anything to really sign into law, remember the Congress hasn’t passed anything of consequence. For example, instead of really coming up with a healthcare law, Paul and Mitch concocted something so monstrous, that the plan would never pass. And if it did, the numbers they are discussing are frightening on a level that would rival Nazi Germany. All we heard for years was how terrible Obamacare was, all its faults, but never heard anything about what they would replace it with. It was more a we couldn’t do as badly or as Donald unbelievably had promised to the African American community, “What do  you have to lose!” According to the experts, or should I write anyone who isn’t a Trumpeter, the legislation they’re pitching isn’t really a Healthcare bill at all, its a tax bill disguised as one. When we hear the President say, who knew how complicated Healthcare was, that should end any questions that the man knows anything. The Republicans knew complicated it is, and keep talking a big game. I wouldn’t doubt the plan they are pitching now, is probably the one they alway wanted. They simply don’t beleive in Government run anything except the military. It seems all their talk was just that, they simply don’t care about the people. Its just a shame that the people that will be harmed by them, don’t seem to get that at all. So now Donald is threatening to just repeal Obamacare and not replace it. Lets worry about that health insurance thing later. Cause later, anything we give them would be better than nothing, right? So apparently the Mitch and Paul plan is working out perfectly. Not that the President isn’t to blame, but if he wasn’t so a sleep at the wheel or more likely insane, or actually wanted a plan like he pitched during his campaign, what the Republicans are pulling right now, they wouldn’t be. But they are, and he’s just jonesing for a bill to enact into law. I am the first to admit, that I haven’t believed one word the man has said for as long as I can remember. But when someone runs to become the President of the United States, his pitches are his bond with the voters. Its just a shame, that as a candidate he ran on promises without any explanation of how he would accomplish anything, and too many people allowed this to happen. Not surprisingly as President those polices he pitched ain’t the ones we are getting at all. Sadly the voters who blindly fell for him have acquired amnesia, and as usual are blaming everyone else for the problems. 

Besides his circus demeanor and lies up the gazoo, the main reason Trump became so beloved by so many sheep was, that not only was he attacking the Democrats during the campaign, he was destroying the Republicans in power even more. As one by one, they dropped by the wayside, he mowed down the clown car filled with idiots attacking them for their lies and bull. The problem being, once he defeated all those fools in the Republican party, instead of them disappearing with their tails between their legs, they sold their souls even more to stay in power. While doing so, co-opting Trumps supposed plans and mutating them into their own. Trump instead of putting his foot down and saying, I won, remember, he instead said you guys work up the plans. Screw what I said or who it hurts, I’ll agree to everything. If anyone believed me, they deserve what they get. Just another victim added to the list. I’m here to make millions or billions from this con. Just bring me things to sign that I can lie about and you guys will be in my good graces for as long as I run this dictatorship. And if you don’t fall in line, watch as I destroy you as I’ve torn apart so many so far. Much like George Walker Bush’s followers who attacked those who proved that WMD’s never existed, the Trumpeters are doing the same with Trump lies and deflections. It seems for those who believe him, nothing he pitched before matters. In other words, if he lied to get into power, who cares. Sadly ‘we the resistance’ can now look at what’s happening and realize that the knowing we were right doesn’t make any of this feel any better. The old, ‘I hate being right’ feeling is oozing all around us. More than anyone else I so wish I was wrong. Scarily, for the first time in my life time, Trumps first few hundred days, have me living each day not knowing if tomorrow could be the day we can actually say the world is coming to an end, and not be exaggerating.  

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