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Plus the Republicans were given notice in Virginia, but sadly they refuse to see that their own political shenanigans might've caused this monstrous act in the first place.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DEFLECTION! I know calling the attack on the third ranking Republican Congressional leader, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a deflection is pretty obnoxious. But considering every time something comes out that should damage Donald J. Tump, something else occurs that pushes the damage to the back page. Sadly deflection seems to fit perfectly with pretty much everything associated with the Trump campaign and now Presidency. Have you noticed the discussion of Jeff Sessions’ amnesia and point blank illegal refusal to answer questions during his Congressional testimony is somehow not being discussed today? I get the hugeness of this tragedy, a madman with a rifle shot an elected official, I get it. But me thinks the hugeness of a possible Russian invasion by those now running our country is big too, even though many of the Republicans are trying to turn the possible treasonous activities into simply a bunch of sore losers whining. Simply Hillary Clinton supporters who are trying to stop the Trump agenda and according to Donald doing a damned good job of it. All those nasty obstructionist Democrats who refuse to go along with our Saint in the Oval Office and his heavenly plans to transform America into whatever great nation his mind thinks it should become. How unpatriotic of the Democrats to want to find out the truth about what happened during the campaign. They should stop playing games. The election is over. It's time to get on with the Trump agenda, which if the conspiracies are true, aren’t Donald’s but Vladimir’s. Well, me thinks if that agenda is tainted with Putin’s backing, the fact that the Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop the investigation speaks volumes. Especially from the same people who crucified Hillary Clinton when she coughed. One would think if they did nothing, they would want the investigation to continue, in fact assist the investigators to get to the bottom of what really happened. Either the Trumpeters colluded with the Russians for political reasons, or they coordinated with them to help Trump and his family make as much money as possible once in power. From the beginning Donald Trump has done everything to stop anyone from seeing his tax returns,which if not doctored would reveal any and all problems with his connections. Other then hiding his criminal activities or political shenanigans, for the life of me I can not come up with any other logical reasons for his obstruction.  What are you hiding sir?  

The irony that Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip was the one attacked by a James T. Hodgkinson, a nut job with a gun makes total sense to me. You see in May 2015, Scalise introduced the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, legislation that aimed to relax restrictions on cross-state gun sales —  eliminating as he said “archaic red tape burdening gun owners who legally purchase firearms across the nation.” He is also one of the NRA’s favorite politicians and has done everything in his power to allow anyone breathing to buy and own guns. Mentally challenged, no big deal, a police record, who cares, your 2nd Amendment Rights are more important then people’s lives. To put a cherry on top of this man’s political agenda, he pretty much is a cheerleader for destroying Obamacare and the safety net for millions of Americans. It appears with this latest horrific action where people were either injured or killed we got lucky, since nobody died accept the shooter of course. This was simply just one person’s breaking point, can you imagine if the one becomes the many? What happens when millions or more lose their healthcare? What happens when Social Security gets taken over by a private company and people discover they lost theirs? What happens when millions of Americans wake up to the truth of what our elected President turned dictator has done? Me thinks, what James T. Hodgkinson did today is just the beginning. A wake up call to the Republican party, and to the rest of us to stop what they are doing. Lets hope the Republicans, this time, actually listen to this warning and change their ways. Otherwise the next time and the time after that, the politicians probably won’t be so lucky. 

At least for once, the deflector on the news cycle wasn’t a Trumpeter or the man himself, but a Berniebot. Turns out, James T. Hodgkinson, who has been identified as the shooter, was a pissed off left leaning Democrat who for a while worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Seems this white American citizen from Illinois really disliked Trump and the Republicans running, or is that ruining our nation. According to these reports, Hodgkinson belongs to several groups on Facebook and he posted lots of angry rants protesting our current President. I should mention that the little the media has showcased are typical of many out there, so those rants alone wouldn’t have made the authorities sit up. In fact to be honest with those reading this, my twitter fits against Donald and his coven of witches make the few I’ve seen of his look tame. But I’m not the one with the gun license. I’m not the one who has been arrested and has a record, and I’m not the one whose now gone out and done something nobody should ever do. Take their political beliefs to that next level. 

As Donald Trump Jr. showcased again today what an ass he was with his attacks against a “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar, because in their interpretation Donald Trump is the assassinated Caesar. Its a shame this idiot and others who try to use this excuse, didn’t research anything before they attacked others. Junior might have discovered using a President as subject of this play is common, just ask Barack Obama they did it to him while he was in office. Sadly these uneducated fools are trying to blame this interpretation of a classic work of art, for a madman’s attack of a political leader. Much like the attacks against kathy Griffin, none of these I presume art hating inbreds have even google searched to discover that what she did was simply something that other artists have done for centuries. I wrote about this on Monday, June 05, 2017, in a post entitled, CNN YOU’RE FIRED! THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS AIN’T ANYMORE, AT LEAST FOR ME. But in this political climate, its better to attack just to attack than to sit back and discover what the truth is before deciding to act like a angry junior high student. I guess when you don’t believe in facts, researching if something is real or an interpretation of a classic work of art is simply too much work. I wish the Trumpeters would learn that lesson sometime, sooner than later. On too many occasions, well always, they immediately come out or tweet some nonsense, and afterwards it turns out to be false which of course never correct. Making matters worse, they usually double down on the lie they have spread, as if its better to be looked at like a lying douche bag when having been wrong. I mean it worked against Hillary Clinton, who seemed to apologize every day, in order to be allowed any air time. Seems with Democrats they never have a problem with apologies, warranted or not. But Republicans have no clue what the word itself means, and so far it turns out that war they’re winning while the rest of us lose big time. In my opinion, the attack of the Republican leader is just the beginning. From the little we know so far with this monster, yes anyone that does what James T. Hodgkinson is a monster, he had had enough of the lies and political games that the Trumpeters are doing. Scarily this pissed off American is just one of many and as I’ve been saying for months, keep it up Trumpeters, the people might decide that its time to remove you forcibly.

Now about what this commentary was gonna be about after yesterdays blockbuster event, the Jeff Sessions Congressional hearing. Funny how this time no Trumpeters are coming out yet to say Jeff Sessions testimony completely vindicates the President. Because this time, as opposed to the James Comey Congressional hearing, nothing Jeff Sessions rambled on about made Donald Trump look good at all. Not that the James Comey testimony did any of that either. But the Trumps had their talking points ready for the kill and what can you use when nothing was given. The fact that Comey never used the words that Trump was under investigation, meant to his Donald’s defenders that see, nothing there, was of course ridiculous. But the liars are gonna lie till they’re given no choice but to tell the truth. The question I have is, especially after sitting through Jeff Sessions game of amnesia and supposed unwritten code of silence policy, is will they ever speak the truth? What will it take besides the threat of the death penalty for these possible treasonous monsters to explain exactly what happened in their meetings with the Russian ambassador? Why were all the Trumpeters so willing to lie about their meetings with him? We should also not forget the meeting in the White House the day after James Comey was fired by Donald Trump, I could only imagine what that conversation was about with the Russian. Perhaps like in the Manchurian Candidate, Donald was playing cards, and the Queen of Hearts came up, and his next round of orders was given to him from Vladimir Putin.

So we all sat back to watch Jeff Sessions showcase to all the world that the accusations against him and the entire Trump campaign is utter nonsense. As a witness Jeff probably convicted himself and probably helped convict the man who’s currently President. Looking nervous as he sat there, even before being sworn in, it was almost funny watching as his eyes searched back and forth seemingly looking for a friendly face. Then Sessios began to read his three page written statement and I detected several comments that made me go, that doesn’t sound right. A highlight for me was when he tried to lie his way through his excuse for why Al Franken got him to put his mouth in it, during his Attorney General Congressional Hearings. Once that was over, much like the Dan Coats and Adm. Mike Rogers testimony days before, it appeared that much of the questions asked were mostly to try to catch all of them in a lie. Much like Coats and Rogers, Jeff Sessions spent much of his answering either not recalling anything or making bazaar declarations of executive privilege. Basically turns out, the big get in this was, unless gives his permission, nothing will be revealed. I guess you couldn’t call what Sessions answered as lies, because for the most part he couldn’t recall anything. 

Now I’m not sure what to make of Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), yesterday was the second time that the Senator has tried to stop Senator Kamala Harris  (D-Cal.) while she was interrogating a witness. The first time Burr and Sen. John McCain cut off Harris was while she questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last week. This time, Harris, a former prosecutor, pressed Jeff Sessions to answer her questions, and just as it seemed to be working, and Jeff was about to crack, again the committee’s chairman, Burr (R-N.C.), and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) butted in. A laugh out loud moment was when Sessions stuttered out, “I’m not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous.” So now we see why Hillary Clinton was such a problem for people like Sessions. A powerful, intelligent woman who is frankly miles above any of these Republican politicians mentally. Seems the talk about the Californian Senator is correct, this investigation into the Trump collusion with Russia is the wake up call to all Democrats that our next President not only could be a woman not named Hillary, but she also could be an African American. Talk about watching the Republicans brains explode. This could be a lot of fun. One of the big issues with Sessions and his refusal to remember anything was his meetings with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Just a reminder, during his hearing to become the Attorney General, Sessions forgot to mention any meetings with the Russian Ambassador. Later because it was leaked and reported on, he acknowledged the two had met twice. Because of this Jeff had to recuse himself from the Russian Investigation. Of course as he explained during this testimony, that had nothing to do with the firing of James Comey. That duty was simply a day at the office for the Attorney General. Well it turns out that there was also at least one more meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel, and when questioned about it, his answer was “I possibly had a meeting, but I still do not recall it.” The reason we got any confirmation from him at all was because the third meeting was photographed and is available at Getty for rent. Seems the third meeting actually did happen on April 27, 2016 and their is photographic evidence. Sessions might not be able to recall but someone took a photo to capture the memories, and now whomever is prosecuting Jeff in his criminal trial has something the man can’t lie about anymore. Turns out the Attorney General should have taken a few notes himself.

The reason I wrote I don’t know what to make of Richard Burr is because later in the hearing, the Senator made probably the biggest noise in the entire event. At one point he asked to speak for a moment, and wanted to put a statement into the record. It seems, Adr. Reynolds who refused to speak in a public setting the other day had  spent over 2 1/2 hours the day before Jeff Sessions testimony, filling the Senators in on everything. The things he couldn’t say to the American people in public, was no problem for him to say in private. In other words, Jeff Sessions, he was letting you know and everyone else who was listening that he knew you’re lying sir. You better get your house in order, cause pretty soon, your mailing address is gonna be changing for a long time. So as I wrote earlier, nobody today was talking about how Trump was vindicated after Jeff Sessions testified. In fact, as I finish this the Republican talking point that the President wasn’t under investigation has been blown apart as alternative facts. According to The Washington Post, on Donald J. Trump’s 71st birthday, the Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller just gave him the worst birthday present ever. Seems Mueller is now investigating Trump for obstruction of justice! So hopefully for Donald, that huge pompous celebratory cake has a file for him to try to escape his eventual prison cell. Sorry Donald, it appears you firing James Comey was one firing too many. Cause sometime in the near future, a firing is on your horizon too. Wouldn’t it be something, that his arrogance would be the thing that drop kicks him out of office and not the crimes that actually might have given him the prize.

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