Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why did you get into politics? I mean sincerely, why? 
If its to help people great! If it was just for the job, not so great! I mean, jeez, our country was on the verge of financial ruin, and you refused to reopen the government cause you were afraid you might not get reelected? Really? You are willing to destroy our way of life so you might be secure in your job? 
Do you just hate ‘Obamacare’ or do you just hate the rest of us even having healthcare?
Your party and its affiliates has spent untold millions of dollars trying to block our President’s healthcare plan. Wouldn’t it have been wiser if you were so unhappy with it, to instead of trying to taint it as literary the devil in disguise, you had instead spent all that time, all those resources on either amending it and making it better, or actually coming up with a better plan. In the process, you’ve slowly turned your brethren into a pact of crazed lunatics. Honestly was this a good use of your resources?
I've been thinking, maybe the truth behind your healthcare fear goes even deeper... maybe Obamacare is bad because it actually gives people the opportunity, finally, to get healthcare. The only option that has been discussed by your side of the aisle is having none! Not one suggestion! 
If you add that, to the assault on women’s healthcare, by attacking places that perform or even instruct women about abortions, the far right has been helping to shut down any and all healthcare to thousands if not millions of people in our nation. And in their zeal to rid our world of abortion, I might say that attack has had the effect of harming any and all women in their pursuit of healthcare. Simply by causing the mere closing of these clinics, these zealots, are causing real harm to the lives of real people. In fact punishing the masses for the sin they believe has been taking place. So what if the innocent gets hurt in the crosshairs, the sinners must pay! And if you are at all associated, you deserve to suffer for it! Hence, no clinic, no healthcare. No healthcare, live in pain, eventually you die! 
Why are you in politics to begin with If you seriously think the world’s ending? And if thats the case, should you be involved in ANY decisions politically that effect the rest of us, that is, if we somehow survive the upcoming apocalypse!
Michele Bachman talks about ‘End of Days’ coming and has the balls to even discuss making budget decisions…listen lady, either it’s all gonna blow up or it ain’t; and if it ain’t, maybe we should play it safe? Cause if it is, why the hell should it matter? 
Lady you is literally playing with fire. You wanna see riots in the streets? You wanna tear this country apart? Keep it up!
Republicans Help me here. Remind me again how it’s all about cutting deficits and growing the economy
This last attempt at killing healthcare cost our nation an estimated 24 billion! Tell me how does this get people jobs? Me thinks your games, simply keep hurting our nation and not helping the American people you so desperately want to lead. It hurt us on interest rates, slows down any momentum in the economy, again.   
In your zeal to kill the ‘Affordable Healthcare Law,’ you almost damaged our nation worse then those planes did on 9/11. We consider those zealots terrorists. Sadly it seems even after the ending was near, the zealots, the health-haters still say they should have kept the government closed! Screw everything, destroy the lives of millions of people around the world. Whose the worst terrorists? 
I guess if you think ‘end of days’ is coming doing so much damage doesn’t matter. People’s suffering doesn’t matter. Since I guess the rest of us are moral degenerates who believe in equality, in women’s rights, and oh my God, healthcare for all, are simply following the Devil! All those abortionists are sinners. We deserve to burn to the ground because we disagree with their backwards thinking views. 
Facts be damned, science and truth are tricks to cover us disbelievers from what is their truth. If you believe those thoughts, good for you. But people who try to destroy everything because they believe fantasies, should have no place in running our nation! Remember the world isn't flat anymore, but it seems, your viewpoints are!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Saturday October 19, 2013

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