Friday, November 18, 2011

You were bad Governor and now its been 
proven in court  
Shame on you Ms. Brewer. Since you got into power you’ve down nothing but bad things for your state. Every time you are in the news its about some way you are trying to make life worse instead of better for the citizens of Arizona. From illegal aliens who are beheading people or being beheaded. To simple justice your policies are simply wrong. And I for one can not wait to you disappear from the public scene.
But your latest attempt at stopping democracy in its steps is a true gage on what you plan to do in Arizona. Trying to fire someone for just doing their job because you disagree with her suggestions is a major no-no. But firing the Independent Congressman who was just doing what she was elected to do is probably illegal.
Here’s a brief backstory. Governor Jan Brewer called the Senate into a special session to dismiss Colleen Coyle Mathis as the redistricting chairwoman. The Republican-controlled Senate voted to remove Mathis, the only independent on the five-member committee. Then they fired her. Explaining that what they did was improper, Ms. Mathis decided she needed to fight this. Obtained counsel.
But then Ms. Brewer tried to use political power to remove her legal counsel. Since she wasn’t an employee of the state anymore, Ms. Brewer explained, the state was not obliged to pay for her defense. Nice move Governor. Take that democracy.
Well yesterday, Governor Brewer was smacked silly when The Arizona Supreme Court, overturned Ms. Brewer’s decision to oust the chairwoman of the state’s independent redistricting commission. The Arizona Republic reported that the court found that Brewer’s removal of Colleen Coyle Mathis did not meet state constitution guidelines. And thank goodness they did. This years class of republicans in the halls of congress have been trying to disenfranchise voters rights as citizens of our country. And in one big swoop the Arizona Supreme Court has stopped another step in that process. Trying to stop redistricting, altering the voting process is not kosher. And definitely un-American.
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