Tuesday, May 09, 2017


So Donald fires James Comey because of his handling of Hillary Clinton’s server, as opposed to his investigation in his Russian ties, talk about digging your own grave. 

SERIOUSLY COULD WE GET ANY CRAZIER? Wow, just when you think things couldn’t get nuttier, it always does, as Donald J. Trump goes full blown Nixon. One day after the former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified in front of Congress, the bottom dropped out from underneath FBI director James Comey. Or did it just open a can of worms against the President himself as his inner dictator boiled over a little too much.

Unbelievable, today Sean Spicer came out during his daily Press Briefing with the White House Press Corps and spent a good portion of it, denigrating the former acting Attorney General. Pretty much calling her a woman on the rag, who had to nag her way back to a meeting twice in order to bleed all over the rugs in the White House. Sorry, Donald’s disgusting comments on the former FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly sometimes comes to mind when ever I think about our Mad King. Seems, his disdain for powerful women includes the former acting Attorney General, because the highest law officer in the land was delegated to secretary status. Sean Spicer tried to soil her credibility acting like Sally Yates was simply a busy body. But worse he slandered her as a partisan Clinton backer. Her “unlawful” stoppage of Donald’s “legal” Muslim ban proved Trump was right for firing her. Spicer repeated that mantra several times, tossing the bull that the Republicans in the Senate that queried Sally Yates yesterday had pulled. Seems the talking points have already been created and learned by the Trumpeters in the case of Sally Yates. So when she gave them notice that their was lots of problems with this pal of the President, General Flynn, they simply ignored her pleas. I would call them pleas because of the way Sally Yates testified under oath. She requested a second meeting because she noticed how the Vice President was using the same lies that General Flynn had floated and knew they the White House needed to be told. Sean Spicer’s excuse that they hadn’t gotten the paperwork, the evidence until 8 days later doesn’t hold water. They never vetted the General, who disregarded what President Barack Obama had told Donald Trump. Once heard, the Acting Attorney General should have been listened to, disregarding her now supposed political bias that Spicer was now tarring her with. General Flynn, should have been given desk duty, away from Top Secret information till he was fully vetted. As soon as President Barack Obama spoke to Trump about it he should have been fired, not promoted. It reminds me a lot like when President George Walker Bush’s disregarded President Bill Clinton’s Osama bin Laden Intel and we all know how that turned out. Sadly these Republican leaders think they always know better till they get into job and we discover they don’t have a clue how to run anything. Trump kept saying he knew more than the generals, then now we discover he doesn’t. He told us he knew how to fix healthcare, then he realized how “hard” it was to solve.  

A few hours afterwards, the news world exploded with the shock that Donald Trump fired   the FBI director James Comey, and his reasoning made the firing a bigger news story than it possibly might have been. Seems he was ecstatic during the campaign when Donald came out and ruined Hillary Clinton’s chances, two weeks before Election Day by spewing his lies about her server and those damned ‘classified’ emails. But than spoiled the fun by letting Hillary Clinton off the hook just a few days later, and now he’s canning Comey because he was evil to Hillary. Me thinks, before this gets played out, Donald’s pick for Attorney General will blocking Hillary up just as a way to deflect his jailers at the front door.

One of the things that cracks me up in all of this is, that in the letter that he sent to James Comey, he told him that he ‘greatly appreciated’ the now former head of the FBI, for “informing” him on “three separate occasions that I am not under investigation” in the Russian investigation. Excuse me, what does that have anything to do with this excuse for his firing, and why would he tell you unless he was in on your con. If he did know, talk about how to blackmail a President. If thats true, you fired the man who has your freedom by your balls. Donald, do you actually think the man with the pink slip still in the mail, would now keep quiet. I say the man with the pink slip thats in the mail, because that was actually the case.

Supposedly, James Comey was making a speech on stage for the FBI, when the announcement went over the wire. So picture the man, supposedly blind sided in front of a room filled with interested parties, and he discovers his canning in full sight of everyone. Wait, to add salt to the wound, James Comey flew to Los Angeles in an FBI private plane, to do several speeches pitching the FBI. Turns out only employees of the FBI can fly in it. That’s right, which means either they will have to go against protocol and allow him to ride along, or he might have to hitch a ride on an airline. Kind of hoping its United, and they have to bump him on the flight home.

Then we discovered that the reason Trump decided to pull the switch was that Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Donald to do it. So Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Investigation, because of his connection with the Trump campaign and his forgetting to mention that he also met with Russian associates of Vladimir Putin. Then Sessions helps to fire the investigator into Trumps Russian investigation, and now, in what shouldn’t be a shocker, he’s signalling the fact that he wants to end the investigation into Russian entanglements in the Trump campaign. Really? Session, Jeff baby, go blow yourself… up!

As a joke I turned on FOX Faux News, or as they brand themselves, FOX News, and FOX  Business and at first it seemed they were acting like somebody dies, as the world was calling Donald Trump’s actions today something out of Richard Nixon’s playbook. It was if they realized the end was near for the Mad Kind. Well approximately an hour later I turned back to them and Hannity was losing his shirt. Seems he’s practically foaming at the media for comparing Trump to  Nixon, how dare they? Then he went on a long tirade showcasing why James Comey deserved to be canned. How everything he did during the campaign was illegal, I actually had to make sure this was Hannity speaking. I mean I can remember hours upon hours of this Trumpeter proclaiming Comey a God for what he was doing. Using the FBI directors own words as evidence that Hillary deserved a prison cell. Me thinks he see’s his pay checks going the way of James Comey’s, a bitter shade of pink. 

So now where are we? The Republicans are in a tizzy, I guess trying to decide if they want to die on the sword. The Democrats are smelling blood and the world is sitting up to discover what happens next. Senator Chuck Schumer has announced tomorrow there’s gonna be a special meeting in the Senate to explain something, I presume its strategy. Plus, to make matters crazier, James Comey who was scheduled to speak in front of Congress before today, will be returning to the Capital in be questioned, this time as a common citizen. I can’t even estimate how many viewers that session for will be seen by, all I know is I’ll be watching with pop corn, wondering if his righteous manner and pompous demeanor will be diminished a bit, now that King Joffrey fired his ass for doing his job, by using the excuse of not doing his job. How funny with Trump whichever way you go, it only matters to him if you go along with his scam. Otherwise you here those Trumpian words… “Your fired!” In this case, the Your Fired, hopefully will be the beginning of the end of Donald’s Presidency. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, May 9, 2017 

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Noriblogs said...

I really enjoy hearing Robbie Mook on CNN the night of the firing. He has such instant and great insight to all this too. The market seems to be steady right now, still on a sugar-high. Once this starts shifting, I wonder if all this with Tyrant-Von-Tweeetos will go south? We have yet to see the worst of this, I fear.