Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yesterdays vote sends a major signal to the republicans, and hopefully the democrats

So now we officially know what our citizens want. Thats what election days are for. Poll after poll showed that ‘we the people’ did not want our politicians playing games with our lives. But your never-ending speeches and your talking heads kept telling us not only what we wanted, but also what needed to fix our economy. You told us that you’ve spoken to countless citizens who agreed with you (of course these folks have never been interviewed anywhere). At the same time you kept giving tax breaks to the wealthy. You screamed to the heavens that the only way to fix the situation was to end Collective Bargaining, decrease any and all benefits if possible, and of course end abortion. Even though a woman’s body has nothing to do with the reasons behind our financial breakdown. 
Even when all the experts said you were wrong, you screamed, that they were wrong. That unless we passed your measures the bottom would fall out.    
Well guess what,  it seems you weren’t listening to the people. And the people weren’t happy. So in one swift move, the people have spoken. Voting down the republican party’s big plans to derail unions, immigration laws and abortions. As well as a host of other obnoxious items that either haven’t come up for a vote yet, or are simply too radical to touch at this time.
The sad thing in all this is, in a time where money is real tight and our politicians fight to try to balance their budgets, get new programs enacted and setting goals for our future; we had to spend a fortune to fix a mess that wasn’t necessary in the first place. If instead of trying to destroy things, the time and energy could have been spent on fixing things.  The good in this, is that by attempting to alter our country, the republicans have awoken the sleeping giant. The American people have seen our future and weren’t too pleased. And when the people get angry. ‘We the people’ get angry.  So personally I can’t wait for the next election day. Me thinks Washington will feel a seismic jolt and our Obama’s second term will be very exciting to experience.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, November 9, 2011

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