Friday, May 26, 2017


So the Mad King left America desperate to change the subject, unbelievably things actually got worse as his vacation overseas could turn out to be a harbinger of things to come 

DO YOU REMEMBER THE MOVIE ‘If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium’? If you don’t or have never even heard of it the basic plot is, a large group of American tourists take an eighteen-day trip throughout Europe and all manner of insanity occurs. The comedy came out in 1969, I was 9 or 10 when I was lucky enough to see in the movies, and must have watched it dozens of times on television, and its actually one of the reasons I always wanted to travel. Happily none of the vacations I’ve been lucky enough to go on ever reached any of the levels of craziness that the actors faced in their individual story lines in the movie. The film featured what seems like hundreds of stars including Suzanne Pleshette, Norman Fell, Sandy Baron, Mildred Natwick, and Murray Hamilton just to name a few who helped to showcase what could go wrong when you and your loved ones go on vacation, on a tour in a foreign land, where the language and the culture don’t always mesh. I only bring up the movie and my love of it because of what we’ve had to sit back and watch over the last week or so. Seeing the Trump family traveling circus embarrassing themselves on the world stage while visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and Brussels, has surely made travelling overseas look as comical as that classic comedy. Listening to what is becoming more apparent by the day, a man spiralling out of reality insult the world leaders of NATO, by first publicly flogging them over not paying enough into the bill each year, while praising himself for not asking how much their new beautiful NATO headquarters cost. Besides that snide remark, throughout the week Donald has acted like a bully actually pushing aside Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to get in front, for a photo-op, I presume to showcase his huge ego. The worst part was the way he straightened himself up right afterwards, the smug expression on his face having won his prized spot in the light, talk about the Ugly American. The slight that Donald J. Trump pulled with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel when he actually refused to shake her hands on several occasions, when they met in Washington might finally make sense now. Seems her being the only world leader in the world that Donald refused to shake hands with had to do with Germany's car sales. That’s rights folks, as if in a spat with a business adversary, it seems that Germany is selling too many cars in the United States and the Liar-in-Chief is threatening to put a 35 percent tax on all German auto imports. Which seems to be his modus operandi in dealing with all foreign governments. While the leader of the free world, and I’m not talking about Angela Merkel, still is overseas, at home it appears everything is hitting the fan, that is unless you’re watching Fox News, there of course its all liberals whining about losing the election and Russia doesn’t even exist except as a financial backer. Pretty sad watching the press discuss Republican Greg Gianforte's win in Montana’s special election against Democratic opponent Rob Quist, what’s wrong with this nation and especially with the republican party power players who all took the side of the Republican and argued that Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs was lying about being “body-slammed” by the GOP candidate. Seems nothing is believable enough to the Trumpeters. I heard one argue ‘why wasn’t there a video tape? Explaining that since there wasn’t, it obviously was simply another liberal lie. Seems the Trump effect in regards to reporters has taken hold, after Donald's campaign pretty much put bulls eye on the press, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has actually took that expression and made it a reality by joking about shooting reporters while holding up a target sheet and according to reporter Patrick Svitek said “I’m gonna carry this around in case I see any reporters.” 

Well while Donald tries to enjoy his overseas vacation with the Mrs., actually getting Melania to hold his hand at least a few times for photo-ops, it seems there’s a nasty rumor going around that Donald’s marriage was on the rocks and was on the verge of divorce, but the only reason why they stayed together was he actually won the election. Personally I hope that’s just nasty gossip and their marriage actually is happy, if only for their young son. Heck I might despise the man, but I wish him and his family no real ill will. So I scream at the top of my lungs that I dream he and his family nothing but what they deserve. Like jumping off of Trump Towers and making it a pay-per-view event, as we witness them splatter all over Fifth Avenue. Of course mostly what I scream is all bluster and my only real wish is that the nut job left our political world alone and he gets exactly what he deserves legally, whatever that means. That said, the more we learn, the more Donald looks like he’s simply a stooge whose being manipulated by his son–in–law Jared Kushner, who is swiftly becoming the man at the heart of the Russian infestation of the White House. 

All along the question with our now President, has been is he a monster, is he an insane madman, is he just a spoiled brat who bullies his way into what he eventually gets, or is he just a stooge being bamboozled by the very manipulative Vladimir Putin, bankrupting everyone in his wake, including himself. I for one have been pushing the madman aspect of his personality, but it seems he might be mad, but me thinks the man is more stooge whose been easily manipulated by a bunch of scrupulous monsters. Now I can’t say for sure whose the person in charge yet, be it Manafort, Flynn, his son-in-law, or maybe even his daughter Ivanka, but as I write this, I am of the belief that the man in charge isn’t really the man in charge.

As I write this, the latest bombshell has just dropped, and if this one is true its a whopper and possibly might finally lead to Trump being forced out of office exceptionally early. It appears that Jared Kushner, the man supposedly being molded into becoming Trump’s heir apparent in the White House, had met with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and had tried to set up a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. Should I repeat that. Seemingly the best friend of most everyone associated with the Trump campaign and transition team from Jeff Sessions to Michael Flynn, to Paul Manafort, to now Jared Kushner who it appears had meetings with the Russian ambassador and was trying to set up a secret communications channel with the Moscow. Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, whose had seemingly endless meetings with every one associated with the Trump campaign and its transition, many of which were not disclosed to the powers-that-be when they were being investigated to work in the White House and were discussing putting in a secret communications and nobody thought they should mention it to anyone else. In other words, they lied, kept secret their associations and now were discussing secret communications with Russia. You know, these are the ones who leaked all the negatives about Hillary Clinton. The ones who played with our Democracy. The ones all of these current investigations are pretty much focused on. The Washington Post came out with this blockbuster report tonight which if this wasn’t the smoking gun, nothing possibly ever will be, that is unless Trumps alleged audio tapes are real. 

What this means is, that someone in the White House, in the President’s inner circle, his son-in-law no less, who has been given carte blanche pretty much to everything in our government by the thumb-sucking imbecile that is running the nation might be the person behind everything. Maybe I’ve watched FX’s The Americans one too many times, but why do I think Jared seems right out of central casting. The Russians saw something in Donald, they milked a relationship with the wannabee billionaire real estate businessman. They found a man, Jared Kushner, to infiltrate the empire, according to a google search, supposedly mutual friends set the soon to be love birds together. I just wonder if any of those friends were secretly or openly Russian agents? Using daddy’s little girl, Ivanka, they found their way into the Trump empire. The scam worked, Ivanka and Jared married. Over the course of their relationship, Jared had weaseled his way into the good graces of his father-in-law and now that Trump actually got the gig of President, Donald has given his key to the Oval Office to the Soviet friends of Kushner, Flynn and Manafort. Why not just hang a portrait of Vladimir in the Oval Office.

So now that the bulls eye has hit Trump’s family itself, I’m just wondering if Donald will decide to extend his trip… forever. Of course that won’t happen but what a nice notion. I must mention, I turned on Fox faux news to see how they were reporting this blockbuster report, and not surprisingly there wasn’t even a blip. I guess if they don’t report it, its simply the biased liberal media spreading fake news. Speaking of fake news, I read next week that once he’s home, Donald will be having another victory event to make himself feel better. Another campaign style barn burner so he can tell his sheep about whatever success he hasn’t had. Well try your best sir, let your followers continue to believe your Teleprompter speeches, keep your delusion bright in your sky, but it appears your time in power is nearing its end. I’m just wondering if Melania has started to pack for her move into the White House or will she now simply wait till Donald announces he’s quitting for the good of his family and businesses, so she never has to leave her castle on Fifth Avenue. That is until the Feds do to the Trumps what they did to the Madoffs. After all they have a lot of debts to pay off and their bills are coming due.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, May 26, 2017

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Not my president! said...

I sincerely do hope that your story rings true. I strongly feel that the Russian collusion is a reality, and if so we need to get this narcissistic, racist, sexist, misogynistic, lying, dunce, his gang of misfits, and the Republican Congress, (Most of whom I believe were complicit with the collusion.) out of our Whitehouse, and into jail cells where they belong. The sooner the better.