Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are they crazy. Haven’t they learned that 
lesson yet?

I'm sitting here shaking at what I just watched on television. FAREED ZAKARIA was on CNN, so I turned up the volume and was I was not happy listening to a discussion about ‘A Preventive Strike’ on Iran. A what? Yes, they were discussing starting a new war. 
On today’s CNN today [Sunday, afternoon November 13, 2011]On FAREED ZAKARIA GPS, I watched him [with two talking heads] discuss why going to war with Iran is a good idea. We are finally getting out of ‘Juniors’ Wars’ and these morans, these talking heads. These so-called experts are discussing getting into yet another war
Haven’t enough young men and women die already over false assumptions! Well haven’t they? Having we wasted enough money on the wrong things. Haven’t we learned the hard way not to jump into the fire without all the facts. Well haven’t we?
I’m sorry, but another ‘Preemptive War’ in not an option. Heck why don’t we just blow up the entire world. Take out a few Nuclear weapons and send them out as early Christmas presents. Somehow we’d survive. And then we could make the rest of the world our oyster. Lets just rid the world of all our enemies. We’d have all the oil in the land. We would be the world. We are America, we must lead from the front. 
We are the greatest country in the history of the world. Might as well spend yet another trillion dollars. Heck our bridges, schools and infrastructures don’t need fixing. Once the rest of the world is ours, then we can fix America. Then we’d be the shining star on the hill. Heck what are all our soldiers going to do, at home. There’s no jobs. Might as well just send them on another deployment. Coming home, forget-about-it. Lets ship them back to start another charade. Lets watch our country fall completely over the abyss.
When will people ever learn. Hasn’t President Obama’s successful foreign policy showcased why we shouldn’t attack before its necessary. Hasn’t his patient process proven victorius. Just because you have a feeling, or it could actually be in their plans, doesn’t mean you should send us into another never-ending debacle.   
So before you start discussing this possibility on the air. Sending out the idea, perhaps you should think what you are presenting to the world. Cause before you know it, the concept I listened today. Will be the reality we live in. 
Just one man’s opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011

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