Sunday, April 10, 2016

You have all these great plans… your followers love your ideals. But HOW DO YOU DO IT? 
I read this article earlier today 
What Bernie Sanders got wrong in his Daily News editorial board interview — and keeps getting wrong
(the link is copied below), perfectly answers the Bernie's fans when they attack the newspaper for its editorial… as usual the fans of Bernie, don't want to see the truth. they want to believe his BS…if the initials fit, you site back and ponder whats real or is what he's pitching is, well, BS.
Bernie Sanders, you have all these great plans. Your followers love your ideals. But HOW DO YOU DO IT?  No real answers, ever, just spin. 
I'm sorry, if the initials fit… BS… you vote for the person who actually has answers to ALL the questions. You ask Hillary Clinton something, she gives you her plan. And then explains it to you. She doesn't throw out spin or attack her adversary.  'I deal with facts and reality. Your plans don't work, explain it sir.' That of course is taken as a personal attack… hysterical.
And as usual, her attackers attack her looks, her 'criminal' activities and the people who she's been paid off by… oy…  sad…  Seems not every brainwashed person in America is a Republican.
Stop arracking editorial because of their supposed slanted obnoxious covers… maybe its time to actually look into Bernie's plans… seriously. We are all grown up. Listen to how he answers these questions, about and of his proposals. I grant you, each answer sounds good. But when you step back, he has never, NEVER really explained how they work.
I keep hearing from his followers, that the President doesn't need to know how to actually do things, he has to inspire others to come up with the way to do it. Hm, no. Sorry, what happens when those desires only exist in fantasies and not the real world. Remember, "No new taxes!" 
What if what he wants isn't possible, what then? And honestly even if it was possible, how in this day and age of partisan politics do you think anything as monumental as this will actually get voted for and implemented.
I do say, the man is a dreamer. I'll give him that. And he has inspired millions of people to want something better in their lives. But sadly we live in the real world. Some dreams, aren't possible. And remember, be careful what you wish for, seemingly from many experts (that sound like they live in the real world, and no, they aren't bought off by the corporate 1%ers), most of them have said that Bernie's plans don't work. That Hillary's actually could.
What gets me, after 8 years of watching The Affordable Care Art or as they like to call it as an insult… Obamacare​ Bernie, wants to scarp the whole thing and start implementing a new healthcare system. I understand he's not throwing everyone off the dole when he does it. As some have tried to use as an excuse to attack his idea. But remember the website, when it failed famously. People still mention that. Their will be glitches. It seems, a lot of what Bernie is pitching has the word 'glitches' written all over it.
I'm just saying before they attack Hillary as the demon they you all seem to think she is, and swear on your savior's face that if she's the nominee you actually might vote for a Republican, to spite her. Perhaps you should actually listen to whats he's saying, not hear what you want to hear. Its all sounds great, but there is no substance. He has nothing to back his plans. Sure, you can tell me to go to his website and its all explained there. Sorry I went. It doesn't. Again, its all slogan, banner and no substance.
When Bernie came out and attacked her for not being a "qualified" candidate, besides being a laughable statement, because he read a headline, that was, or a should I write, that should have awoken something in everyone. And when confronted with it, he refused to admit he was wrong, he just went into his spin.
Well thank goodness there is at least one place where they're actually questioning what he's pitching. Just because you may not agree with the newspaper's editorial, doesn't mean their questions about him are wrong. By ignoring their questions, by insulting who asked the question, it doesn't negate the question. You are just doing what he's dong, side-stepping any answers. If the man has solutions to the problems in our world, great. Let him explain it, now, not after the election. And we get a great of the scene of that great political movie, The Candidate, when after Robert Redford actually wins in the election, he says "What'll we do now?" 
Exactly, Bernie, if you win, you better have real answers to these questions. Just pitching ideals and desires, don't make those wants possible, when you really don't know or understand how to implement anything you're throwing out.
As opposed to Hillary Clinton​ who seems to understand and know everything about everything. hence, #imwithher

Here's the excellent editorial I read that my article is referring to.

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