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Unbelievably CNN picks Ivanka Trump as the most powerful U.S. Jewish woman... seems I picked a good time to cut the cord.

BYE BYE CNN, EITHER FOR NOW OR FOR GOOD! I guess we now know what CNN considers going too far. Well they pissed me off one too many times to let this one slide so I’m saying hasta la vista baby! Why was this so bad as compared to what others had gotten away with before? Was it because of pressure from the Trumpeters? Are the fears that Kathy Griffin spoke of that comedian’s out there feel with the current administration warranted? I was lucky enough to see Kathy Griffin being interviewed by Joy Reid at the 92nd Street Y on November 23, 2016 in New York City. She discussed how the industry is handling the Trump administration, and there is apparently a fear amongst the talent. People are actually scared for their careers and possibly their freedoms, well there is that woman that got prison time for laughing at Jeff Sessions. Seems Kathy just hit the mother lode thanks to her habit of pushing the envelope. The ironic thing in all this is, it really doesn’t effect my viewing pleasure on New Years. I’ve only sat through maybe a total of 15 minutes of any of the Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper’s Rocking News Years Eve Blow-outs or whatever they called the show. Honestly I never understood the casting of Kathy Griffin in the first place. Not that I wouldn’t cast her in a second, but its freaking CNN? I guess for ratings sure, I get that, but what does her brand of comedy have to do with news? This isn’t E! News, this is supposedly CNN, and they dumped her even after she apologized! So they decided to fire Kathy Griffin for making a political statement, hm, how Trump of them. 

Well, this puts the final nail in the coffin of my viewership. On CNN, it appears lying repeatedly on air actually gets you more airtime. Enough! CNN fire Jeffrey Lord, Steve Moore and Jack Kingston, plus all the trolls that constantly lie on your network and maybe I will return, otherwise I’ve washed my hands of you for good. So until you rehire Kathy Griffin or fire all of the people that keep lying to your viewers, you have lost one... for good! I’ve honestly had it with sitting back, getting angry watching as you allow lies to go unpunished or worse you actually make light of it and promote the liars. I understand why you want to show all sides to the argument, but one side constantly lies, and all you do is make light of the comments as simply the notions of a demented uncle. You don’t punish, in fact more and more these point blank liars get rewarded. Well I won’t reward you with my viewership, with my eyes. Sadly every time I watch one of your highly promoted panels with the 4 or 6, or 8 talking heads, at least one of the voices we have to sit through is lying their asses off.  Kathy Griffin actually immediately apologized for her artistic statement, but it seems if you’re a liberal or a democrat or a comedian apologies never matter. Hillary Clinton spent over a year forced to apologize for things she didn’t need to in the first place, yet our now President never does. The first time he came out and pitched his lies about President Barack Obama’s birthplace, he should have been taken off air and never let back on. I mean the man slandered our President, ain’t he lucky he lives in America.  Wish others got the same treatment. That’s a lie, I wish nobody got that treatment. 

Last year during the campaign I almost crossed the channel off my watch list for something that I found inexcusable. I continued watching because there are news people on there I really think are what news people are supposed to be. The inexplicable day was when CNN and other media outlets showcased an empty stage awaiting a Donald Trump campaign speech, instead of showing for example Hillary Clinton actually making her speech. You guys skipped it for commentary by your hired hands on something about him, all the time showcasing the empty stage… simply maddening. I understand why FOX FAUX NEWS would do this, but CNN? I’m sorry why? I still can’t wrap my mind on this one months later. Sadly a network that was once the most trusted name in news apparently was more interested in ratings than reporting truth. Seems the entire election cycle was discussing every lie Donald and his Trumpeters could come up with. I mean who needs policies and facts when becoming the most powerful person on the face of the planet? So lets get this straight, with everything else we’ve seen those were acceptable... but Kathy’s political smackdown wasn’t? 

I understand with everything that’s hit the fan, especially lately, a protest against CNN might seem frivolous. Especially because of something that so many people apparently find morally offensive. How could I possibly defend what she said or her even doing it? Why out of everything we’ve seen and heard in the last year and a half, why is this the thing that got me to say bye bye finally for good? Well let me tell you, according to daddy and mommy Trump, their youngest child, basically wet his bed, (sarcasm people), when the kid was confronted with the take off of one of the greatest images in art history ‘David with the Head of Goliath’ or maybe a riff on the ‘Perseus with the Head of Medusa’ that is if he even ever saw it. Maybe he did, and for once Trump is telling the truth. Perhaps the kid actually was upset by seeing his dad’s severed head being held as blood dripped from out of all if its wherever’s. You know, blood was coming out of his eyes, his ears, his… I’m hopeful I don’t have to remind any of you out there of that fowl comment from the then candidate for the highest office in the land. If I do, you are obviously reading the wrong blog. Anyhow, apparently all the other times others with similar visuals had never occurred, but they did! Perhaps the kids twitter feed showcased the millions of times her political statement has been shared and argued over. I’m sorry Donald, you are now using your child to attack a comedian who some claim went too far. Something you do on a seemingly hourly basis if not more. I thought your child was off limits? 

But like everything else with Trumps followers, anything anyone says against Donald is a sin. For way too many a crime worthy of death or at the least a possible career ending public smackdown. The sad fact is, they, his flock, don’t believe Trump does any of the God awful things he says or in fact does. They for whatever reason believe everything is fake if the media reports it. Nothing is real until it smacks them in their faces, and even after that they still follow the man blindly. Worse, they believe the garbage that his enablers and handlers throw out when they try to defend his decisions, his actions and his vomit inducing comments and tweets.

CNN isn’t alone, for example MSNBC’s elder states woman, Andrea Mitchell, watching her as she practically laughed out loud on MSNBC was infuriating, as she discussed Hillary Clinton’s latest event where people asked her opinion on a number of subjects. Well the should be President again was asked why she lost the election. I guess until her last breath this will be another question, like her use of a private server, that no matter how many ways she responds or apologizes her answers won’t be good enough. So instead of dealing with what Hillary was saying, reporting on her logical and I believe probable accusations that outlets like CNN did help the orange faced buffoon get in, she appeared to make light of her mind. Perhaps she had taken her cue from the Trumpeters accusations during the campaign. Lucky for her, MSNBC has Rachel Maddow, so for now my viewership there is set in stone. 

CNN spent a year or more showcasing Donald practically 24/7 and Hillary for the most part was forgotten as an afterthought. The most admired woman, the most experienced and qualified candidate in possibly our nation’s history was simply not something worth giving screen time too. Except in context with something others had said about her, that never stopped. What Trump said or accused her of doing was always a favorite topic of discussion screw if his lies came right out of his ass or the front page of Breitbart news. As opposed to Hillary’s own historic candidacy, accomplishments and what were her proposals, that wasn’t television worthy. Astonishing when you think about it, if not maddening. The woman was Secretary of State for God’s sake, but all her accomplishments were thrown overboard by accusations and flat out lies. 

If I had any doubts about my decision, CNN’s latest announcement that Ivanka Trump, 1st daughter of the American Trump party was picked by the former news channel as the most powerful U.S. Jewish woman! And I went are you freaking kidding me? Seems I picked the right time to quit CNN. Hey fools, she might be the most corrupt woman in America, Jewish or not. Maybe she’s the biggest converted Jew in America, but how dare you insult the Jewish people and it’s great heritage by calling her what you did. Seriously are you trying to piss me off? What is this the making of a Queen in America? Have you not been reading all the reports in her possible shady deals? Remember her overseas patents? Does any of that ring a bell?

If you haven’t noticed her father, King Joffrey is systematically trying to convert our democratic nation into a dictatorship, with lots of help from so-called news outlets like yours. So you are now trying to label her a saint, is that it. I find it hysterical that you would do this, except I expect any second, her husband the Jew will rightfully be termed the most powerful Jewish traitor in America. How else can you describe the man who might be Vladimir Putin’s chief mole in the White House? Complicit is right, and I’m am not just talking about her. CNN you were probably worse to our democracy than FOX faux news was, simply because you were supposed to be either liberally biased or at least a news organization reporting news. Instead of reporting the news and the facts, you threw your trusted anthem into a spin and opinion filled attempt at entertaining the masses for ratings gold. 

But like Trump’s publicity network you more than any other outlet gave the man unheralded free airtime, one would hope presumedly to let the man shoot himself in the foot. What ever happened to fair and balanced , of sorry that’s FOX, but guys you transformed your self into a 24/7 nonstop platform for him. All Trump all the time, and he got it all for free. Seemingly that’s why you hired Kathy Griffin in the first place, ratings. Sure you made news with her on your network, but I’m pretty sure when Ted Turner gave birth to you, he never imagined her telling jokes on New Years Eve to millions of viewers. He probably imagined the viewership, but he was probably expecting it would be on the front page, not page six. Sadly with Trump we get both! So bye bye CNN, hopefully you will see the error of your ways, and what I’m requesting takes place. Otherwise, well I think you get the gist. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 5, 2017

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