Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Honestly, let’s call them out. Traitors! These so called citizens, want to dismantle our Government. Literally causing a shutdown... No FOX news, not a streamlining of the government.... A SHUTDOWN!  
You think this is funny? Do you think the citizens of the United States laughing? Simply having your talking heads come out, saying the exact same talking points, word for word, doesn’t change the facts. Saying you’ve come up with several options, that you’re trying to negotiate doesn’t alter the truth. You want one thing, you want our nation to go back in time. 
You selfish few forget exactly why our nation was formed. If you want to discuss what goes into the budget, thats when you discuss it. And funny thing is... You did! The budget was passed! You don’t get to renegotiate the budget again, afterwards. Not when it’s time to pay the bill. After you have a steak dinner, you can’t decide to pay just for the salad, cause you want to. This budget was approved and signed into law. Pay the bill! 
How complicated is that. Because of a few bible thumping backward thinking politicians, being unhappy with that resolution. They now decide, oh sorry, disregard what we agreed on. Disregard the wished of the majority, what next Abortion? Oh thats right, thats's already happening all over the country... Just like the election. Guess the people who voted in the President by more then 5 million votes never happened. (oh, that BS commentary that you won the Congress, well you might have 'won' the elections, but in actuality, you lost the vote... thats right, the democratic candidates actually received more votes... so that theory is shot. Next) 
I guess all the people coming up to you are really the voices that matter. As of now, most of these 'voices of the people' have only been talked about, and never seen. It would be nice to actually have some of these 'complainers showcased, let the public see what you see. Maybe the complaints are sincere, real, and factual. Or maybe, they are simply made-up BS, cause thats all you really got. Kind of like those pesky DEATH PANELS! Or perhaps maybe we will finally find those missing WMDs! 
So let’s just keep every program you dislike unfunded. Department of Defense.... Ok, department of education... screw that, everyone start home schooling.. Social security, Medicare, taxes...everyone for themselves!  Let just end the country...  
Simply put, the tea party faithful, have put a gun to the head of the United States. And that’s without discussing guns! Guess the term united has to be reconfigured, cause really how united are we... really? With politicians trying to make it more difficult to vote. Shut the Government down... Good? it won’t really hurt... Really? 
End Obamacare! End any chance for healthcare for all of its citizens... Sorry, it ain’t happening.. Don’t hold your breath. Cause once the citizens of this nation really and fully realize what you ingrates are trying to pull. Taking away millions of peoples chances of literally being able to get basic medical care. You’ve heard of the million man march....   How do I put this... you wanted to start a fight with the lives of millions upon millions of Americans... you might not be so happy you did!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Monday October 7, 2013

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