Thursday, April 21, 2016

So I thought you were running a clean campaign, but it seems your handlers have decided to torch the niceties.

Hillary Clinton handedly won the New York' Democratic primary, by a shockingly large amount. Not by the polling, which in this case turned out to be pretty accurate, but by the visuals showcased over the last week and a half all over NYC. Seemingly Bernie's followers had all the momentum in t he world, and all the buzz. Facebook was a blaze with Berniemania. As as Primary day got closer the rhetoric from his fan base and sadly t he man himself was honesty as bad if not worse then anything the Republican would throw out. But instead of coming out and congratulating Hillary, or at least admitting that their chances of winning had been problem shot down, his handlers came out and announced that even she wins both the popular vote and gets more then the 2,383 delegates needed, they're gonna try to persuade all the Super-Delegates that he's the better general election candidate because the polls say so. Guess Presidential campaigns is a popularity contest. Presidential elections are now just about polling, not about voters actually voting.
So it turns out Bernie Sander's pitch is he's more electable. Really? Every time he speaks, he mentions that at the beginning of his campaign I was polling at 3% in the polls and now in some polls we are actually a head. Well I guess that sounds logical on paper. We keep hearing about momentum, but she's the one leading in the the race and even if he closes the gap, it is almost impossible for him to win or even get near the delegates needed. But turns out, in Bernie's world, delegates don't matter, that is unless he's getting the delegates.
Seems poor Bernie is a sore loser. He keeps harping that if his followers vote for him, he'll win and win big. If the turn out is huge he'll win. Problem being, it's turning out that his followers either don't vote, aren't registered, are too young to vote, or are not citizens of our country and are ineligible to vote.Seems sir, the voters are the ones actually speaking. Maybe, Sander's you and your handlers aren't listening. Sorry, but just maybe the adults in the room might not enjoy political events or protests, but at least they do their patriotic duty and actually vote. Sad that our most basic right, voting, the one that is now being systematically taken away from citizens for all manner of bogus excuses, isn't taken more seriously. Except as a political talking point.Seems the only reason Bernie went through that long stretch of victories recently, wasn't because of momentum. It was because they were predominately white and Independents well allowed to vote and of course they were Caucuses.... Something they he excels in, and as has been the case since this campaign began, New York represents this country's colorful mix of races and demographics, something that Bernie and his handlers don't seem to get.As the race has tightened and Bernie has twisted himself from a loving caregiver who wants to nurture us all (A grand father figure if you will), into an angry hateful attack dog all we've discovered is that maybe the later is really all Bernie really is. He's been saying almost word for word the exact same things for decades, except as the recent New York Daily News revealing interview showcased, he seems only to have his talking points and attack lines down pact. Sadly it seems his desires, wants, ideas and even fantasies are just that. No real explanations. Seems his big plan is, once he's in power and he has the people behind him, the powers that be in Washington will just bow down and give him exactly what he wants. And we complain about Donald Trump's pitches?Maybe it's true that everyone in Washington and in Government is bought off, but do we really believe that he of all people can just shake his fingers at Congress and they'll fall over themselves for him. Really? After what we've just lived thru with our current President. Really?  The more I see of Bernie's handlers the more it feels to me like Bernie's been had by them. They've turned a sweet, grandfather into a zealot whose seemingly thrown a lifetime of work away, in this quest for the White House. According to them, everyone is corrupt, everyone except of course Bernie. Yet they throw out no proof. And worse, they've turned Bernie into a Tea Partier. Amazingly watching this year's race, Ted Cruz of all people feels more Presidential. How sad is that.For a campaign that preached positivity, it seems the only positives they now pitch is 'look at the polls, look at the amount of people who come to his events, look how much money people are donating'. They'e forgotten why he's running. Except of course the talking points.Today I saw I post on Facebook suggesting that 8 years ago, Hillary also won New York in the primary, as if to showcase that Bernie still has a chance.The problem with that is, at the time Senator Obama was ahead, not behind like Bernie is now. Hillary was the Bernie of the race. Her victory helped her continue her campaign, it closed the gap, which is the complete opposite of this year's primary. Hillary was Obama by less delegates at the time when she won, then Bernie is trailing her now. And she won, her delegate is actually grew. In other words, its a false argumentGet it. This isn't like Hebrew, we aren't reading back to front. Sometimes a loss is a loss. 

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