Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Why not just separate the land masses. A few billion dollars well spent, ridding us of all the illegals. Sounds ridiculous? No seriously, why not. We already did that, when we created Panama Canal. Not convinced yet. You complain that the costs of doing this would just be too much. Really? Imagine the value of the land once Mexico has been excised off of our land. Separated by the ocean. I can only imagine how expensive the new Waterfront property would be on our side. How much money could be made by all those Texas land barons. You want a jobs plan. I got one right here. Imagine how many million would gain employment from this idea. First with the construction of the American Canal, and then with the creation of a all new stretch if beach. 
Come to think of it, Texans’ keeps threatening to leave our union. Go ahead. Why not dig a trench separating Texas from the Union. Let Texas, the country, deal with its neighboring country Mexico. Let them deal with the border problems. Why stop there let’s just build a Canal between Canada and these United States. Why not. I’ve always wondered why we never hear anything about all those Pesky Canadians. Think of all those comedic acting gigs stolen by those illegals from the North. I mean it couldn’t be because of the color of their skin. Hmmm, just pondering a little.
I realize how ridiculous this sounds. But honestly, an African American President didn’t see that one coming.  Hopefully a women replacing him in 2006. Gay marriage, honestly even the most liberal amongst us never envisioned that occurring. 
I’m just thinking out loud, wondering if I put this out there, how my half-backed crazy notion will add to the national conversation. Immigration reform, lets rethink that a little. If we build a canal, literally separating the continents, the NEW reforms could be open-shut. You are on our island, you are a citizen, you don’t like it, we put you on a boat back to Mexico, bye bye, see ya. 
Think about the cost savings with that new Canal, all the money wasted every year on border security could be spent on more important things, like education, or infrastructure. Maybe save a few bridges. Rebuilding money after the next Hurricane. Actually this is beginning to sound better then I originally thought. How about saving Social Security, shrinking our debt and fixing the Postal Office.
Or we can just can continue building fences. Instead of having to do this immigration reform thing, every 25 years or so. Adding all the illegals the next time the numbers force our political leaders into this jam that we’re in. This would end that from occurring again. There, just found us another half billion. The Republication are going love this idea. Which means I’m probably gonna hate the idea when they announce it at their next Presidential debates. Heck against Hilary, they’re gonna have to come up with something big, they are to any chance of defeating our next President. 
Now thats reform, now that’s real change. Well you did want fresh ideas, All we ever hear is we have to secure our borders, well, this definitely would do just that.
Just one man’s opinion  © Neil Feigeles  
Neilizms, Tuesday July 2, 2013

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