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Who needs gas chambers people, when we’ve got Paul Ryan masterminding ways to kill millions upon millions of people!

WE WERE SO WORRIED ABOUT STEVE BANNON’S footprint on the White House, we weren’t paying attention to who the real psychopaths were in the Capital. Believe me I am not trying to make light of what the Donald’s right hand publicity agent has done. But his racist shenanigans aside, nothing, let me repeat that nothing he has done to worsen the social discord in our nation compares to what the House Leader has just gotten past stage one in his quest to make American the place that the love of his life Ayn Rand wrote about. The author wrote a book of fiction, her theories about the world, and fools like this monster, made it into their own personal religion. Now I’m not saying he’s the only monster in our midsts, but he’s the one with the plan. I’ve always disliked the House Leader with a passion, whenever he crawled out of whatever hole he slithered out from, his arrogance and pompous demeanor just didn’t sit right with me. When he was running as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the notion that he would be a heart beat away from the Presidency always made me nervous. When he wriggled his way to House leadership my heart sank while I listened to all the talking heads make him sound like he was gonna be the man that righted the House. Righted indeed, more like right off of a cliff. Every time he came out with a new pitch, it always felt like we were playing Russian Roulette with our nation’s financial health. But when you take a step back and look at his latest legislative offering I’ve realized my gut instinct about him was being nice, this man has to be pure evil incarnate. How else can you explain what his legislation sets out to do?

His mission is to hurt those who live within the borders of our 50 states.  He doesn’t care if you’re straight or gay, male or female or even a transsexual. If you’re mentally challenged or your physically handicapped. The poor, the young, the old,  have I left anyone out? Simply put, pretty much any one who is breathing. If you ain’t got the funds, you can seriously drop dead for all he cares. I led my last commentary with “death panels” in the head line, and no,  I wasn’t trying to make light of the wording or its historical connotations. I understand by mentioning ‘death camps’ or Nazi’s or their ringleader Adolf Hitler, it usually a showcase that the person who is spouting off the correlation is being obnoxious. Well seems I’ve turned into one of those types, maybe in this case thats a good thing. If enough Democrats had become as fanatical about their conspiracy theories like the Republicans out there are, maybe Hillary would’ve be in the White House and Donald would just be some distant memory. But if enough turn into one’s now, when it comes to what the Trumpeters are trying to do, in how they stole the Presidency, perhaps by the next election my beliefs will finally become the consensus out there and Donald and his deplorables will be a thing of the past.There is no way of knowing how many people will be hurt if somehow this theft of a life line for millions gets enacted, but the numbers I’ve seen suggested by some are simply horrifying to even contemplate. There is no way of envisioning how many people will lose their homes or how many hospitals will close for financial reasons. Which of course brings to mind how this legislation could implode our economy if the experts are right. What’s not ever mentioned is what the healthcare world was like before Obamacare. All the things that The Affordable Health Care Act was designed to fix before it was enacted. Which amazing it was accomplishing, even with an entire political party trying to do everything in their power to stop it in its tracks. What really makes these monsters the ghouls that they are, they didn’t even have the humanity to wait to actually learn the ramifications of Ryan’s master plan before voting yes on it. Most we’ve discovered didn’t even read it, and those are the fools who argue what’s actually in the bill. They are throwing out the same lies Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are, perfect example is of course ‘preexisting conditions’. As with everything with the Trumpeters, just believe what I say, everyone else is lying and simply disregard what we say or tweet or now even legislate. Screw what’s actually on the printed page, just believe us till we pull the rug from out of 30 million or more Americans. 

Though out his legislative career the Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House has always tried to come off as a man of the people who knows best, while delivering one piece of legislation after the other that seriously does its best to make things worse for people. I can’t remember one offering that when examined by the experts ever made financial sense. Simply put somehow his numbers never add up, and luckily until now we had either a Democratic majority in the Congress and of course, President Barack Obama to stop him before. This heinous piece of sewage that the House just voted ‘yes’ on, seriously needs to be ripped to shreds and forced down the smug faced steroid freaks throat till he suffocates on his own vomit. Believe it or not, I’m trying to be nice here. I’m trying not to write something that will have the authorities banging on my door. I mean if someone can get convicted for laughing at Jeff Sessions, my calling the House leader a piece of excrement whose trying to make Adolf Hitler seem like a choir boy, could seriously put me in their cross hairs. But if my insulting the putz running the House brings me into the cross hairs of an unhinged would be tyrant, so be it. How else am I supposed to feel about this, how else am I suppose to react? We have a political leader, third in line to the Presidency, who laughs in our faces as he just helped start the process in signing the death sentences of millions and millions of Americans. What should we throw him a party? Should we set him up to be the next President? 

I understand we are living in backward times, our President comes out in front of Church leaders pitching ‘religious freedom’, this just weeks after his previous Executive Actions against Muslims, were shut down by the judicial system because they were racist. The hypocrisy was so thick in Trump’s words one could imagine the oranged faced would be tyrant suffocating on the horse manure he was now trying to pitch. It must be such a struggle having to try to enhance ones Presidency, when you realize you are so out of your league. Trying so desperately to make anything good, your own accomplishment. Wanting so much to be taken seriously as a world leader, but looking more and more like a deranged escapee from an asylum whose somehow found a way to run it. The question is, how long will those not in the know take to realize Donald and his Trumpeters have slipped out of their straight jackets? When will their innocent victims, transform into a blood thirsty mob that turns into a tidal wave that overwhelms the monsters and returns our nation into the democracy that America was supposed to be? Or will we all just roll over and allow the monsters at the gates free reign and say good bye to the greatest nation in the history of our world.

I understand about seeing the light, finding Jesus and all of that stuff, but we are talking about a fool who once was penalized for being a racist by not renting to people of ‘color’ or as they used to be called ‘colored’, or as they marked the applications with a bit ‘C’. Some have mentioned this, reminding all of us that the Mad King has many faults. Its amazing how many deplorable things can be accomplished without having to get it passed through legislation. Now I get why Donald Trump complained about the use of Executive Actions so much during his barn storming days in the build up to deciding to seek the highest office in the land. Sadly we’ve learned with the Mad King, and what I’ve been harping on for over a year now, what he complains about is exactly what he does. Like his weekly trips to the golf course after complaining President Barack Obama went on too many when he was in the same position.

Watching the sheep in the House run and hide when asked if they had read the bill Donald Trump was putting his name on was quite striking and most of them look like the rats they are as they scurried away into their holes. Not having learned their talking points yet. Listening to the Democratic political leaders, they all think this political move, by going along with Donald’s decree, the Republicans had all just ran straight into a trap stuffed with a big fat slab of orange cheese. What a perfect representation of how they represented their constituents, like rats in cage. Hopefully all the so-called experts are correct and this latest proposal by Paul Ryan will die in the Senate, or rewritten enough by their leaders that the eventual bill will either be dropped by the House when then get the reconfigured version back or the bill won’t kill enough people for them to ever agree on anything. Either way, this dead on arrival legislation hopefully will help throw enough of the monsters out in our next election, that the Democrats will once again be back in the majority. You what that means if that happens, a real Russian investigation into exactly what occurred during the last campaign, and yes Donald Trump could be impeached. Escorted and shackled along with all the other Russian traitors in our midsts.  

Of course, if this death document gets approved by The Senate and Donald signs it into law, who knows how our citizens will react. Wouldn’t it be ironic that once they kill our health care off, and the riots begin, that after lying for years that one democrat after the other would take away their guns, Donald Trump signs off on removing the precious weapons of all this 2nd Amendment fans. Talk about anarchy. After all, who do you think is gonna hurt most with Trump’s draconian maneuvers. All I can say, hey killers, yeah I’m talking to all of the Trumpeters out there, all you Republican liars who lied straight to your constituents faces that you would vote against the bill, you better higher better security. Those like Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) who actually said “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.” Hm, I beg to differ, and I resume there are millions out there who agree with me.

I’m just saying I’d think about some protection if I was you. Look at how mad people got when mean old Obama ‘forced’ all of us, dragging and screaming into Obamacare in the middle of the night, and that was giving them health care maybe for the first time in their lives. You sirs, you monstrous trolls are doing the opposite, and doing it gleefully practically drooling at the notion that all these deadbeats would simply go away and die on their own dimes. Its a funny thing, but people ain’t happy when things are taken away from them, especially when those things turn out to be their loved ones. That’s pretty much what it feels like this ‘heath’ care bill does, it gives people the choice of paying for healthcare, and if you can’t afford it, you’re on your own. So in other words not only are the Trumpeters racists, homophobic anti-woman’s equalitists, they really hate poor people. They’ve lied to get where they are by telling people President Barack Obama was the devil by forcing them to have healthcare. How heartless could he be to give millions of Americans the chance to better their lives. The Republicans cried that Obamacare, had death panels, they lied and argued that Obama took their doctors away, his biggest sin, when in reality those doctors refused to give their patients the health care they deserved. Some how making a minimum on what you received as a patient was a bad thing. These same liars have now taken over our nation, and the healthcare that so many of them finally received, that saved thousands if not millions of lives in the short time it was implemented are actually offering a program that is worse then the health care system we had in the first place.  

Of course why am I even worried, the way things are going if Paul Ryan gets his wish, by the time this legislation gets enacted our world will probably be in cinders, engulfed in radiation from the fall out of the multiple wars the Mad King caused. So how sad will that be, when those of us left alive can’t afford the health care that we were lucky enough to be allowed to have.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, May 7, 2017 

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