Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Sadly the Afghan government apparently wasn't that into 'our' American Democracy after all, seemingly giving up 'their' country without a fight, proving in the end, we simply wasted time, money, and lives on yet another Republican lie.

APPARENTLY, PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, DECIDING TO LEAVE AFGHANISTAN, following the deal that his predecessor put into place, is now at fault for doing the thing that 73% of us American's actually wanted just weeks ago, that they're now all seemingly losing their collective minds over. So it's now Joe's debacle, not Trump's, not George Walker's, they shout, and once again. And not surprisingly, the man who forced Biden's hand in this, Trump himself, actually had the nerve to come out and call on Joe Biden to 'resign in disgrace' over the way he's handling the Afghanistan situation. Well, happily we now have a real President in office, named Joseph Biden, who responded brilliantly on Saturday in a statement, pointing out you know reality, and when he said it people cheered, well at least I did. "When I became President, I faced a choice - follow through on the deal, with a brief extension to get our Forces and our allies' Forces out safely, or ramp up our presence and send more American troops to fight once again in another country's civil conflict," he continued by saying "I was the fourth President to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan - two Republicans, two Democrats. I would not, and will not, pass this war onto a fifth." But now that he's being a man of his word, unlike Donald, they are losing their minds. 

Funnily, the loser in orange, the man who play acted, but never wanted to actually do the job, but demanded the trapping's and the power of the presidency, has as always tried to erase the truth from his past. As it's been reported Donald scrubbed his commentary online that touted the deal he set up in February 2, 2020 to leave Afghanistan. Seems the fellow that is now in charge of the Talaban, supposedly sitting in the Presidential office, in control of the Afghanistan government, after seemingly leading them back into power without a fight back. Then in 2020, Trump's Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in a well reported get together and discussed things, that of course nobody but they know about. And now in 2021, after President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan for Tajikistan, in fear for his life, it turns out, that same man, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the man Donald helped get free, is set to become the new President of Afghanistan under Taliban rule. In fact, he's already been pictured in what is reportedly the Presidential office, surrounded by his victorious pals, scarily, the image is way too reminiscent in visuals to the terrorists that stormed the Capitol in Washington D.C. on January 6th, and was photographed with their weaponry, and military style clothing. How sad is that? Who knew Donald's love for dictator like leaders, would lead to him assisting one into getting into power. Now I'm not just wondering if Trump made some sort of deal with the Taliban that if he helped them back into power. Perhaps they might agree let him build some giant gold Trump monstrosity that would tower over the new Afghanistan capital, or whatever new name they decide to rename the nation. 
The worse part in all this, is that it appears, the Talaban, the so-called bad guys in all this, simply walked back into power after 20 years without having to break a sweat. There was no fight, just a oops moment, a welcome home, a here goes, and it's all your's now. Proving once again, you can't nation build people, especially when it turns out, that nation doesn't really want what you're pitching. Especially when history tells you, as George Walker Bush, actually warned us about all the previous failed attempts that others had tried, at the same time that he ironically himself was in the midsts of launching his own failed offensive! The fact that he didn't listen to his own words, and pitched that he knew better, and it sadly it turned out to be the longest war in our nation's history, should make none of us forget, that until Donald showed up, Junior Bush was the worst President in this nations history. 
Seems, the naysayers attacking President Biden, disregard what Trump concocted was just another con he pulled over on everyone. The only thing he has ever said in politics, that had an ounce of truth at all in it, occurred during his campaign for President in 2016. It happened when he responded to a question at the debates about George Walker's failed war, the one President Joe Biden has now finally officially ended. He said Bush had made an error,  and he would end the war if he was elected President. Well apparently he was right about Bush's wrong decision to take us to war, and as is the case with everyone of Donald's decisions, even when he makes a correct one, in this case to end the war, but he decided to end it without a real end game plan of what to do to get us out with as little damage as possible. And now, of course, his replacement the current President, Joe Biden, has to clean up the mess he was forced into. Just like his leaving it to others to figure out how to give the people the vaccine he so rightly touted, I mean why worry about that. 
Remember Trump set it up so that the Afghani people would defend their own nation from the terrorists closing in on them. And now that Biden has fulfilled Trump's end of the bargain, the trumpian Republicans are going completely mental over it. I guess thinking that the American people will completely forget what is happening in our own streets, that they helped to cause. The threat of insurrectionists in our midst attempting another coup, another take over. What insurrection? They shout, as more and more evidence comes out that that's exactly what Trump and his minions attempted and are still attempting, both inside and outside the government. 
Lets not forget, we didn't go into that country to nation build, they promised. It was simply to get the monsters that attacked us on 9/11. Let's simply disregard that Bush attacked the wrong nation, on trumped up evidence that was laughable at best. 
We weren't there to become a permanent protector of the nation, on the American people's dime. A cash cow to help prop up a pseudo democracy that apparently wasn't something that ever would become permanent in their country. They keep complaining about the costs of the Democrats plans, ignoring that they caused the deficit we are in, by incompetence and that ridiculous gift they gave to their rich buddies, whiter a tax break for the ages, not to forget all the money we wasted buying military weaponry which is now all the property of the Taliban run Afghanistan country. And am I the only person who is happy, that this is happening under a Biden Administration and not by the orange guy in Kabuki makeup, I mean how many American's might have died in Donald's transition there, before this transition of power is settled there. I think if Donald had gotten his wish and was back in power, construction would have already begun on that golden tower in Kabul, I mentioned briefly above. And never forget, this decision by President Biden, was set in motion by Donald Trump, who made the deal with the Talaban, to officially end our time in their world. 
I guess all we can do now is to sit back, hope, and discover if they are a threat to us in the future, or simply a nation under new management, that the world needs to learn how to live with, and just in case prepare for another battle to come. Sometimes nothing can stop fate, not even our so called American greatness. I already heard discussions today about what's gonna be happening on September 11th? Should we already be worrying? That the entire time that we were in this war, not once were we attacked in America, by the Taliban. As if ending this war, was gonna mean we are now in danger once more. Actually sounding more like, it means, those saying this simply want us yet another never ending war.
And speaking of Donald, let us not forget that he came into power promising to end the war, but instead, once in prolonged it, till he and his buddies came up with a plan to negotiate with the Taliban and not the political party that was supposedly running the nation we put into power and was it turns out propping up. And it was him, not Biden, in November 17, 2020, that announced the Troop Withdrawal in May 1, 2021. President Biden actually announced that date was too soon, and announced a later date, closer to September 11, 2021. The fact that Trump now says he would have ended it better then Biden, is I'm sorry, garbage. Look at how he handled the COVID19 crisis, his less then perfect example of how he completely forgot the issue of getting the vaccine to the citizens, of America. Thank God the geniuses who pitched the vaccine wonder drug, actually turned out to be, well geniuses. Operation Warp Speed, turned out to be probably Trump's greatest achievement, let's just disregard the fact of getting the vaccine top the people, or better yet, pitching it to them like it's a good thing, and not poison!   
And of course it turned out Donald didn't have a plan. Perhaps once back in power, someday, if we were ever so 'lucky', that part of the plan would have been developed. But instead of working with the incoming administration on developing a plan, they were too busy, keeping the Biden administration out. Still concocting garbage to subvert democracy, losing in court room after court room, till all the lawyers involved transformed from accusers into defendants in their own cases. It turns out, lying in court is a crime, who knew? Turns out, Donald's personal attorney, Giuliani told federal agents it was okay to ‘throw a fake’ during a political campaign. Meaning one can lie in public, it's all good, but once in a court room, you can't. It's against the law! Something that one too many Republicans seem to forget once they have to appear in hearings on the Senate floor. Sadly for them, the court of law is different then partisan political buddies in the Senate, who have already sold their souls out and apparently have also lost their minds. 
Well in regards to Afghanistan, President Biden went enough is enough. He had been saying for years that we should have left already. So his hands were tied with the plans that Trump set in motion, and in the end he decided, enough is enough, we can't win this, sadly we can only delay the inevitable. And it turns out, his decision, as he says proved why this whole debacle never should have happened in the first place. It began with a lie, and ended with the truth. Sadly people died because of lies by another Republican group of monsters. 20 years, have come and gone, and the reality of what the Republicans led by George Walker and his Vice President, had caused. And they never had to face their day in court for the bloodshed and misery they set into motion, the lives they destroyed. And now they lie about an election and a killer virus, which they helped turn from a pandemic into genocide. Scarily, some of the same people who pitched the lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, are the same monsters lying about why we should never leave the war torn nation, also argue why masks are the real enemy of our freedoms and why getting vaccinated is actually worse then catching the virus.     
Of course the saddest part of this whole tale are the people who live in Afghanistan, especially women, and the children, who have had the chance to discover what Western culture is like, and now might have to be forced into living in barbaric and horrific conditions or worse. I feel bad, but, I'm sorry, to listen to the news media and all the talking heads, it's as if what's happening this week is all on America. One reporter at yesterday's press briefing with Biden's National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, asked wasn't it a bad example for such a powerful nation, she was talking about America, not to sacrifice to help all the people trying to flee Afghanistan, now? Well Jake, wasn't having any of it. You could almost feel the verbal response boiling up inside before he spoke. And once he spoke, it was a thing of beauty.  'I think twenty years, thousands of lives, over a trillion dollars of American's tax payers money' have proven how much we have sacrificed'. Over a lie, must we not forget.  
One last thing on this, the other big complaint on all of this, we weren't prepared for the evacuation. Biden failed, big time they scream. Well I hate to disagree, but our President wasn't at fault at all in this. Just remember, even after Joe Biden was sworn into office, thanks to Mitch's help, our 46th President had to wait at least a month to actually take over, as Donald played the delay tactic. Also, remember the original date was in May, and Biden got the extra time, he thought he had. Sadly, their government, didn't fight back, giving whatever breathing room, we had I guess planned to disappear over night. Amazingly, at least so far,  The Taliban, pretty much gave the Biden Administration a very small window to get the heck out of their country. And lastly, lets not everybody forget, as the days dwindled to a precious few, Biden, came into office, with a pandemic exploding, a vaccine that they hadn't planned on how to get it to anyone. So lets add all that to it,  and I didn't even mention the little picnic that Donald's minion's all went to on January 6th, you know when America showcased it had transformed just a little bit into the adversaries we had battled in war the last two decades on their land. Well, they won the war, apparently, and we, wasted two decades on a pipe dream pitched by liars, thieves, and point blank monsters who so far have gotten away with murder. 
And finally in closing, why are most people skipping the sad truth in all this? That in the end, their own political leaders didn't fight for them. It's on them, not on us. All that training, out the window. All those lives wasted on lies. All that money flushed down the toilet. Well at least for 20 years, some people were given a taste of what we have, but sadly that experience, didn't change the outcome of this failed experiment. Their political leaders and military just gave up, threw down their weapons, or simply an away trying to save themselves. I am truly sorry that some people, by the luck of the draw were born and or live in the wrong country at the wrong time. By that I mean they are destined to live under the rules that their nation follows. It's bad enough to live in one with freedoms, when your's are being stripped away, or never given to in the first place. And let me stop right there, before anyone attacks me, I am forever grateful, and know how lucky I am to have been born in the United States. and especially happy to have been born and raised, and lived most of my life in as they like to say on television 'the great state of' New York. Actually lucking out by having parents that decided to live in the city of New York itself. Even in our own nation, one has to be so lucky, to find out what state you live in, even what city. As our own political leaders especially this past year have proven, as we discovered, depending on your's wearing a mask is either a weapon to fight a killer virus, or an attack against our very freedoms. Remember, we lived in a divided nation once, officially, as we survived a little thing called The Civil War, and as we have learned too often, since, the deal to end it, didn't end everything that we actually battled over and defeated. But, at least, in our world, there is opportunities to fight to fix that. 
How horrible, how tragic, simply by the accident of where you are born, that country's like Afghanistan, living there, pretty much means you're a slave to whatever whims that their leaders require, and that is something I would never wish on anyone. Sadly, their government, didn't fight for their citizens and now the people have seemingly lost any semblance of freedoms they were enjoying, possibly for the first time, forever. Honestly, it confuses me, the idea that some people, they themselves gave up their own freedoms, like in Russia or Turkey. They had Democracy's, some after revolutions, and the citizens themselves, they voted their own freedoms away!?!? The ridiculousness that people in America are screaming, are arguing that being forced to wear a mask is taking away their freedoms, really? Which brings me to a question? Why aren't people allowed to live in any nation they want? When did this decision come from high above? And when did the collective agree to this? Seriously, I've always wondered when did people become the property of the state, just saying? What century? Who? And why did people allow this? Were people always slaves, and that part of the story has been whitewashed? Like the current Republican party who is trying to erase the real history of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, really? When did it become okay to ostracise bother for believing in different beliefs? I understand fate, but talk about predestination. Why is it, that by the accident of where you were born, you've already been labeled for life? I think about this question, every time, a war breaks out. Every time there is a riot in a city, or even a simply racist commentary. Who gave you the right to your opinion, and why does that have any more weight then anyone else's? Or every time the next wave of refugees show up at our southern border, they hoping to be set free in America, from their own predestination. Every time, I hear people argue that others shouldn't be allowed into our land, I recall our ancestors, their journey's. How our forefathers left their ancestral homes, to escape the rules they were living under, I scream out loud in anger, 'This is America people. That's who we are. Those people, are us.' And it's now time to welcome them. You don't like it, you know what you can do, take their place, in their old homes … or shut up and wish them good luck. And as we hear the attacks form all sides, all I can say is, if this isn't a time for self reflection there never was.  

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