Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Train of Thought  #1 
Your first of the campaign. Congrats
Now I must preface this train of thought by admitting my bestowing of said Gold Star was contingent upon reading just one article this morning on HuffingtonPost.com. But all it takes is one nudge for my mind to go off on a tangent. so this award to Mr. Gingrich might be a little early. That said -- it got me on a roll, enjoy:

Here’s an article I highly recommend. Wanna read more, please check out the link below.
Gingrich: ‘I Was Wrong.. Why Don’t You Recognize That You’re Wrong Too?’
“WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich took a subtle shot at primary frontrunner Mitt Romney on Monday, arguing that health care mandates lead to “socialized medicine” regardless of whether they’re implemented by the federal or state government.
But last week, Gingrich said he had erred in favoring the idea during an interview with conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin. During the interview, Gingrich revisited his response to Romney in an Oct. 18 debate when Romney deflected a Gingrich attack on his health care plan by saying he got the idea for a mandate from Gingrich.
“If I’d been clever I would have said yes Mitt, and I was wrong and why don’t you recognize that you’re wrong too?” Gingrich said.”
Mr Gingrich the problem with saying you were wrong is, for me, a joke. I know man is doomed to repeat his mistakes or whatever that old expression is, but you the so-called historian keep changing history. I’m sorry, all of your lyrical talking points sound quite intelligent [and unlike your political adversaries, actually at least seem to be in the realm of reality]. And your suggestions now seem just as wrong as they were running Congress. Facts are facts sir. And you were wrong then, almost shutting down the government approximately 16 years ago. And you still wrong now. Having an entire party or at least the loudest and most powerful members in it beholden to an outside source [Grover Norquist] is wrong for all the obvious legal or at least unethical reasons. Being allowed unlimited, unknown campaign funding is wrong, today. Just as crucifying President Clinton for receiving a blow job at the same time that you were having an affair while still married was not just wrong, but also a little skivvy. Saying comments which sound a lot like you want to rid us of child labor or minimum wage laws is wrong now, just as it was wrong before the bills didn’t exist. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Just because you sound like you know what you are talking about Mr. Gingrich doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about. 
While its refreshing to learn that you can admit you were wrong. Since most of your kind seem very proud of their perfection. Their never wavering feeling that even against all scientific, medical and expert knowledge, that they are always correct. That if we disagree with them, that we, the unbelievers were simply wrong, deranged, or worse “un-American” illegals. 
So thanks Newt for showing us, for at least letting us know that you can be wrong. That you are actually a human being. Now perhaps you can show a little compassion for all the unemployed, all the homeless. Even all the protesters who need to go take a shower. You certainly have another human trait, arrogance when it comes to those items. Now let us all look back at all the other wrong things you pitched, promoted and sold over the course of your experiences. Now we get to see how many times you were ever even close to being right. Let’s see what the historical facts reveal about Newt’s beliefs and opinions.
That’s one big Gold Star in your column. That’s your first of the campaign. Congratulations.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011

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