Saturday, October 12, 2013

So, now that the crazies are doing their best to destroy our country, I was just wondering if these backward thinking, uneducated, hypocrites should be arrested and put on trial for treason!
As has been reported on numerous occasions, most recently in the New York Times, several members of the Republican Party reportedly got together and discussed doing everything they could do to stop the newly elected President Obama with anything and everything he tried to do. In effect, trying to make his Presidency a disaster. Disregarding whatever the effects it has on our country and its citizens. And this was occurring during the worst economic time of our nations history, probably since the Great Depression!
And now it's reported that they've done a similar thing, but this time dealing with our government when it comes to The Affordable Care ActFirst by demanding that 'Obamacare' be scrapped or they would shut the government down! 
But now that that plan has failed, they're still holding the nation's future as well as the worlds economy hostage unless they get there way! Damn the ramifications!
How is this not treason? A bunch of zealots causing trouble, trying to overthrow our way of life, because they think their God has spoken to them. 
I'm sorry, when these same people are talking "End of days" as they discuss the budget for next year, something is obviously not kosher. It seems to these people, that elections and more importantly facts have no place in any conversation. Just personal opinions and hidden agendas.
Hopefully somehow, the power-brokers in Washington will right this ship. But, if or when this crisis is averted these so-called zealots have to be investigated. And if these 'traitors' are proven to have colluded to 'overthrow' our nation, to throw it under the bridge. To literally decide to stop our President in every possible way, and now to destroy our economy, they need to pay the price! 
First by losing their political power, second by entering their well deserved prison cells. And, or third, if its really proven, and they are convicted of treason, perhaps they all can be sent to Texas and strapped into it's electric chair. Cause doesn't treason come with the death penalty!  Now thats "End of days" isn't  it Michele BachmanThen, you can really have those so called long conversations with your God as you like to describe it! Elections have consequences, and so does trying to destroy our nation!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Saturday October 12, 2013

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